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Other and rapidly
Other calls include lisps, peeps and more rapidly whistled warning calls.
Other much smaller problems exhibit run-times that are exponential in the problem size, and rapidly become impractical.
Ward's 1913 article " Eugenics, Euthenics, and Eudemics " and Chesterton's 1917 book Eugenics and Other Evils were harshly critical of the rapidly growing eugenics movement.
Other prey species of that time evolved more rapidly ( like M. malei, the presumed ancestor of today's Tundra Vole M. oeconomus ), while yet again others seem to have gone entirely extinct without leaving any living descendants – for example Pliomys lenki, which apparently fell victim to the Weichselian glaciation about 100. 000 years ago.
Other companies rapidly followed suit, with both memory types.
Other effects include physical detachment, loss of inhibitions, the relieving of pain, and rapidly changing moods without dulling consciousness.
Other tactics from this time included Maciunas buying large amounts of plastic boxes wholesale, and handing them out to artists with the simple request to turn them into Fluxkits, and the use of the rapidly growing international network of artists to contribute items needed to complete works.
Other parts of the developing world, such as China, remain largely rural but are rapidly urbanizing and industrializing.
Other species do decay rapidly after ripening, and offer the visiting insects large masses of food as well as pollen and sometimes seed to carry off when they leave.
Other molecules could pass through the bilayer but must be transported rapidly in such large numbers that channel-type transport is impractical.
Other priorities in the early 1990s included the promotion of a more active and positive role for Japan in the rapidly developing Asia-Pacific region, the internationalization of Japan's economy by the liberalization and promotion of domestic demand ( expected to lead to the creation a high technology information society ) and the promotion of scientific research.
Other streams downcut so rapidly that they cut right across the resistant folded rocks of the mountain core, carving canyons across rock layers and geologic structures.
Other programs train scientists to conduct research in rapidly growing areas like biotechnology and at the interfaces between fields such as chemistry and biology and behavioral and biomedical sciences.
Other mills rapidly joined the business base and generated revenue to support early public works projects like the water system and illuminating gas works in 1853, and a telephone system in 1879.
Nearly a million refugees fled ; most who survived came to the U. S. Other communist movements, backed by Moscow or Beijing, were spreading rapidly across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.
Other grammars in English followed rapidly: Paul Greaves ' Grammatica Anglicana, 1594 ; Alexander Hume's Orthographie and Congruitie of the Britain Tongue, 1617, and many others.
Other uses include chirp generators for radar systems where the VFO is swept rapidly through a range of frequencies, timing signal generation for oscilloscopes and time domain reflectometers, and variable frequency audio generators used in musical instruments and audio test equipment.
Other imitators rapidly followed.
Other examples include sanction — " permit " or " penalize "; bolt ( originally from crossbows ) — " leave quickly " or " fixed "; fast — " moving rapidly " or " unmoving ".
Other applications grew rapidly, with die casting facilitating the growth of consumer goods and appliances by making affordable the production of intricate parts in high volumes.
Other magicians rapidly attempted to emulate and improve upon Selbit's trick.
Other experiments have demonstrated that, at the extremely cold temperatures of a noctilucent cloud, sodium vapour can rapidly be deposited onto an ice surface.
Other evangelical and fundamentalist denominations also expanded rapidly.
Other elements of civilization ( toys, money, batteries ) are rapidly infiltrating especially in the villages to the north, and it is no longer unusual for an outer Baduy to make a journey to Jakarta, or even to work outside as a hired hand during the rice planting and reaping seasons.

Other and degraded
* Other series strings wired in parallel with the degraded string will now discharge through the degraded string until their voltage matches the voltage of the degraded string, potentially overcharging and leading to electrolyte boiling and outgassing from the remaining good cells in the degraded string.
Other mutations produce proteins that do not use energy normally, do not allow chloride, iodide and thiocyanate to cross the membrane appropriately, or are degraded at a faster rate than normal.
Writes Eric Lott in Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class, " The black mask offered a way to play with the collective fears of a degraded and threatening — and male — Other while at the same time maintaining some symbolic control over them.
Other protesters joined mass arrests, at least one of which degraded into a melee when police moved to seize sound amplification devices from protest leaders.
Other strikes against key generals were successful and significantly degraded the command's ability to react to and maneuver against the U. S .- led invasion force.
Her writing, however, reflects her deep concern for the realities of most refugees, who are portrayed as " a degraded and demoralised Other ", challenging complacent Western notions of stability and nationality.
Other strikes against jis Generals were successful and significantly degraded the command's ability to react to, and maneuver against the US led invasion force.
Other views of the original aerarii are that they were: artisans and freedmen ( Niebuhr ); inhabitants of towns united with Rome by a hos-pitium publicum, who had become domiciled on Roman territory ( Lange ); only a class of degraded citizens, including neither the cives sine suragio nor the artisans ( Madvig ); identical with the capite censi of the Servian constitution ( Belot, Greenidge ).

Other and proteins
Other proteins " flow " through the ER and Golgi to the plasma membrane.
Other applications include various electrophoresis and liquid chromatography applications for proteins and DNA, cell separation, in particular blood cell separation, protein analysis, cell manipulation and analysis including cell viability analysis and microorganism capturing.
Other proteins implicated in scaffolding likewise have functions independent of structural tethering at the MAM ; for example, ER-resident and mitochondrial-resident mitofusins form heterocomplexes that regulate the number of inter-organelle contact sites, although mitofusins were first identified for their role in fission and fusion events between individual mitochondria.
Other proteins are important in cell signaling, immune responses, cell adhesion, and the cell cycle.
Other proteins that serve structural functions are motor proteins such as myosin, kinesin, and dynein, which are capable of generating mechanical forces.
Other methods for elucidating the cellular location of proteins requires the use of known compartmental markers for regions such as the ER, the Golgi, lysosomes / vacuoles, mitochondria, chloroplasts, plasma membrane, etc.
Other primary structures of proteins were proposed by various researchers, such as the diketopiperazine model of Emil Abderhalden and the pyrrol / piperidine model of Troensegaard in 1942.
Other proteins, such as Pin1, are then recruited to p53 and induce a conformational change in p53, which prevents Mdm2-binding even more.
Other helices, such as the 3 < sub > 10 </ sub > helix and π helix, are calculated to have energetically favorable hydrogen-bonding patterns but are rarely if ever observed in natural proteins except at the ends of α helices due to unfavorable backbone packing in the center of the helix.
Other extended structures such as the polyproline helix and alpha sheet are rare in native state proteins but are often hypothesized as important protein folding intermediates.
Other activated proteins interact with adaptor proteins that facilitate signalling protein interactions and coordination of signalling complexes necessary to respond to a particular stimulus.
Other noncoding sequences have likely, but as-yet undetermined, functions ( this is inferred from high levels of homology and conservation seen in sequences that do not encode proteins but, nonetheless, appear to be under heavy selective pressure ).
Other mutations result in proteins that are too short ( truncated ) because production is ended prematurely.
Other factors believed important in triggering an acute episode of arthritis include cool temperatures, rapid changes in uric acid levels, acidosis, articular hydration, and extracellular matrix proteins, such as proteoglycans, collagens, and chondroitin sulfate.
Other potential regions involve cell scaffolding proteins such as the MAGUK family.
Other proteins, which can be both oxidized and reduced by superoxide, have weak SOD-like activity ( e. g. hemoglobin ).
Other variations occur between the orders: Nidovirales, for example, are isolated for their differentiation in expressing structural and nonstructural proteins separately.
Other globular proteins are the immunoglobulins ( IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG and IgM ), and alpha, beta and gamma globulins.
Other chaperones are involved in folding newly made proteins as they are extruded from the ribosome.
Other related techniques include using antibodies to detect proteins in tissues and cells by immunostaining and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ( ELISA ).
Other apoptotic proteins commonly deactivated in colorectal cancers are TGF-β and DCC ( Deleted in Colorectal Cancer ).

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