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Other and scholars
Other scholars have even said that Luke wrote this apology in order to support Christians who were becoming allies with local Roman officials.
Other scholars, including C. C. Torrey, Kline and Jordan argue that the word is derived from the Hebrew moed (), meaning " assembly ".
( Other scholars suggest that chapters 55 – 66 were written by Deutero-Isaiah after the fall of Babylon.
Other scholars have presented evidence pointing to a post-monarchic date ( as late as 200 BC ) based on language and theme, although the book might still have been based on an earlier composition.
Other scholars reject this theory.
Other names have been used to describe this disease, such as " The Black Plague " and " The Black Death "; the latter is now used primarily by scholars to describe the second, and most devastating, pandemic of the disease.
Other scholars have responded that Banquo's dreams have less to do with killing the king and more to do with Macbeth.
Other distinguished researchers have been affiliated with Caltech as postdoctoral scholars ( for example, Barbara McClintock, James D. Watson and Sheldon Glashow ) or visiting professors ( for example, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Edward Witten ).
Other scholars conclude that the Abomination of Desolation refers to the Crucifixion, an attempt by the emperor Hadrian to erect a statue to Jupiter in the Jewish temple, or an attempt by Caligula to have a statue depicting him as Zeus built in the temple.
Other scholars have referred to it simply as a caste system.
" — Other Taoism scholars, such as Michael LaFargue and Jonathan Herman, argue that while they are poor scholarship they meet a real spiritual need in the West.
Other scholars stress the omnipotence of the State ( with its consequent suspension of rights ) as the key element of a dictatorship and argue that such concentration of power can be legitimate or not depending on the circumstances, objectives and methods employed.
Other scholars, including the former Attorney-General of Ethiopia, Bereket Habte Selassie, contend that, " religious tensions here and there ... were exploited by the British, most Eritreans ( Christians and Moslems ) were united in their goal of freedom and independence.
Other scholars have suggested that Hebrews is part of an internal New Testament debate between the extreme Judaizers ( who argued that non-Jews must convert to Judaism before they can receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus ' Jewish covenant ) versus the extreme Antinomians ( who argued that Jews must reject God's commandments and that Jewish law was no longer in effect ).
Biblical scholars are in general agreement that it was written by St. Paul to the church of Philippi, an early center of Christianity in Greece around 62 A. D. Other scholars argue for an earlier date, c. 50-60 A. D.
( Acts, ) Other scholars have suggested that it was written from Caesarea or Ephesus.
Other scholars, such as Schmithals, Eckhart, Demke and Munro, have developed complicated theories involving redaction and interpolation in 1 and 2 Thessalonians.
Other scholars refute these arguments — particularly since Josephus describes some Essenes as allowing marriage.
" Other scholars noted that big business developed an increasingly close partnership with the Nazi and Fascist governments as it became increasingly organized.
Other biblical scholars have argued that rather than being connected with Heth, son of Canaan, instead the Anatolian land of Hatti was mentioned in Old Testament literature and apocrypha as " Kittim " ( Chittim ), a people said to be named for a son of Javan.
Other scholars still support the idea that Homer was a real person.
Other scholars of the Hebrides and inhabitants of the region do not consider this a myth, as there are sufficient records in both the oral tradition and the written compilation of those records that predate both Pennant and Anton by a century or more that preserve the history of this tradition.
Other scholars, drawing upon distinctions between Jewish Christians, Pauline Christianity, and other groups such as and Marcionites, argue that early Christianity was always fragmented, with contemporaneous competing beliefs.

Other and consider
Other Christian denominations do not view monogamous same-sex relationships as sinful or immoral, and may bless such unions and consider them marriages.
Other indications of dating are obtained by stylometry and this section therefore is an appropriate place to consider some aspects of his style as a Greek poet.
Other factors to consider when choosing and applying a learning algorithm include the following:
Other sources consider that Descartes denied that animal had reason or intelligence, but did not lack sensations or perceptions, but these could be explained mechanistically.
Other researchers consider the connection between the Skene's glands and the G-Spot to be weak.
Other ethnic groups were similarly attacked by the Ottoman Empire during this period, including Assyrians and Greeks, and some scholars consider those events to be part of the same policy of extermination.
Other films include The Hucksters ( 1947 ) with Clark Gable, Show Boat ( 1951 ), The Snows of Kilimanjaro ( 1952 ) with Gregory Peck, Lone Star ( 1952 ) with Clark Gable, Mogambo ( 1953 ) with Clark Gable and Grace Kelly, 1954's The Barefoot Contessa with Humphrey Bogart ( which some consider to be Gardner's " signature film " since it mirrored her real life custom of going barefoot ), Bhowani Junction ( 1956 ), The Sun Also Rises with Tyrone Power and Errol Flynn ( in which she played party-girl Brett Ashley ) ( 1957 ), and the film version of Nevil Shute's best-selling On the Beach with Peck and Fred Astaire.
Other archaeologists consider that Pellana is too far away from other Mycenaean centres to have been the " capital of Menelaus.
Other historians consider this a weak clue, as " Juliana " was a common name in the gens Anicia, and because Hermogenianus seems to have begotten only one daughter, who took chastity vows ; other possible fathers have therefore been proposed: either Flavius Anicius Probus ( suggested by Settipani ) or, according to some clues, Petronius Maximus.
Other classes of supply must consider a third variable besides usage and quantity: time.
Other people in the BDSM community do not consider SSC to be an accurate term for these relationships / activities.
Other important debates consider the role of Knossos in the administration of Bronze Age Crete, and whether Knossos acted as the primary center, or was on equal footing with the several other contemporaneous palaces that have been discovered on Crete.
Other states, including Massachusetts, California, Nevada and New York have relatively vague statutes which simply list the " factors " a judge should consider when determining alimony ( see list of factors below ).
Other taxonomists consider the plant to be an anomaly in both Musa and Ensete, and in 1978 C. Y. Wu raised Musella to the status of a separate genus although some taxonomists continue to include the species in Musa.
Other sections of the European far right also claim Eliade as an inspiration, and consider his contacts with the Iron Guard to be a merit — among their representatives are the Italian neofascist Claudio Mutti and Romanian groups who trace their origin to the Legionary Movement.
Other widely mentioned elements of a SLAPP are the actual effectiveness at silencing critics, the timing of the suit, inclusion of extra or spurious defendants ( such as relatives or hosts of legitimate defendants ), inclusion of plaintiffs with no real claim ( such as corporations that are affiliated with legitimate plaintiffs ), making claims that are very difficult to disprove or rely on no written record, ambiguous or deliberately mangled wording that lets plaintiffs make spurious allegations without fear of perjury, refusal to consider any settlement ( or none other than cash ), characterization of all offers to settle as insincere, extensive and unnecessary demands for discovery, attempts to identify anonymous or pseudonymous critics, appeals on minor points of law, demands for broad rulings when appeal is accepted on such minor points of law, and attempts to run up defendants ' costs even if this clearly costs more to the plaintiffs.
Other theorists, however, consider the period from the late 20th century to present to be merely another phase of modernity ; this phase is called " Liquid " modernity by Bauman or " High " modernity by Giddens ( see: Descriptions of postmodernity ).
Other sources consider Erekha to have been simply one part of the larger Arrapha metropolis.
Other Christian thinkers do not consider the fall of communism to have any relevance in maintaining their interpretation that Russia is Gog ( such as Chuck Missler in his book Magog Invasion ).
Other historians, such as Guy MacLean Rogers, consider he can reasonably be accused of anti-clerical bias.
Other sources consider the society as part of the patriot movement.
Other modern scholars consider then, " although the details may be fanciful, evidence does reflect accurately the general Spartiate attitude towards helots ".
Other archaeologists, such as A. Diaconescu, dispute this and consider that there was a centralized political structure.

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