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Other and provisions
Other provisions of the Act empower the Secretary to adopt regulations necessary to carry out its provisions, and he has done so.
Other provisions included limits on contributions to campaigns and expenditures by campaigns, individuals, corporations and other political groups.
Other provisions of the plans included executive orders that designated certain government officials to assume Cabinet and other executive branch positions and carry out the responsibilities of the position if the primary office holders are killed.
Other states, whilst not containing constitutional provisions directly related to religion, nonetheless contain provisions forbidding discrimination on religious grounds ( see, for example, Article 1 of the French Constitution, article 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and article 40 of the Constitution of Egypt ).
( In 1549, an Act Touching on the Punishment of Vagabonds and Other Idle Persons avoided the word " slave " but retained many of the harshest provisions of the 1547 Act.
Other provisions include the allowance of a broad participation in the Duma ( parliament ), the introduction of universal male suffrage, as well as a decree that no law should come into force without the consent of the Duma.
Other provisions of the 1933 Banking Act that remain in effect include ( 1 ) Sections 5 ( c ) and 27, which required state member banks to provide the Federal Reserve Board and national banks to provide the Comptroller of the Currency reports on their affiliates ;( 2 ) Section 13, which ( as Section 23A of the Federal Reserve Act ) regulated transactions between Federal Reserve member banks and their nonbank affiliates ; ( 3 ) Sections 19 and 30, which established criminal penalties for misconduct by officers or directors of Federal Reserve System member banks and authorized the Federal Reserve to remove such officers or directors ;( 4 ) Section 22, which eliminated personal liability (“ double liability ”) for new shareholders of national banks ; and ( 5 ) Section 23, which gave national banks the same ability to establish branches in their “ home state ” as state chartered banks in that state.
Other provisions frequently mentioned were a permission to sell meat to Christians, or employ Christian servants.
Other welfare and entertainment facilities exist, including a bar, student-run shop, coffee shop, gym, television room, several common rooms and various provisions for sports.
Other countries use constitutional, social rights or criminal law to make similar provisions.
* Other provisions to be inserted by the High Contracting Parties relating to the application of any general conditions attached to mandates, which are suitable to the case in Palestine.
Other sections of the Constitution Act, 1982 that address aboriginal rights include section 25 of the Charter and section 35. 1, which sets expectations for aboriginal participation in the amendment of relevant constitutional provisions.
Other constitutional provisions recognize the right to adequate housing, employment, social welfare provision, health protection and pensions.
* Other reversals of provisions
Other provisions included:
Other provisions of the Treaty of 1855 ensured that tribal members retained hunting and fishing rights in the " Natural and Accustomed Area " which they had vacated.
Other provisions of note included: Roman Catholicism was the state religion ( art.
Other provisions cover these offenses.
* Other provisions
" Other provisions had been entrenched by the Treaty of Union: for example, England and Scotland were united " forever ," the Court of Session was to remain " remain in all time coming within Scotland as it is now constituted ," and the establishment of the Church of Scotland was " effectually and unalterably secured.
Other provisions of the National Industrial Recovery Act were also challenged.
Other significant actions include the development of the copper and uranium mine at Olympic Dam ( Roxby Downs ), extending his earlier anti-discrimination provisions to include physical disability, establishing the Ethnic Affairs Commission and introducing random breath testing.

Other and set
Other Greek cities set up democracies, and even though most followed an Athenian model, none were as powerful, stable, nor as well-documented as that of Athens.
Other works from this period include the thirty-seven woodcut subjects of the Little Passion, published first in 1511, and a set of fifteen small engravings on the same theme in 1512.
Other aediculae were small shrines within larger temples, usually set on a base, surmounted by a pediment and surrounded by columns.
; Others: The Other category is a list of other places set apart from the list of independent countries.
Other terms such as character set, character map, and code page are used almost interchangeably, but these terms have related but distinct meanings described below.
Other similar types of calendars can include computerized systems, which can be set to remind the user of upcoming events and appointments.
Other stamps in the set depicted Paul Bunyan, John Henry, and Pecos Bill.
Other CPAN search engines that have been set up are:
Other specialist uses of the tube declined in parallel with the television set manufacture.
" Other notable writers who have explored regional and ethnic communities in their detective novels are Harry Kemelman, whose Rabbi Small series were set the Conservative Jewish community of Massachusetts ; Walter Mosley, whose Easy Rawlins books are set in the African American community of 1950s Los Angeles ; and Sara Paretsky, whose V. I. Warshawski books have explored the various subcultures of Chicago.
Other tools used are circle compass, ruler, and set square.
Other single instructions can be arranged to load a specific set of useful constants ( e. g. -2 ,-1, or + 1 ).
Other attributes also set each map apart, for example, restrictions on the placement of initial settlements, whether tiles are distributed randomly, the number of victory points needed to win, and special victory point awards, usually for building on islands across the sea.
Other states ( e. g., the United Kingdom ) only set maximum time in office, and the executive decides exactly when within that limit it will actually go to the polls.
Other critics treat film noir as a " mood ", characterize it as a " series ", or simply address a chosen set of films they regard as belonging to the noir " canon ".
Other passages, however, conflict with the teachings of the Qur ' an — as, for instance, in the account of the Nativity, where Mary is said to have given birth to Jesus without pain or as in Jesus's ministry, where he permits the drinking of wine and enjoins monogamy — though the Qur ' an acknowledges each prophet had a set of their own laws that might differ in some aspects from each other.
Other recent releases included a large book of pre-constructed Powers, a set of pre-generated Martial Arts styles, abilities and skills, a large bestiary, a new grimoire for Fantasy Hero and a three-volume set of villains for Champions.
Other examples of syncretism include Judeo-Paganists, a loosely organized set of Jews who incorporate pagan or Wiccan beliefs with some Jewish religious practices, like Messianic Judaism ; Jewish Buddhists, another loosely organized group that incorporates elements of Asian spirituality in their faith ; and some Renewal Jews who borrow freely and openly from Buddhism, Sufism, Native American religion, and other faiths.
Other women, however, embraced the distinction and used their uniqueness to set themselves apart from heterosexual women and gay men.
In 1976, Nunn produced the play with a minimalist set at The Other Place ; this small, nearly round stage focused attention on the psychological dynamics of the characters.
Other branches of mathematics, however, such as logic, number theory, category theory or set theory are accepted as part of pure mathematics, though they find application in other sciences ( predominantly computer science and physics ).
Other settlements have no form of local government and are under the authority of the municipality they are in, although in some cases the municipal government may set up local administrative offices there.

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