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Other and organized
Other anti-war demonstrations were organized by the antiglobalization movement: see for example the large demonstration, organized against the impending war in Iraq, which closed the first European Social Forum in November, 2002 in Florence, Italy.
" Other scholars noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi and Fascist governments as it became increasingly organized.
Other examples of syncretism include Judeo-Paganists, a loosely organized set of Jews who incorporate pagan or Wiccan beliefs with some Jewish religious practices, like Messianic Judaism ; Jewish Buddhists, another loosely organized group that incorporates elements of Asian spirituality in their faith ; and some Renewal Jews who borrow freely and openly from Buddhism, Sufism, Native American religion, and other faiths.
Other poems may be organized into verse paragraphs, in which regular rhymes with established rhythms are not used, but the poetic tone is instead established by a collection of rhythms, alliterations, and rhymes established in paragraph form.
Other organizations of Presbyterians, such as the Confessing Movement and the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, have also organized on the other side of the issue to support maintaining the current standards of ordination.
Other psychologists and neurobiologists recognize that the entire cerebral cortex is indeed preprogrammed and organized in order to process sensory input, motor control, emotions, and natural responses.
Other ports such as Genoa, Pisa, Marseille, Ancona and Dubrovnik were hardly able to make any competition to the well organized transportation of pilgrims from Venice.
Other criminals and organized crime bosses on the islands were played by actors such as Ricardo Montalbán, Gavin MacLeod, and Ross Martin as Tony Alika.
Other GT championships have run races here, most notably the Ferrari Challenge and races organized by Porsche clubs of France and Italy.
Other nations, including Japan, France and Poland also organized airborne units around this time.
" Delegate Zero " and his " Other Campaign " were at the time in nearby Mexico City, having just organized May Day events there, and quickly arrived at the scene.
Other events such as the founding of a friendly society by the Tolpuddle Martyrs in 1832 were key occasions in the creation of organized labor and consumer movements.
Other child-oriented activities such as town sport teams are also not organized around the school system.
Other than the many traditional cultural and religious fairs and festivals annually celebrated, flower shows, yachting races, concerts and theater performances were organized.
Other non-violent actions against the Vietnam War and the government-military complex were organized by a group that referred to themselves as the Catholic Left.
Other volunteers ( including Tejano and Texian colonists ) organized into companies to defend places that might be targets of Mexican intervention.
Other activities organized include events, meetings, exhibitions, classes and workshops on a range of topics.
Other noteworthy topics that appear frequently in Extropist writings is the focus on equal rights for LGBT couples and individuals and a general distaste for organized religiosity.
Other rulings have forbidden public, organized prayer at school assemblies, sporting events, and similar school-sponsored activities.
Other congressional caucuses such as the Out of Iraq Caucus, are openly organized tendencies or political factions ( within the House Democratic Caucus, in this case ), and strive to achieve political goals, similar to a European " platform ", but generally organized around a single issue.
Other significant features employed as motifs include columns, piers and arches, organized and interwoven with alternating sequences of niches and colonnettes.

Other and enterprises
Other types of business organizations, such as cooperatives, credit unions and publicly owned enterprises, can be established with purposes that parallel, supersede, or even replace the profit maximization mandate of business corporations.
Other issues facing the government are the curbing of the budget deficit and further privatization of public enterprises.
Other enterprises founded by Italian Americans were Fairleigh Dickinson University, and the Syracuse Nationals basketball team-later to become the Philadelphia 76ers.
Other industries are small companies within wood and carpentry industries, as well as craftswork and other small enterprises.
Other industrial state enterprises opened in Buzău in other parts of the city.
* Royal Commission into Commercial Activities of Government and Other Matters (" WA Inc Royal Commission ") ( 1990 – 1992 ) investigated the collapse of Bond Corporation, Rothwells, Bell Group, and other large businesses in Western Australia as well as government commercial enterprises
Other manufacturers have moved into other enterprises ; Gillig Corporation makes buses for mass-transit buyers, while Kenworth lives on as a manufacturer of Class 8 trucks.
Other enterprises, besides the mining works, include:
Other businesses operating in the marketplace included retail outlets for agricultural machinery, flour and feed traders, grocery provisioners, hardware suppliers and merchants engaged in similar import / export enterprises.
Other ways of earning PEDs have included: organizing ticketed events within Entropia, operating a player-owned shop ( such as a beauty salon ), managing a shopping mall for its taxes, piloting others into space stations and planets, virtual real estate agency, providing a clothes / furniture coloring / texturising service, or promoting those enterprises.
Other business enterprises competing with this brand tried to discredit the brand by attributing use of cannabis / Marijuana content in addition to cloves and tobacco.
Other Gaston enterprises included Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Association, the first black-owned financial institution in Birmingham in more than forty years ( reportedly established by Gaston when he saw how difficult it was for African-Americans to obtain fair loans from White financial companies ) and a motel business ( reportedly started because of Gaston's concern that African-Americans traveling through the south during segregation often could not find accommodations ).
Other than this work, the women ’ s main source of income comes from US government public assistance and monies earned by the men in various enterprises such as food shops, jewelry and merchandise stories, and street vending.
Other development oriented social enterprises in Kenya include the One Acre Fund, Nuru International and Alive & Kicking, which has produced over 200, 000 sports balls from its stitching centre in Nairobi.
Other industrial enterprises in the town include the manufacturing of furniture for IKEA, a construction company, a wood-chemical plant ( producing rosin, resin, turpentine, and other such wood-based chemicals ), a meat-packing plant, a dairy plant, a bread factory, and other light enterprises.

Other and include
Other sources of information include the National Concrete Masonry Association, 38 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill., the Portland Cement Association, 33 West Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill., and the Structural Clay Products Association, Washington, D.C..
Other factors increasing operating costs include the higher unit cost of each flying hour, up 11% in two years, and of each steaming hour, up 15%.
Other memberships include the American Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Water Color Club, Allied Artists of America, Audubon Artists, Baltimore Watercolor Society.
Other nuts consumed in lesser quantity include the spicy nutmeg ; ;
Other speakers for the fund-raising dinner include Reps. Edith Green and Al Ullman, Labor Commissioner Norman Nilsen and Mayor Terry Schrunk, all Democrats.
Other triumphs include `` Random Harvest '', `` Madame Curie '', `` Pride and Prejudice '', `` The Forsythe Saga '' and `` Mrs. Miniver '' ( which won her the Academy Award in 1943 ).
Other known writers will contribute to the emergence of Algerian literature whom include Mouloud Feraoun, Malek Bennabi, Malek Haddad, Moufdi Zakaria, Ibn Badis, Mohamed Laïd Al-Khalifa, Mouloud Mammeri, Frantz Fanon, and Assia Djebar.
Other Algerian singers of the diaspora include Manel Filali in Germany and Kenza Farah in France. Cheb Hasni an emblematic figure for the Algerian youth, killed by Algerian civil war | terrorists in 1993
Other influential writers in the 1970s include Pierre Clastres, who explains in his books on the Guayaki tribe in Paraguay that " primitive societies " actively oppose the institution of the state.
Other male lovers of Apollo include:
Other factors that may inhibit metamorphosis include lack of food, lack of trace elements and competition from conspecifics.
Other changes include the reduction in size or loss of tail fins, the closure of gill slits, thickening of the skin, the development of eyelids, and certain changes in dentition and tongue structure.
Other calls include those given by a female in response to the advertisement call and a release call given by a male or female during unwanted attempts at amplexus.
Other medical devices and aids that can be considered prosthetics include hearing aids, artificial eyes, palatal obturator, gastric bands, and dentures.
Other numerically important groups include the closely interrelated Chokwe and Lunda, the Ganguela and Nhaneca-Humbe, in both cases classification terms which stand for a variety of small groups, the Ovambo, the Herero, the Xindonga and scattered residual groups of Khoisan.
Other choice axioms weaker than axiom of choice include the Boolean prime ideal theorem and the axiom of uniformization.
Other parts of the world that Aztlan Underground have performed include Canada, Australia, and Venezuela.
Other terms that have been used include neosyllabary ( Février 1959 ), pseudo-alphabet ( Householder 1959 ), semisyllabary ( Diringer 1968 ; a word which has other uses ) and syllabic alphabet ( Coulmas 1996 ; this term is also a synonym for syllabary ).
Other notable characters created by Milne include the bouncy Tigger and gloomy Eeyore.
Other notable cultivated Apiaceae include chervil ( Anthriscus cerefolium ), angelica ( Angelica spp.
Other examples include various prescription drugs ( e. g. most antiepileptic drugs have cerebellar ataxia as a possible adverse effect ), Lithium level over 1. 5mEq / L, cannabis ingestion and various other recreational drugs ( e. g. ketamine, PCP or dextromethorphan, all of which are NMDA receptor antagonists that produce a dissociative state at high doses ).
Other names for absolute value include " the numerical value " and " the magnitude ".
Other centres of population include the villages of Keel, Dooagh, Dumha Éige ( Dooega ) and Dugort.
Other traditions of Indian philosophy include:
Other well-known rabbis who are reincarnationists include Rabbi Yonassan Gershom, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Talmud scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, Rabbi DovBer Pinson, Rabbi David M. Wexelman, Rabbi Zalman Schachter, and many others.

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