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Other and productions
Other productions within Europe waited until the end of the Second World War, some notable ones being in January 1963 in London at Sadler's Wells Opera conducted by Colin Davis and in Berlin in September 1977 by the Komische Oper.
Other notable productions in Europe from the 1980s included the March 1986 presentation by the Scottish Opera in Glasgow ; a June 1990 production in Florence by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino.
Other productions were Deepzone > It's Gonna Be All right ", a straight up club anthem even until today.
Other productions in the United States include one in 1902 starring Minnie Maddern Fiske and a 1997 production starring Janet McTeer ( in a critically acclaimed performance ) at the Belasco Theater, which received three Tony Awards and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Revival of a Play.
Other productions go farther and completely eschew a 3-D appearance.
Other European productions included a stop motion-animated series of Tove Jansson's The Moomins ( from 1979, often referred to as " The Fuzzy Felt Moomins "), produced by Film Polski and Jupiter Films.
In Los Angeles, Smith appeared in theatrical productions of Living On Salvation Street, for which she was paid $ 14 for each performance, Boys and Girls / Men and Women and How the Other Half Loves, and played the recurring role of Luella Waters on the Showtime series Brothers.
Other forerunners of modern reality television were the 1970s productions of Chuck Barris: The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and The Gong Show, all of which featured participants who were eager to sacrifice some of their privacy and dignity in a televised competition.
Other lovers included Franco Zeffirelli, who also worked as part of the crew in production design, as assistant director, and other roles in a number of Visconti's films and theatrical productions.
Other major agricultural productions included rice and coconut.
Other successful productions of the play were staged by William Charles Macready ( 1842 ) and Charles Kean ( 1846 ).
Other award winning productions include Picnic at Hanging Rock, Gallipoli, The Tracker, Shine and Ten Canoes.
Other productions, such as Stomp, Blue Man Group, Altar Boyz, Perfect Crime and Naked Boys Singing have run for several years Off Broadway.
Other entertainment includes radio and television with TVN ( Television Nacional de Chile ) owned but not paid by the government but funding comes from commercial sponsors by private companies and media productions.
Other notable productions include the Biblical epics Jesus ( 1999 ) and In the Beginning ( 2000 ).
Other 1937 productions included two screenings of scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream ; a fifteen minute made-for-TV screening directed by Dallas Bower and starring Patricia Hilliard as Titania and D. Hay Petrie as Bottom ( 18 February ), and a twenty-five minute extract from Stephen Thomas ' Regent's Park production, starring Alexander Knox as Oberon and Thea Holme as Titania ( 23 April ).
Other post war productions included a live performance of Richard II, directed by Royston Morley and starring Alan Wheatley as Richard and Clement McCallin as Bolingbroke ( 1950 ); a made-for-TV production of Henry V, directed by Royston Morley and Leonard Brett, and starring Clement McCallin as Henry and Marius Goring as the Chorus ( 1951 ); a Sunday Night Theatre made-for-TV production of The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Desmond Davis, and starring Stanley Baker as Petruchio and Margaret Johnston as Katherina ( 1952 ); a television adaptation of John Barton's Elizabethan Theatre Company production of Henry V, starring Colin George as Henry and Toby Robertson as the Chorus ( 1953 ); a live performance of Lionel Harris ' production of The Comedy of Errors starring David Pool as Antipholus of Ephesus and Paul Hansard as Antipholus of Syracuse ( 1954 ); and The Life of Henry the Fifth, the inaugural programme of BBC's new World Theatre series, directed by Peter Dews and starring John Neville as Henry and Bernard Hepton as the Chorus.
Other productions with Suzman as director include A Dream of People at the RSC, The Cruel Grasp at the Edinburgh Festival, Feydeau's No Flies on Mr Hunter ( Chelsea Centre, 1992 ); Death of a Salesman ( Theatr Clywd, 1993 ); and Pam Gems's The Snow Palace ( Tour and Tricycle Theatre, 1998 ).
" Other collaborations between the two women include productions of Brecht's The Good Woman of Szechuan and Ibsen's Hedda Gabler, the latter was adapted for television.
; Other productions
Other studios like TMS Entertainment, were also being used in the 80's, which lead to Asian studios being used more often to animate foreign productions, but the companies involved still produced anime for their native Japan.
Other film and television productions followed, with Bindon sought after to play gangsters or tough police detectives.
Other long-running variety shows, most of which have been Televisa productions, have included La Carabina de Ambrosio, Anabel, Al Fin de Semana, Silvia y Enrique, La Parodia, Muevete and Desmadruga2.
Other opportunities include Studio-produced recitals, concerts, and occasionally, full scale productions.

Other and North
* Journal of a Tour through North Wales and Part of Shropshire with Observations in Mineralogy and Other Branches of Natural History ( London, 1797 )
Other towns include North Pole, just southeast of Fairbanks, Eagle, Tok, Glennallen, Delta Junction, Nenana, Anderson, Healy and Cantwell.
Other minor oceans were shrinking and eventually closed-Rheic Ocean ( closed by the assembly of South and North America ), the small, shallow Ural Ocean ( which was closed by the collision of Baltica and Siberia continents, creating the Ural Mountains ) and Proto-Tethys Ocean ( closed by North China collision with Siberia / Kazakhstania ).
Other views of God affirmed by members of the Conservative movement include Kabbalistic mysticism ; Hasidic panentheism ( neo-Hasidism, Jewish Renewal ); limited theism ( as in Harold Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People ); and organic thinking in the fashion of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne, also known as process theology ( such as Rabbis Max Kaddushin, William E. Kaufman, or Bradley Shavit Artson ).
Other famous streets include North Michigan Avenue, North State Street, Clark, and Belmont Avenue.
Other key executives responsible for the company's meteoric growth in the late 80s and early 90s were Ross A. Cooley, another former IBM associate, who served for many years as SVP of GM North America ; Michael Swavely, who was the company's chief marketing officer in the early years, and eventually ran the North America organization, later passing along that responsibility to Mr. Cooley, when Swavely retired.
Other languages with only local ( if any official ) status: Marquesan ( North Marquesan, South Marquesan ), Puka-Pukan, Rarotongan ( Cook Island Maori ), Tuamotuan, Mangarevan, Tubuaian and Rapan.
Other later prominent grindcore groups of North America include Brujeria, Soilent Green, Cephalic Carnage, Impetigo, and Circle of Dead Children.
Other early petroleum discoveries in North Louisiana included the Bull Bayou Field, Red River Parish, Louisiana ( 1913 ), Monroe Gas Field, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana ( 1916 ), Homer Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana ( 1919 ) and Haynesville Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana ( 1921 ).
Other than the North and South poles, entrances in locations which have been cited include: Paris in France, Staffordshire in England, Montreal in Canada, Hangchow in China, and the Amazon Rainforest.
Other foreigners consist of European, North American and Northeast Asian communities – but these are negligible.
Other parts of Northern Europe did not have the advantage of such intense contact with Italian artists, but the Mannerist style made its presence felt through prints and illustrated books, the purchases of Italian works by rulers, and others, artists ' travels to Italy, and the example of individual Italian artists working in the North is called Northern Mannerism.
Other slave-owning tribes of North America were, for example, Comanche of Texas, Creek of Georgia, the Pawnee, and Klamath.
Other major ranges include the Rangrim Mountains, which are located in the north-central part of North Korea and run in a north-south direction, making communication between the eastern and western parts of the country rather difficult ; and the Kangnam Range, which runs along the North Korea – China border.
Other manners in which many North American pagans have got involved with the movement are through political and / or ecological activism, such as " vegetarian groups, health food stores " or feminist university courses.
Other new North American pop punk bands, though often critically dismissed, also achieved major sales in the first decade of the 2000s.
( North American Native writers have also translated the word for God as the Great Mystery or as the Sacred Other ) This concept is referred to by many as the Great Spirit.
Other positions followed: High Sheriff of Cumberland for life, Lieutenant of the North and Commander-in Chief against the Scots and hereditary Warden of the West Marches.
Other major cities include Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Swift Current and North Battleford.
Other major rivers include the Imjin, which flows through both North Korea and South Korea and forms an estuary with the Han River ; the Bukhan, a tributary of the Han that also flows out of North Korea ; and the Somjin.

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