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Other and scholars
Other scholars have even said that Luke wrote this apology in order to support Christians who were becoming allies with local Roman officials.
Other scholars, including C. C. Torrey, Kline and Jordan argue that the word is derived from the Hebrew moed (), meaning " assembly ".
( Other scholars suggest that chapters 55 – 66 were written by Deutero-Isaiah after the fall of Babylon.
Other scholars have presented evidence pointing to a post-monarchic date ( as late as 200 BC ) based on language and theme, although the book might still have been based on an earlier composition.
Other scholars reject this theory.
Other names have been used to describe this disease, such as " The Black Plague " and " The Black Death "; the latter is now used primarily by scholars to describe the second, and most devastating, pandemic of the disease.
Other scholars have responded that Banquo's dreams have less to do with killing the king and more to do with Macbeth.
Other distinguished researchers have been affiliated with Caltech as postdoctoral scholars ( for example, Barbara McClintock, James D. Watson and Sheldon Glashow ) or visiting professors ( for example, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Edward Witten ).
Other scholars conclude that the Abomination of Desolation refers to the Crucifixion, an attempt by the emperor Hadrian to erect a statue to Jupiter in the Jewish temple, or an attempt by Caligula to have a statue depicting him as Zeus built in the temple.
Other scholars have referred to it simply as a caste system.
" — Other Taoism scholars, such as Michael LaFargue and Jonathan Herman, argue that while they are poor scholarship they meet a real spiritual need in the West.
Other scholars stress the omnipotence of the State ( with its consequent suspension of rights ) as the key element of a dictatorship and argue that such concentration of power can be legitimate or not depending on the circumstances, objectives and methods employed.
Other scholars, including the former Attorney-General of Ethiopia, Bereket Habte Selassie, contend that, " religious tensions here and there ... were exploited by the British, most Eritreans ( Christians and Moslems ) were united in their goal of freedom and independence.
Other scholars have suggested that Hebrews is part of an internal New Testament debate between the extreme Judaizers ( who argued that non-Jews must convert to Judaism before they can receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus ' Jewish covenant ) versus the extreme Antinomians ( who argued that Jews must reject God's commandments and that Jewish law was no longer in effect ).
Biblical scholars are in general agreement that it was written by St. Paul to the church of Philippi, an early center of Christianity in Greece around 62 A. D. Other scholars argue for an earlier date, c. 50-60 A. D.
( Acts, ) Other scholars have suggested that it was written from Caesarea or Ephesus.
Other scholars, such as Schmithals, Eckhart, Demke and Munro, have developed complicated theories involving redaction and interpolation in 1 and 2 Thessalonians.
Other scholars refute these arguments — particularly since Josephus describes some Essenes as allowing marriage.
" Other scholars noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi and Fascist governments as it became increasingly organized.
Other biblical scholars have argued that rather than being connected with Heth, son of Canaan, instead the Anatolian land of Hatti was mentioned in Old Testament literature and apocrypha as " Kittim " ( Chittim ), a people said to be named for a son of Javan.
Other scholars consider this inconclusive.
Other scholars still support the idea that Homer was a real person.
Other scholars of the Hebrides and inhabitants of the region do not consider this a myth, as there are sufficient records in both the oral tradition and the written compilation of those records that predate both Pennant and Anton by a century or more that preserve the history of this tradition.
Other scholars, drawing upon distinctions between Jewish Christians, Pauline Christianity, and other groups such as and Marcionites, argue that early Christianity was always fragmented, with contemporaneous competing beliefs.

Other and assert
Other historians assert that it derives from the valve bugle designed by Michael Saurle ( father ) in Munich in 1832 ( Royal Bavarian privilege for a " chromatic Flügelhorn " 1832 ), which predates Adolphe Sax's work.
Other critics assert that the novel creates a realistic and vibrant story, idealizing neither the past nor its main character.
Other societies assert all shamans have the power to both cure and kill.
Other sources assert that TM is not a religion, but a meditation technique ; and they hold that the TM movement is a spiritual organization, and not a religion or a cult.
Other Free Zoners assert basic human rights protections in order to freely follow their chosen religion.
Other thinkers assert that postmodernity is the natural reaction to mass broadcasting in a society conditioned to mass production and mass politics.
Other Oneness believers assert that Matthew 28: 19 was changed to the traditional Triune formula by the Catholic Church.
Other theories assert that Conn accidentally discharged the stolen shotgun in his possession during the standoff while he was speaking on the telephone to Theresa Burke, a CBC producer.
Other people, under the position that transsexuality is a physical condition and not a psychological issue, assert that sex reassignment therapy should be given if requested, and may even align with those who feel that all body modification should be offered on demand.
Other historians assert that the term should be limited to the modern feminist movement and its descendants.
Other medical intuitives assert that they can view energetic problems in a person's aura before any physical signs of illness can be detected.
Other sociologists assert that clustering of like minded individuals leads to political polarity and intolerance of contrary opinions, as the United States has allegedly been trending since the 1950s.
" Other Indologists assert that homosexuality was not approved for brahmanas or the twice-born but accepted among other castes.
Other thinkers ( Adler, 1986 ) assert that norms can be natural in a different sense than that of " corresponding to something proceeding from the object of the prescription as a strictly internal source of action ".
Other scholars feel it is also to assert that Jesus was born in the heart of Judaism and also a link to the Old Testament figure Judas or Judah.
Other local legends assert that Masters ' fictional portrayal of local residents, often in unflattering light, created a lot of embarrassment and aggravation in his hometown.
Other Protestants assert the following, based specifically on the verse in Matthew:
Other leading antimafia officials assert that the Sicilian mafia established new ties with the New York City-based Gambino crime family and that such ties would enable both to profit from increased international drug trafficking and would provide Palermo's mafia factions an opportunity to launder their earnings in real estate within the United States.
Other sources place Choi as a servant in the Takeda household, while still others assert that he merely attended some of Takeda's seminars.
Other late 20th-century historians, like Graeme Clark and David S. Potter, assert that, for all its hedging, Galerius's issuance of the edict was a landmark event in the histories of Christianity and the Roman empire.
The Federation of American Scientists asserts that despite having the theoretical ability to develop MIRV payloads, China has not deployed or even flight tested MIRV buses or MRV delivery payloads due to the high cost of development and deployment, and a lack of military necessity. Other analysts, such as John Tkacik of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, assert that China has flight-tested MIRV buses and begun equipping its ICBMs with such vehicles.

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