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Other and recurring
Other recurring archetypes include the war veteran ( Albert Tatlock, Percy Sugden ), the bumbling retail manager ( Leonard Swindley, Reg Holdsworth, Norris Cole ), and the perennial losers ( Stan and Hilda Ogden, Jack and Vera Duckworth, and Les Battersby-Brown ).
Other recurring characters in the books include:
Other recurring themes include the breakdown of Niles ' marriage to the never-seen Maris, Frasier's search for love, Martin's new life after retirement and injury, and the various attempts by the two brothers to gain acceptance into Seattle's cultural elite.
Other recurring characters include Inspector Parker, solicitor Murbles, barrister Sir Impey Biggs, newshound Salcombe Hardy, and financial whiz the Honourable Freddy Arbuthnot, who finds himself entangled in the case in the first of the Wimsey books, 1923's Whose Body ?.
Other notable recurring characters included: Dr.
In Los Angeles, Smith appeared in theatrical productions of Living On Salvation Street, for which she was paid $ 14 for each performance, Boys and Girls / Men and Women and How the Other Half Loves, and played the recurring role of Luella Waters on the Showtime series Brothers.
Other recurring characters include Boris the little boy bear and Barbara his girlfriend, Poppy the kind pig lady and Snuffy the dog.
Other recurring bits on the show include fictional commercials, including those for The Catchup Advisory Board ( its name a compromise between the two common spellings for the condiment: " catsup " and " ketchup "), which proclaims the good news about the condiment's " natural mellowing agents " after a short skit of the sufferings of Jim and Barb, a middle-aged couple ; the American Duct Tape Council ; Marvin and Mavis Smiley seasonal bluegrass albums ; Fred Farrell Animal Calls ; the Professional Organization of English Majors ( P. O. E. M.
Other numbers have standard representations in base-φ, with rational numbers having recurring representations.
Other recurring themes of Westerns include Western treks or perilous journeys ( e. g. Stagecoach ) or groups of bandits terrorising small towns such as in The Magnificent Seven.
" Other characters that make a recurring appearance are the bald, fat, perverted old men (" Begging for it, she is!
Other recurring characters included:
Other recurring cast members include Jon Glover as Charles's agent " Maurice "; and Suzanne Burden as his estranged wife " Frances ".
Other recurring catchphrases include references to " a bit of trouble ", which usually implies some sort of undisclosed digestive disorder, and to the cat having done a " whoopsie " ( on one occasion in Spencer's beret ).
Other recurring themes such as the dysfunctional family, the uncertain paternity, the affirmation of illegitimacy, can also be linked to her own life.
Other works taking their title from the book include: the Futurama episode " Future Stock "; a segment on The Daily Show starring Samantha Bee ; Kevin Goldstein's recurring column on the Baseball Prospectus website ; a Magic: The Gathering pre-constructed deck ; and the National Wrestling Alliance's 1989 Starrcade event.
Other recurring FUGG members include technicians Hal and Bernard, and Special Agent 14 ( Voiced by Tom Kenny ).
Other recurring characters included Battalion Chiefs Conrad ( Art Balinger ), Sorensen ( Art Gilmore ), Miller, and McConnike ( William Boyett ), Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Vince ( Vince Howard ), and recurring ambulance attendants Albert " Al " ( Angelo DeMeo ) and his assistant, George ( George Orrison ).
Other recurring characters include < span id = Violet Elizabeth Bott > Violet Elizabeth Bott </ span >, lisping spoiled daughter of the local nouveau riche millionaire ( whose companionship William reluctantly endures, to prevent her carrying out her threat " I'll thcream and thcream ' till I'm thick "), and Joan Clive, the dark haired girl for whom William has a soft spot.
Other recurring key contributors were David " DJ Fuze " Elliot, and deejay / producer Jeremy " J-Beats " Jackson, who both assisted Jacobs in developing the sound.
Other recurring guest stars in the fifth season include Nick Bakay ( for The Dirty Dozens sketches ) and Peter Marshall ( for several editions of East Hollywood Squares ).
Other recurring characters included surveillance specialist Joe LaFrieda, played by Vic Morrow, and vice officer turned homicide detective Charlie Czonka, played by James Farentino.
Other roles include the recurring part of Dr. Sandra Malik in The Bill in 2003 ( a serious police drama ), and she played Sister Zita Khan in Doctors and Nurses and Selena Sharp in Scoop.

Other and collaborators
Other regular collaborators include actor Robert Silverman, art director Carol Spier, sound editor Bryan Day, film editor Ronald Sanders, his sister, costume designer Denise Cronenberg, and, from 1979 until 1988, cinematographer Mark Irwin.
Other important collaborators, such as René Bousquet, head of the French police under Vichy, did not undergo trials.
Other collaborators include U. N. K. L. E, Brian Eno, Eurythmics, and German Neue Deutsche Welle band Trio.
Other SMERSH activities included: exposing collaborators in areas recently captured by the Red Army ; exposing and punishing economic crimes such as black market activity ; protecting secret material and headquarters from enemy agents and saboteurs ; and determining the “ patriotism ” of those captured, encircled, and those who had returned from foreign countries.
Other deportation campaigns were directed towards the ethnic Germans ( whose number decreased from over 81, 000 in 1930 to under 4, 000 in 1959 due to voluntary wartime migration and forced removal as collaborators after the war ) and religious minorities ( 700 families, especially Jehovah's Witnesses, were deported to Siberia in April 1951 under the plan " Operation North ").
Other frequent collaborators include writer Noah Baumbach ( who co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and Fantastic Mr. Fox, with Anderson co-producing his film The Squid and the Whale ), Owen Wilson ( who co-wrote three of Anderson's feature films ), cinematographer Robert Yeoman ( A. S. C.
Other recent work by Margaret Archer ( morphogenesis theory ), Tom R. Burns and collaborators ( actor-system dynamics theory and social rule system theory ), and Immanuel Wallerstein ( World Systems Theory ) provided elaborations and applications of the sociological classics in structural sociology.
Other notable friends and collaborators are sound manipulator Antonym, Russian composer Artemiy Artemiev, Dieter Moebius, and Attrition's mastermind Martin Bowes.
Other collaborators include Maria Muldaur, Nick Gravenites and John Lee Hooker.
Other collaborators on the album were Senegalese singer Youssou N ' Dour and reggae artist Eek-a-Mouse.
* Other live collaborators have included Peter Rehberg, Kevin Drumm, Daniel O ' Sullivan, Lasse Marhaug, Bill Herzog, Holy McGrail, Steven Stapleton and Robin Fox.
Other collaborators included Łukasz Opaliński.
Other collaborators included physicist and holographer Lloyd Cross, holographer Sharon McCormack, artist Abbe Don and musician Chili Charles.
Other recent collaborators include Toby Gad, Shane Gibson ( Korn ) and George Lynch ( Lynch Mob ).
Other indie artists have been guest collaborators on many of their tracks, especially for an early period including the release of their first LP.
Other frequent collaborators were Branford Marsalis ' brother, Delfeayo Marsalis, and the rapper, Uptown.
Other writers with socialist or pacifist sympathies also became collaborators of Adevărul and Dimineaţa, most notably: Elena Farago, Eugen Relgis, Ion Marin Sadoveanu and George Mihail Zamfirescu.
Other collaborators included Jascha Heifetz, William Primrose, and Arthur Rubinstein.
Other collaborators included Melvin Van Peebles, Reiser, Roland Topor, Moebius, Wolinski, Gébé, Cabu, Delfeil de Ton, Fournier, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou and Bernhard Willem Holtrop.
Other collaborators have included Lawrence Chandler of Bowery Electric, the late Delia Derbyshire and Thomas Köner, plus various members of Spectrum, though it is generally considered a Kember solo project.
Other collaborators include Robert Creely, with whom he produced " Edges " and " Legeia: A Libretto ".
Other Dark Horse collaborators were Jim Elliot, Joel Silbersher, Murray Paterson and Skritch Needham.
Other collaborators included Henri-Georges Clouzot with " La Prisonnière ", in which he interprets an artist manipulator.
Other major collaborators on the project included Randolph A. Miller and Harry E. Pople.

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