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Some Related Sentences

Other and minor
Other relatively minor injuries that are possible include broken fingers or hands, broken feet, broken ribs, injuries to the knee, or groin injuries.
Other problems can easily occur when a minor is the agreed trump suit, or the key suit when no trump suit is agreed.
Other minor oceans were shrinking and eventually closed-Rheic Ocean ( closed by the assembly of South and North America ), the small, shallow Ural Ocean ( which was closed by the collision of Baltica and Siberia continents, creating the Ural Mountains ) and Proto-Tethys Ocean ( closed by North China collision with Siberia / Kazakhstania ).
Other authors have found small or inconsistent differences in concentrations but claim that exposure of cyclists is higher due to increased minute ventilation and is associated with minor biological changes .< ref > The significance of the associated health effect, if any, is unclear but probably much smaller than the health impacts associated with accidents and the health benefits derived from additional physical activity.
Other minor areas of controversy may include economics, science, finances, organisation, age, gender, and race.
Other examples of chamber works that use the double bass in mixed ensembles include Serge Prokofiev's Quintet in G minor, Op. 39 for oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, and double bass ; Erwin Schulhoff's Concertino for flute / piccolo, viola, and double bass ; Fred Lerdahl's Waltzes for violin, viola, cello, and double bass ; Mohammed Fairouz's Litany for double bass and wind quartet ; Mario Davidovsky's Festino for guitar, viola, cello, and double bass ; and Iannis Xenakis's Morsima-Amorsima for piano, violin, cello, and double bass.
Other minor works include the Epicharmus, the Euhemerus, the Hedyphagetica, and Saturae.
Other minor schools are the Zaidi, Zahiri, Sufian Al ' thawree, Sufian bin O ' yayna, Layth bin Sa ' ad, Tabari and Qurtubi schools.
Other classifications used also include: ḥasan ( good ), which refers to an otherwise ṣaḥīḥ report suffering from minor deficiency, or a weak report strengthened due to numerous other corroborating reports ; and munkar ( denounced ) which is a report that is rejected due to the presence of an unreliable transmitter contradicting another more reliable narrator.
Other organic acids are minor, consisting of formic, acetic, butyric, citric, lactic, malic, pyroglutamic, propionic, valeric, capronic, palmitic, and succinic, among many others.
Other, more minor rules changes include folding Armor and Force field into Resistant Defense and reestablishing Regeneration as a separate power.
Other differences are minor and not based on major points of doctrine.
Other minor details attached to the myth include: the duration of Prometheus ' torment ; the origin of the eagle that ate the Titan's liver ( found in Pseudo-Apollodorus and Hyginus ); Pandora's marriage to Epimetheus ( found in Pseudo-Apollodorus ); myths surrounding the life of Prometheus ' son, Deucalion ( found in Ovid and Apollonius of Rhodes ); and Prometheus ' marginal role in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts ( found in Apollonius of Rhodes and Valerius Flaccus ).
Other than the three major pyrimidine bases presented, some minor pyrimidine bases can also occur in nucleic acids.
Other minor uses include candied rose petals.
Other than minor changes in the software and hardware, most of the features were similar to those of the W800.
Other commercially minor but nutritionally promising species of naturally evolved wheat species include black, yellow and blue wheat.
Other shows include the minor hit, Flower Drum Song ( 1958 ), as well as relative failures Allegro ( 1947 ), Me and Juliet ( 1953 ) and Pipe Dream ( 1955 ).
Other rankings put the cathedral ( or co-cathedral ) of a bishop ahead of all other churches in the same diocese, even if they have the title of minor basilica.
Other classifications of churches include collegiate churches, which may or may not also be minor basilicas.
Other tribes, still residing in the areas that they had occupied since the Eastern Han Dynasty, frequently served as mercenaries against minor rebellious chieftains such as Kebineng and Tufa Shujineng ( 禿髮樹機能 ).
Other rivers of minor importance are the Barisal, Bishkhali, Nihalganj, Khairabad, Ghagar, Kumar, etc.
Other philosophers who practised such dialectic reasoning were the so-called minor Socratics, including Euclid of Megara, who were probably followers of Parmenides and Zeno.
Other minor changes to the gameplay were due to the 3D terrain.

Other and battles
Other visual and aural cues are also taken from film noir, in ‘ Pierrot Le Fou ’ for instance, Spike battles an enraged homicidal clown across a fairground, accompanied by lighting and camera angles any film noir would be proud of.
Other forms of traditional narrative verse relate the outcomes of battles and other tragedies or natural disasters.
Other subjects that lent themselves to visual depiction included the name of battles ( e. g. Trafalgar ), explorers, local notables, discoveries, sporting heroes and members of the royal family.
Other 4th century military reports make no mention of Arabs but refer to as Saracens groups ranging as far east as Mesopotamia ( modern Iraq ) that were involved in battles on both the Persian and Roman sides.
Other well-regarded games published were simulations of actual battles and campaigns, such as Midway, Afrika Korps, and The Battle of the Bulge.
Other battles soon followed in 849 BC and 846 BC.
Other noteworthy battles were fought in Independence in 1862, Lone Jack a few days later, and again in Independence in 1864.
Other units included 1st Regiment, Light Artillery, N. Y. S. Volunteers, Battery B ( Pettit's Battery ) which fought at many major battles, including:
Other battles around Chaeronea:
Other activities included commissioning and installing monuments to significant battles and other sites related to the War.
Other noted classical scholars like Frank William Walbank and Felix Jacoby have also defended Callisthenes ' descriptions of land battles in the past.
Other battles included Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Mine Run, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, Totopotomoy and Bethesda Church, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Five Forks, and Appomattox.
Other battles
Other Russian victory titles ( sometimes for whole campaigns rather than specific battles ) include:
Other battles were fought nearby again in 1864.
Other battles fought in the vicinity of Warsaw that are known under different names:
Other battles continued against a number of Hausa kingdoms and the Sokoto Caliphate expanded over the next two years.
Other battles and events around Doriath include Beleg's victory in Brethil over an Orc-legion and the defeat of the Orc-army in East Beleriand as well as Lúthien's triumph over Sauron at Tol Sirion and the taking of the Silmaril from Morgoth's Crown in Angband by Beren and Lúthien.
Other ongoing challenges for Oliver include his makeshift domestic power system, his battles to get the phone company and the Monroe brothers to complete their work, and his constant struggle with his ancient Hoyt Clagwell tractor.
Other battles happened across the country:
Other battles are seen as " decisive " because they shaped the development of Britain, which was the world's leading power at the time of writing: the Norman Conquest at the Battle of Hastings, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and of the French at Blenheim and Waterloo, although also the weakening of the British Empire by the independence of the USA-in 1851 nothing like the global power she would later become-won at Saratoga.
Other factors contributing this " lurking conservatism " within Pound included bitter battles with liberals on the Harvard law faculty, the death of his wife, and a sharp exchange with Karl Llewellyn.
Other battles fought include Boxers attacks on Chinese Eastern Railway, Defence of Yingkou, Battles on Amur River ( 1900 ).
Other villains Superman battles in the game include Parasite, Darkseid, Brainiac, Mala and Metallo.

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