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Other and metric
Other uncommon metric units of area include the tetrad, the hectad, and the myriad.
Other Caribbean countries such as Saint Lucia are officially metric but are still in the process toward full conversion .< ref >
Other units of power include ergs per second ( erg / s ), horsepower ( hp ), metric horsepower ( Pferdestärke ( PS ) or cheval vapeur, CV ), and foot-pounds per minute.
Other units of time, the minute, hour, and day, are accepted for use with the modern metric system, but are not part of it.
Other proposals called " metric time " refer only to decimal time, and therefore are not truly metric.
Other embedding constructions show that every metric space is isometrically isomorphic to a closed subset of some normed vector space and that every complete metric space is isometrically isomorphic to a closed subset of some Banach space.
Other BattleMech-mounted computers, designed for targeting or command and control, are massive by modern standards ( from 500 kg to 3 metric tons ), though how much of that mass is shielding or other supporting systems is unclear.
Other units are based on customary units but use metric prefixes.
Other notable metrics are Eddington – Finkelstein coordinates, Friedmann – Lemaître – Robertson – Walker metric, Gullstrand – Painlevé coordinates, Isotropic coordinates, Kerr metric, Kerr – Newman metric, Kruskal – Szekeres coordinates, Lemaitre metric, Reissner – Nordström metric, Rindler coordinates.
Other training includes obstacle courses, rucksack marches, diving physics, dive tables, metric manipulations, medical terminology, dive terminology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, weapons qualifications, history of PJs, and leadership reaction course.
Other descriptive names such as sonic metric are also sometimes used, interchangeably.
Other UHF connectors with a similar, metric, thread have been produced.

Other and spaces
Other outdoor spaces that are similar to gardens include:
Other large compartments in the California Job Case held spacers, which are blocks of blank type used to separate words and fill out a line of type, such as em and en quads ( quadrats, or spaces.
Other gallery spaces spring up for semiannual artwalks.
Other fields of mathematics are concerned with objects that are rarely considered as topological spaces.
Other color spaces have similar properties, and the main reason to implement or investigate properties of Y ' UV would be for interfacing with analog or digital television or photographic equipment that conforms to certain Y ' UV standards.
Other demands such as the protection of natural spaces, sufficient and affordable housing, delivery of utilities, preservation of buildings and places of historical value, and sufficient places for the conduct of business are also considered.
Other methods of harnessing solar power are solar space heating ( for heating internal building spaces ), solar drying ( for drying wood chips, fruits, grains, etc.
Other mathematical fields where projective spaces play a significant role are topology, the theory of Lie groups and algebraic groups, and their representation theories.
Other facilities on campus include a library, bookshop, cafes, gym, child care, and 24-hour access to computers, learning and recreational spaces.
Other color spaces can also be used.
Fullman has performed in numerous festivals, art spaces, and museums, including: New Albion at Bard SummerScape, a Norway tour presented by NY Musik, Instal, Glasgow, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Festival van Vlaanderen, Brussels, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Other Minds, San Francisco, Romanische Sommer Köln, Columbia University, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Walker Art Center, ISCM World Music Days, and New Music America 1980, 1984 and 1986.
Other compressive spinal causes include lumbar spinal stenosis, a condition in which the spinal canal ( the spaces through which the spinal cord runs ) narrows and compresses the spinal cord, cauda equina, or sciatic nerve roots.
Other parks and public open spaces include Signal Hill Garden at Blackhead Point, the Urban Council Centenary Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Salisbury Garden, Middle Road Children's Playground and the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, which includes the Avenue of Stars, along the Victoria Harbour waterfront.
Other spaces on Saatchi Online including a forum, live chat, blogs, videos, photography and illustration.
Other scenes were filmed in bathrooms and various office spaces throughout the building, including a shot from the roof overlooking the Allen County Courthouse.
Other structures include rings, fields and vector spaces.
Other improvements include: new and expanded foyer spaces, new connections with the city, St Kilda Road and the river, with new stairs, improved disability access, escalators and lifts, improved acoustics, new auditorium seating and cutting edge staging systems and technology.
Other comets with spaces in their names, however, reflect their discoverers ' name spellings ( e. g. 32P / Comas Solá ).
Other green spaces includes Eglinton Park just west of Yonge Street and Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens at Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue, which connects to Sherwood Ravine Park and Sunnybrook Park to the east.
Other spaces include a Barnes and Noble bookstore containing a Starbucks café, Jamba Juice, Red Ring Restaurant, and a conference center and ballroom.
Other spaces in the hall include the 500 capacity Strathclyde Suite, the 300 capacity Exhibition Hall, the 120 capacity Buchanan Suite, the 300 capacity Lomond and Clyde foyers, the 100 capacity Strathclyde Bar and the 40 capacity VIP Room.
Other notable spaces include Barkly Gardens and the Allen Bain Reserve, as well as a number of smaller parks and reserves.
Other facilities include the costume warehouse, costume shop, production and plant shops, classrooms, and rehearsal spaces.
Other spaces redeveloped as performance areas include the Paint Shop and the rehearsal room.

Other and occur
Other photochemical cycloaddition reactions with alkenes occur through excimers.
Other disorders, such as Huntington disease, occur when an individual inherits only one dominant allele.
Other religious anointings occur in relation to other sacraments, in particular baptism, confirmation and ordination, and also in the coronation of a monarch.
Other problems can easily occur when a minor is the agreed trump suit, or the key suit when no trump suit is agreed.
Other important Cretaceous exposures occur in Europe ( e. g., the Weald ) and China ( the Yixian Formation ).
Other early ethologists, such as Oskar Heinroth and Julian Huxley, instead concentrated on behaviours that can be called instinctive, or natural, in that they occur in all members of a species under specified circumstances.
Other parts of speech occur as bare roots, without special suffixes.
Other types of tremor may also occur, including postural tremor of the outstretched arms, intentional tremor of the arms and rest tremor in the arms.
Other than the three major pyrimidine bases presented, some minor pyrimidine bases can also occur in nucleic acids.
Other forms of particle radiation, including mesons and muons, occur naturally when ( cosmic rays ) impact the atmosphere.
Other Aymara New Year feasts occur throughout Bolivia, including at the site of El Fuerte de Samaipata.
Other commentators do not accept this position and maintain that although Moses did not write those eight verses it was nonetheless dictated to him and that Joshua wrote it based on instructions left by Moses, and that the Torah often describes future events, some of which have yet to occur.
Other sources cite that 10 % of TIAs will develop stroke within 90 days, half of which will occur in the first two days following the TIA.
Other changes that commonly occur with age include the development of leukoaraiosis, which is a rarefaction of the white matter that can be caused by a variety of conditions, including loss of myelin, axonal loss, and a breakdown of the blood – brain barrier.
Other dates in The World Calendar occur with no more than two days difference from Gregorian calendar dates.
Other uses of winter in the graphic arts occur in Winsor McCay's Little Nemo in Slumberland.
Other earthquakes along the fault occur on January 23, 1812 and February 7, 1812.
Other colors occur naturally in tropospheric clouds.
Other variations occur, some as standard life-cycles ( that themselves have variations within variations ) within specific orders.
Other brilliant cornett passages occur in Giovanni Gabrieli ’ s works, and sometimes in those of his followers ( e. g. Praetorius ’ s Wachet auf!
Other illustrative examples of usage occur in the following articles:
Other solitons occur as the undersea internal waves, initiated by seabed topography, that propagate on the oceanic pycnocline.
Other, nearly pathognomonic signs of hyperthyroidism are excessive sweating, high pulse during sleep, and a pattern of weight loss with increased appetite ( although this may also occur in diabetes mellitus and malabsorption or intestinal parasitism ).
Other illusions occur because of biological sensory structures within the human body or conditions outside of the body within one ’ s physical environment.

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