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Other and passages
In a brief chapter dealing with `` Various Other Diagnoses '', he quotes isolated passages from some writers whose views seem to corroborate his own, and finds it `` most remarkable that a critical view of twentieth-century society was already held by a number of thinkers living in the nineteenth.
Other Biblical passages that some interpret as addressing the issue of homosexual behavior include Romans 1, I Corinthians 6: 8 – 10, and Jude 1: 7 ; the relevant portion of Romans 1 reads as follows:
Other passages, alluding to Domitian's love of epigrammatic expression, suggest that he was in fact familiar with classic writers, while he also patronized poets and architects, founded artistic Olympics, and personally restored the library of Rome at great expense after it had burned down.
Other passages attest to the opposite circumstance: that of seeing God and talking with Him.
Other students have noted a range of textual similarities between passages in the Gospel of Barnabas, and variously the texts of a series of late medieval vernacular harmonies of the four canonical gospels ( in Middle English and Middle Dutch, but especially in Middle Italian ); which are all speculated as deriving from a lost Vetus Latina version of the Diatessaron of Tatian.
Other brilliant cornett passages occur in Giovanni Gabrieli ’ s works, and sometimes in those of his followers ( e. g. Praetorius ’ s Wachet auf!
Other passages mention false prophets who will be able to perform miracles to deceive " if possible, even the elect of Christ " ( Matthew 24: 24 ).
Other passages were edited to deconstruct white visual traditions and white ideologies.
Other reviewers agreed that the score contained passages of great beauty, but was ineffective as drama.
Other relevant Scripture passages include Exodus 19: 5 – 6, First Peter 2: 4 – 8, Book of Revelation 1: 4 – 6, 5: 6 – 10, and the Epistle to the Hebrews.
Other passages quoted by Clement of Alexandria that argue against the traditional Greek conception of gods include:
Other passages feature exchanges where lying seems to be seen as acceptable in extreme circumstances involving life and death.
Other Biblical passages, however, are extant only in excerpts or fragments.
Other evidence of his surrender to Nazi intimidation came in the form of forewords he subsequently wrote for two of his more politically ambiguous works, brief passages in which he essentially declared that the events in his books took place before the rise of the Nazis and were clearly " designed to placate the Nazi authorities ".
Other relevant passages:
Other common passages occur in Merlin, II, ii, 35-9 and 72-81 and III, vi, 83-4, and Cupid's Revenge, I, v, 5-11, IV, i, 2-7, and V, ii, 44-8.
Other passages clearly reflect a consistent set of questions presented to different informants with the aim of eliciting information on specific topics.
Other passages in the New Testament gospels reflect a similar observance of traditional Jewish piety such as fasting, reverence for the Torah ( commonly translated as " the Law " in English translations of the Bible ) and observance of Jewish holy days.
Other passages which Molinists use are,,, ,,,,,, and.
" ( King James Version ) Other passages that mention the ' rod ' are Proverbs 23: 14, " Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell ," and Proverbs 29: 15, " The rod and reproof give wisdom: but a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame.
Other passages also refer to these things as spiritual gifts.
Other than a change of hero, however, Pope made numerous adaptations and expansions of key passages.
Other notable passages include the famous āyat al-kursī or " Throne Verse ", as well as the closing two verses which outline the six articles of belief before forming a prayer for forgiveness, divine mercy, and help against the enemies of faith.
Other elements in the score started variously as a mid-war setting of passages from Blake's Book of Thel, a theme I conceived for a set of variations and, in the case of the main theme of the finale, a transformation of the opening of the finale.

Other and however
Other experts say, however, that if sexual domination by one or the other partner exists for longer than a brief period, it is likely to shake the marriage.
Other conservative Lutherans, however, may favor High Church Lutheranism which remains generally favorable to the traditional doctrine of Apostolic Succession ( see above ).
Other elements, however, may be viewed as bacterial parasites and conjugation as a mechanism evolved by them to allow for their spread.
Other historical accounts from 1711, 1825 and 1839, however, point out that the island had a low grassy or suffrutescent ( partially woody ) flora during those periods ( Sachet, 1962 ).
Other philosophers, however, have suggested that consciousness would not be necessary for any functional advantage in evolutionary processes.
Other cases, however, may be more conducive to class treatment.
Other problems would also need to be resolved in some ways, however, including intoxicated pilots or pilots that drive / fly without a license.
Other beneficial economic effects were few, however, because the mining industry was never well integrated into the rest of the Honduran economy.
Other biographical information, however, is likely to be untrue ( see Legends ).
Other factions however favoured a Welf candidate.
Other changes can be seen, however ; the Russian ruble, for example, changed from RUR to RUB, where the B comes from the third letter in the word " ruble ".
Other linguists, most notably Alexander Vovin, argue, however, that the similarities are not due to any genetic relationship, but rather to a sprachbund effect and heavy borrowing especially from ancient Korean into Western Old Japanese.
Other contemporaries, however, found the first movement especially dark, and Reinhold Brinkmann, in a study of Symphony No. 2 in relation to 19th century ideas of melancholy, has published a revealing letter from Brahms to the composer and conductor Vinzenz Lachner in which Brahms confesses to the melancholic side of his nature and comments on specific features of the movement that reflect this.
Other Islamic scholars at the time, however, argued that the term Qiyas refers to both analogical reasoning and categorical syllogism in a real sense.
Other prefixes, however, are also used.
Other women, however, embraced the distinction and used their uniqueness to set themselves apart from heterosexual women and gay men.
Other branches of mathematics, however, such as logic, number theory, category theory or set theory are accepted as part of pure mathematics, though they find application in other sciences ( predominantly computer science and physics ).
Other critics claim, however, that Nanosystems omits important chemical details about the low-level ' machine language ' of molecular nanotechnology.
Other similar tools include the parang and the golok ( from Malaysia and Indonesia ); however, these tend to have shorter, thicker blades with a primary grind, and are more effective on woody vegetation.
Other than this, however, there is no real evidence that ch ' ang ming predates the advent of macrobiotics in Japan.
Other readers, however, praised the series for its candor, one stated that the series contained " a purer morality than whole libraries full of hypocritical cant about modesty.
Other versions may be available where the ROM is accessed as an external device rather than as internal memory, however these are becoming increasingly rare due to the widespread availability of cheap microcontroller programmers.
Other characters that had to incur the wrath of Punch varied depending on the punchman, but the most common were the foreigner, the blind man, the publican, the constable, and the devil, however the most interesting and developed relationship continued to be that of Punch and Judy themselves ( Crone 1058 ).
Other opponents, however, faced detention and exile.

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