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Other and original
Other denominations, such as The Church of Jesus Christ ( Bickertonite ), have an evangelist position independent of the original patriarch office instituted by the movement's founder Joseph Smith, Jr.
Other key members of the development team included Bill Trost, who created the history, lore and major characters of Norrath ( including Everquest protagonist Firiona Vie ), Geoffrey " GZ " Zatkin who implemented the spell system, and artist Milo D. Cooper, who did the original character modeling in the game.
Based on George Griffith's Stories Of Other Worlds, it contains six stories, the illustrations from their original publication, a worldbook taking the story forward to 1920, a spaceship design spreadsheet, five adventures, plus the novelisation A Honeymoon In Space.
Other critics like Dave Kehr of the Chicago Reader said " the acting and editing have such original, tumultuous force that the picture is completely gripping ".
Other propaganda movies, such as Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo ( 1944 ) and Casablanca ( 1942 ), have become so well loved by film viewers that they can stand on their own as dramatic films, apart from their original role as propaganda vehicles.
Other instances occurred on the very first and very last adventures ever filmed of the original series:
Diaghilev then commissioned Prokofiev to compose the ballet Chout ( The Fool, the original Russian-language full title was Сказка про шута, семерых шутов перешутившего ( Skazka pro shuta, semerykh shutov pereshutivshavo ), meaning " The Tale of the Buffoon who Outwits Seven Other Buffoons ").
* Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery ( 1923 ), uncollected short stories gathered from their original magazine publications and edited by M. R. James:
Other treaties are silent on the issue, and so if a state attempts withdrawal through its own unilateral denunciation of the treaty, a determination must be made regarding whether permitting withdrawal is contrary to the original intent of the parties or to the nature of the treaty.
Other original personnel were bass player / vocalist Jean Jacques Burnel, guitarist / vocalist Hugh Cornwell and keyboardist / guitarist Hans Wärmling, who was replaced by keyboardist Dave Greenfield within a year.
Other groups saw it as against the spirit of the original X. Theo de Raadt of OpenBSD, for instance, threatened to fork XFree86 citing license concerns.
Other well-known supernova remnants include the Crab Nebula, Tycho, the remnant of SN 1572, named after Tycho Brahe who recorded the brightness of its original explosion, and Kepler, the remnant of SN 1604, named after Johannes Kepler.
Other 5XB in the next few years were installed with IDDD as original equipment, and in the 1970s ESS offices also provided the service.
Other hits recorded by the band included " See You Later, Alligator " in which Haley's frantic delivery contrasted with the Louisiana languor of the original by Bobby Charles, " Don't Knock the Rock ", " Rock-a-Beatin ' Boogie ", " Rudy's Rock " ( the first instrumental hit of the rock and roll era ) and " Skinny Minnie ".
Other buildings and structures within the grounds are separately grade I listed, including the early 16th-century tilt yard tower the only surviving example of the five original towers ; Christopher Wren's Lion gate built for Queen Anne and George I ; and the Tudor and 17th-century perimeter walls.
Other airplanes that continued to the target did come under fire near the target at about the same time that Johnson's plane was recorded as having landed back at the original airbase.
Other descendants of the original bearer could bear the ancestral arms only with some difference: usually a color change or the addition of a distinguishing charge.
Other additions to the original Locost design include information for fabricating a rollbar and advice on using engines with Fuel Injection.
Other mission compounds remain relatively intact and true to their original, Mission Era construction.
Other original " sponsors " have included
Other original elements of the Sardinian civilization include the temples known as " Sacred Pits ", perhaps dedicated to the holy water related to the Moon and astronomical cycles, the Giants ' graves, the Megaron temples, several structures for juridical and leisure functions, and some refined statuettes.
Other scholars, including Fordham University Professor Javier Jiménez-Belmonte, also discuss early critics ' views of Cleopatra in relation to a serpent signifying " original sin ".
Other researchers such as Prof. Yigael Yadin went to great lengths to prove that there actually were tools of war, similar to the original drawings Prof. Aron Demsky from Bar Ilan University showed that there were sequences of letters with close meanings, proving the correct reading of the drawings.
Other aspects of the painting that have been subject to speculation are the original size of the painting, whether it is the original, why it was painted, and various explanations for how the effect of an enigmatic smile was achieved.

Other and Islamic
Other historians urge caution regarding claims of Islamic firearms use in the 1204-1324 period as late medieval Arabic texts used the same word for gunpowder, naft, that they used for an earlier incendiary naptha.
Other lesser known groups include the Islamic Liberation Party, Al-Najun min al-nar and Al-Takfir wa al-Hijra and these groups have variously been involved in activities such as attempted assassinations of political figures, arson of video shops and attempted takeovers of government buildings.
Other Islamic scholars at the time, however, argued that the term Qiyas refers to both analogical reasoning and categorical syllogism in a real sense.
Other conspiracy theories suggest that foreign agents, particularly Islamic terrorists, were involved in the bombing.
Other books written by him include a biography of the Islamic prophet Muhammad titled " First and the Last ", while his other books are focused more on the relation between Islam and science like Miraculous Quran, Life After Death and Doomsday, and Kitab-e-Zindagi ( in Urdu ).
Other English legal institutions such as " the scholastic method, the license to teach ", the " law schools known as Inns of Court in England and Madrasas in Islam ” and the " European commenda " ( Islamic Qirad ) may have also originated from Islamic law.
Other scholars, however, both Western and Muslim, argue that the text of the agreement -- whether a single document originally or several -- is possibly one of the oldest Islamic texts we possess.
Other think tanks in Sri Lanka include the Islamic Think Tank and the Sri Lanka Think Tank – UK.
Other works were the Fasl al-Maqal, which argued for the legality of philosophical investigation under Islamic law, and the Kitab al-Kashf, which argued against the proofs of Islam advanced by the Ash ' arite school and discussed what proofs, on the popular level, should be used instead.
Other works were the Fasl al-Maqal, which argued for the legality of philosophical investigation under Islamic law, and the Kitab al-Kashf.
Other higher education facilities include the National School of Administration, and the National Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies.
Other Islamic devotional pilgrimages, particularly to the tombs of Shia Imams or Sufi saints, are also popular across the Islamic world.
Some scholars such as S. F. Alatas have noted some parallels between Madrasahs and early European colleges and have thus inferred that the first universities in Europe were influenced by the Madrasahs in Islamic Spain and the Emirate of Sicily .. Other scholars such as George Makdisi, Toby Huff and Norman Daniel, however, have questioned this, citing the lack of evidence for an actual transmission from the Islamic world to Christian Europe and highlighting the differences in the structure, methodologies, procedures, curricula and legal status of the " Islamic college " ( madrasa ) versus the European university.
Other issues include the Islamic dietary laws.
Other houses of worship are also common, reflecting the cultural diversity existing in Australia ; the oldest Islamic structure in the southern hemisphere is the Central Adelaide Mosque ( built in the 1880s ), and one of the largest Buddhist Temples in the southern hemisphere is Wollongong's Nan Tien Temple.
# Marxism and Other Western Fallacies: An Islamic Critique
Other centers for innovative pottery in the Islamic world included Fustat ( from 975 to 1075 ), Damascus ( from 1100 to around 1600 ) and Tabriz ( from 1470 to 1550 ).
Other important developments in early Islamic philosophy include the development of a strict science of citation, the isnad or " backing ", and the development of a scientific method of open inquiry to disprove claims, the ijtihad, which could be generally applied to many types of questions.
Other Islamic scholars at the time, however, argued that the term Qiyas refers to both analogical reasoning and categorical syllogism in a real sense.
Other civil codes used since ancient times include various texts used in religious laws, such as the Law of Manu in Hindu law, the Mishnah in Jewish Halakha law, the Canons of the Apostles in Christian Canon law, and the Qur ' an and Sunnah in Islamic Sharia law to some extent.
Other more radical movements such as Jama ' atul Mujahideen Bangladesh embrace militant Islamic ideology.

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