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Other and scenes
Other tragedians also used recognition scenes but they were heroic in emphasis, as in Aeschylus's The Libation Bearers, which Euripides parodied with his mundane treatment of it in Electra ( Euripides was unique among the tragedians in incorporating theatrical criticism in his plays ).
Other artists depicted scenes, regardless of when they occurred, in classical dress and for a long time, especially during the French Revolution, history painting often focused on depictions of the heroic male nude.
Other scenes have the freedom fighters wasting time in debate, with one of the debated items being that they should not waste their time debating so much.
Other scenes were filmed in English locations such as a former British Aerospace factory in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, London, Thame Park, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire.
Other notable women who exercised power behind the scenes in this period include Julia Maesa, sister of Julia Domna, and Maesa ' a two daughters Julia Soaemias, mother of Elagabalus, and Julia Avita Mamaea, mother of Alexander Severus.
Other than graphic gore, the film contains several scenes of sexual violence and the genuine deaths of 6 animals onscreen and one off screen, issues which find Cannibal Holocaust in the midst of controversy to this day.
Other cut scenes were experiments of how to show the angel's invisibility / lack of physical form using double exposure.
Other guilds presented scenes appropriate to their trade: the building of the Ark from the carpenters ' guild ; the five loaves and fishes parable from the bakers and the adoration, with its offerings of gold, frankincense and myrrh, from the goldsmiths.
Other artists concentrated on landscape painting, often of desert scenes, including Richard Dadd and Edward Lear.
Other popular exhibits were the various auto manufacturers, the Midway ( filled with nightclubs such as the Old Morocco, where future stars Judy Garland, The Cook Family Singers, and The Andrews Sisters performed ), and a recreation of important scenes from Chicago's history.
Other achievements for the companies include ( i ) the delivery of its first feature animation project The Tale of Despereaux with Universal ; the completion of Europe's first digital intermediate for the film Chicken Run in 2000 ; contribution of scenes for the 2009 film Avatar, and the completion as a production project of four British feature films which opened in theatres between during 2009 and 2010.
Other films used 65 mm cameras sparingly, for selected scenes or special effects.
Other scenes around Paris include numerous shots of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Pyramid, and a phonebooth near the Arc de Triomphe where Meg calls her now former mother-in-law.
Other scenes were filmed at the train station and the nearby vineyards around the small hamlet of La Ravelle, which is part of the town of Paulhaguet in the Haute-Loire département in the Auvergne région of south central France.
Other scenes filmed here include the beach in front of the hotel along with the adjacent waterfront — in particular the Cartier boutique on the next corner.
Other scenes were filmed at Mansfield Plantation, an antebellum rice plantation in Georgetown, Middleton Place in Charleston, South Carolina, at the Cistern Yard on the campus of College of Charleston, and Hightower Hall and Homestead House at Brattonsville, South Carolina, along with the grounds of the Brattonsville Plantation in McConnells, South Carolina.
Other dwarves appear in passing in two scenes of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie: the " prologue " introduces the seven dwarf-lords that received the Rings of Power, and four more are present at the Council of Elrond ( in contrast to the book, where only Gimli and his father Glóin are described ).
Other tomb paintings also depict scenes of daily life, such as men plowing fields with teams of oxen.
Other directors storyboard only certain scenes, or none at all.
Other applications include performing geometrical operations with shapes ( constructive solid geometry ) in CAD, collision detection in robotics and 3-D video games, ray tracing and other computer applications that involve handling of complex spatial scenes.
" Other evidence of cuts were extant film stills of scenes that did not appear in the surviving film copy, and viewers ' descriptions that differed from the current version of the film.
Other on-location scenes are also shown during the closing credits, including a rear shot of Mary holding hands with her date, played by Moore's then husband, Grant Tinker.
Other scenes in which Vanth is present involve the meeting and escort of the dead, in the role of psychopompos, who are either walking or being transported on horseback, wagon, or chariot.
Other scenes were shot in Chicago, River Forest, Oak Park, Northbrook, Highland Park, Glencoe and Winnetka, Lake Forest and Long Beach, California.

Other and especially
Other angels came to be conventionally depicted in long robes, and in the later Middle Ages they often wear the vestments of a deacon, a cope over a dalmatic, especially Gabriel in Annunciation scenes-for example The Annunciation by Jan van Eyck.
Other neurotransmitter systems are also involved, especially dopamine, NMDA and glutamate.
Other activists, especially those from the more established tradition, view the safety, practicality, and intent of many segregated cycle facilities with suspicion.
Other kinds of members, especially methods, enable the behavior of class instances.
Other wavelengths, especially nearby infrared ( longer than 700 nm ) and ultraviolet ( shorter than 400 nm ) are also sometimes referred to as light, especially when visibility to humans is not relevant.
Other foods not from animal or plant sources include various edible fungi, especially mushrooms.
Other students have noted a range of textual similarities between passages in the Gospel of Barnabas, and variously the texts of a series of late medieval vernacular harmonies of the four canonical gospels ( in Middle English and Middle Dutch, but especially in Middle Italian ); which are all speculated as deriving from a lost Vetus Latina version of the Diatessaron of Tatian.
Other offshoots include noisegrind ( especially raw and chaotic ) and electrogrind ( incorporating electronic elements such as programmed drums ).
Other common iconic presences, especially of monarchs, are on coins, stamps and banknotes ; more discreet variations see them represented by a mention and / or signature.
Other advanced techniques, such as nonradioactive in situ hybridization, can be combined with immunochemistry to identify specific DNA or RNA molecules with fluorescent probes or tags that can be used for immunofluorescence and enzyme-linked fluorescence amplification ( especially alkaline phosphatase and tyramide signal amplification ).
Other sublinear functions can be useful as well, especially Minkowski functionals of convex sets.
Other poems produced in the following years, especially On the Mount's Bay and St Michael's Mount, are pleasingly descriptive verses, showing sensibility but no true poetic imagination.
Other theologians defended the expression " Immaculate Conception ", pointing out that sanctification could be conferred at the first moment of conception in view of the foreseen merits of Christ, a view held especially by Franciscans.
Other linguists, most notably Alexander Vovin, argue, however, that the similarities are not due to any genetic relationship, but rather to a sprachbund effect and heavy borrowing especially from ancient Korean into Western Old Japanese.
Other contemporaries, however, found the first movement especially dark, and Reinhold Brinkmann, in a study of Symphony No. 2 in relation to 19th century ideas of melancholy, has published a revealing letter from Brahms to the composer and conductor Vinzenz Lachner in which Brahms confesses to the melancholic side of his nature and comments on specific features of the movement that reflect this.
Other historians have been more cautious in interpreting this material, noting that chroniclers also reported John's personal interest in the life of St Wulfstan of Worcester and his friendships with several senior clerics, most especially with Hugh of Lincoln, who was later declared a saint.
Other applications rely on the peak pulse power ( rather than the energy in the pulse ), especially in order to obtain nonlinear optical effects.
Other anarchists have believed that violence ( especially self-defense ) is justified as a way to provoke social upheaval which could lead to a social revolution.
Other modernists, especially those involved in design, had more pragmatic views.
Other features were one of the first hardware-implementations of a multiplication instruction in an MPU, full 16-bit arithmetic, and an especially fast interrupt system.
Other than the images at Dura of the two ‘ magi ’ with scrolls, there is no direct and explicit evidence for the carriers of such doctrines .... Up to a point, Cumont ’ s Iranian paradigm, especially in Turcan ’ s modified form, is certainly plausible.
Other roads range from all-weather laterite surfaces to grated dirt or sand Pistes, especially in the desert north.
Other especially notable earthquakes that spurred major developments in the science of seismology include the 1857 Basilicata earthquake, 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the 1964 Alaska earthquake, the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, and the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake.

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