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Other and names
Other names for absolute value include " the numerical value " and " the magnitude ".
Other common names are ear shells, sea ears, as well as muttonfish or muttonshells in Australia, ormer in Great Britain, and venus's-ears in South Africa and in New Zealand.
Other names for green quartz are vermarine, greened amethyst, or lime citrine.
Other parts of the world developed other names for the high citadel or alcázar, which often reinforced a naturally strong site.
Other names of Amazons from various sources include:
Other names used in the West include the unction or blessing of consecrated oil, the unction of God, and the office of the unction.
Other names are also used, such as ἅγιον ἔλαιον ( holy oil ), ἡγιασμένον ἔλαιον ( consecrated oil ), and χρῖσις or χρῖσμα ( anointing ).
Other names for the tool are box cutter or boxcutter, razor blade knife, razor knife, carpet knife, pen knife, stationery knife, sheetrock knife, or drywall knife.
Other names were sometimes used before Boston officially adopted the nickname " Braves " in ; the club eventually left Boston for Milwaukee and is now playing in Atlanta, Georgia.
Other subspecific names have been used but their validity has not been tested.
Other names have been used to describe this disease, such as " The Black Plague " and " The Black Death "; the latter is now used primarily by scholars to describe the second, and most devastating, pandemic of the disease.
Other names include board of governors, board of managers, board of regents, board of trustees, and board of visitors.
Other common names for the blue whale have included Sibbald's rorqual ( after Sibbald, who first described the species ), the great blue whale and the great northern rorqual.
Other names for a five are " fever " and " little Phoebe ".
Other names for the nine include " Nina from Pasadena ", " Nina at the Marina ", and " niner from Carolina ".
Other common names include " giant neotropical toad ", " Dominican toad ", " giant marine toad ", and " South American Cane Toad ".
Other names, notably that of Lord Jestocost ( Russian Жестокость, Cruelty ), are non-English but not numbers.
Other names and forms for this are paper townsites, fictitious entries, and copyright easter eggs.
Other places in Britain with names related to " Camel " have also been suggested, such as Camelford in Cornwall, located down the River Camel from where Geoffrey places Camlann, the scene of Arthur's final battle.
Other vendors of compatible telephone equipment called the Touch-Tone feature Tone dialing or DTMF, or used their own registered trade names such as the Digitone of Northern Electric ( now known as Nortel Networks ).
Other names for the species include wild dogs, whistling dogs, chennai, red wolves ( not to be confused with
Other names connected to the city include Max Born, physicist and Nobel laureate ; Charles Darwin, the biologist who discovered natural selection ; David Hume, a philosopher, economist and historian ; James Hutton, regarded as the " Father of Geology "; John Napier inventor of logarithms ; chemist and one of the founders of thermodynamics Joseph Black ; pioneering medical researchers Joseph Lister and James Young Simpson ; chemist and discoverer of the element nitrogen, Daniel Rutherford ; mathematician and developer of the Maclaurin series, Colin Maclaurin and Ian Wilmut, the geneticist involved in the cloning of Dolly the sheep just outside Edinburgh.
Other common names for the same phenomenon are Fermi's question (" Where are they?
Other names include family strategy game and hobby game.

Other and put
Other debilitating scandals included " Arms to Iraq " – the ongoing inquiry into how government ministers including Alan Clark ( also involved in an unrelated scandal involving the revelation of his affair with the wife and both daughters of a South African judge ) had encouraged businesses to supply arms to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, in breach of the official arms embargo, and how senior ministers had, on legal advice, attempted to withhold evidence of this official connivance when directors of Matrix Churchill were put trial for breaking the embargo.
Other thermometers to be calibrated are put into the same bath or block and allowed to come to equilibrium, then the scale marked, or any deviation from the instrument scale recorded.
Other examples of fishing terms that carry a negative connotation are: " fishing for compliments ", " to be fooled hook, line and sinker " ( to be fooled beyond merely " taking the bait "), and the internet scam of Phishing in which a third party will duplicate a website where the user would put sensitive information ( such as bank codes ).
Other louse-based estimates put the introduction of clothing at around 42, 000-72, 000 BP.
Other sources put the number of dead as two with fifteen wounded in what is described as the largest military operation since 1967.
Other size minimums were put in place in the other three events.
Other sources put the " population of the language " as 6, 715, 000 in Belarus and 9, 081, 102 in all countries.
Other sites, such as Union Station, were put forth.
Other rankings put the cathedral ( or co-cathedral ) of a bishop ahead of all other churches in the same diocese, even if they have the title of minor basilica.
Other scholars have put forth the Totonac people as the founders of Teotihuacan.
Other Osage were tricked out of their legal rights by unscrupulous white opportunists, in some cases attorneys or businessmen appointed by local courts as " guardians " to the Osage, under the requirements of a law passed by Congress in 1921 that was meant for their protection, but put them more at risk.
Other used expressions are " put lamer on killfile " and Please Leave Our Newsgroup: Killfile!
Other avenues of study include correlations between changes in Options ( implied volatility ) and put / call ratios with price.
Other mines have been put to a number of uses, including mushroom farming and movie locations.
Other implementations put command / event objects in other event objects ( like a box inside a bigger box ) as they move along the line, to avoid naming conflicts.
Other Europeans who landed on Japanese shores were put to death without trial.
Other equipment, such as the telegraphs, were put in storage in the Mersey Ferries ' archives.
Other westerners, Chakraverti said, on the other hand believe in spirituality but tend to put faith in a guru who is a swindler.
Other profound influences include The Who, The Kinks and The Move, bands whose aggressive melodies and loud distorted guitars put the " power " in power pop.
Other studies have yet to put forwards a more plausible affinity.
" A. C. Graham, < i > Disputers of the Tao: Philosophical Argument in Ancient China </ i > ( Chicago: Open Court, 2003 ) p. 89 .</ ref > Other interpretations have been put forward by Fung Yu-lan and Chad Hansen among others ( ibid.
Other land that is not being put into agriculture use would be used for conserving biodiversity ( Green, et al.
Other descriptions put it in the general area of the Ural Mountains.
Other artists of the 80s put new islands on the soca map, especially Shadow who was born in Tobago and most influential in the drum and bass sound of soca, as well as Antigua with ( Swallow ) and from Barbados, the band ( Square One Band ), and added influences from African spirituals ( Superblue ), gospel ( Lord Shorty, under his new name Ras Shorty I ), reggae ( Byron Lee & the Dragonaires ), Indian music ( Mungal Patasar ) and funk ( Lord Nelson ).

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