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Other and sections
Other stone columns are created out of multiple sections of stone, mortared or dry-fit together.
Other Tier 1 cable operators, including Comcast, have announced trials of a similar service in sections of the US Northeast.
Other formulas for the eccentricity of an ellipse are listed in the article on eccentricity of conic sections.
Other import CFR sections include Title 10 ( energy ), Title 18 ( Conservation of Power and Water Resources ), Title 21 ( Food and Drugs ), Title 33 ( Navigable Waters ), Title 36 ( Parks, Forests and Public Property ), Title 43 ( Public Lands: Interior ) and Title 50 ( Wildlife and Fisheries ).
Other compounds used to color tissue sections include safranin, oil red o, Congo red, fast green FCF, silver salts, and numerous natural and artificial dyes that were usually originated from the development dyes for the textile industry.
Other tributaries of the Warta within Poznań are the Junikowo Stream ( Strumień Junikowski ), which flows through southern Poznań from the west, meeting the Warta just outside the city boundary in Luboń ; the Bogdanka and Wierzbak, formerly two separate tributaries flowing from the north-west and along the north side of the city centre, now with their lower sections diverted underground ; the Główna, flowing through the neighbourhood of the same name in north-east Poznań ; and the Rose Stream ( Strumień Różany ) flowing east from Morasko in the north of the city.
Other features include off-road sections which slow down the karts such as the mud bogs in the Choco Island tracks.
Other solutions involve using multiple engines and other altitude adapting designs such as double-mu bells or extensible bell sections.
Other sections were taken by Collins directly from the Oath of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, of which he was the secret head.
Other tasks, such as sorting, rearranging sections, getting from a link to its target, looking up information on one element to help process a later one, and the like, require accessing the document structure in complex orders and will be much faster with DOM than with multiple SAX passes.
Other revealed sections include the southern part of the Wall which measures approximately and another much shorter section known as the Little Western Wall which is located close to the Iron Gate.
Other sections viewed the leadership of the Union as out of touch and arrogant, with the Treaty offering a perceived chance to ' shock ' the European leadership into a greater willingness to listen to its critics.
Other sections of the site were excavated in the 1940s and 50s.
Other sections of the line further down the valley have been sold off for private housing and the viaduct, crossing the valley between Woodlands and Brockholes has been demolished, though the small section spanning the A616 road at Scar End still remains.
Other areas of interest include, Abert Lake and Abert Rim, Goose Lake, Hunter's Hot Springs and its Old Perpetual Geyser, Schminck Memorial Museum and Lake County Museum, Lake County Round-Up Museum, Schmink Museum, Warner Canyon ski area, Gearhart Mountain Wilderness, Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge, Summer Lake Hot Springs, sunstones ( Oregon's state gemstone ) near Plush, Warner Wetlands, Summer Lake Wildlife Area and sections of the Fremont National Forest of the Fremont – Winema National Forests.
Other protected areas include substantial sections of the Pisgah National Forest in the far northeastern and southern parts of the county.
Other composers such as Béla Bartók, Luciano Berio, Benjamin Britten, Aaron Copland, Olivier Messiaen, Arvo Pärt, Walter Piston, Ned Rorem, Alfred Schnittke, Dmitri Shostakovich, Igor Stravinsky, and even some jazz composers such as Yusef Lateef and Bill Evans used serialism only for some of their compositions or only for some sections of pieces.
Other sections of the articles provided for common land and land saved to be divided up for future inhabitants of the settlement.
Other schools serving sections of College Park with residences include Hapeville Elementary School in Hapeville, Heritage Elementary School in an unincorporated area, and Oak Knoll Elementary School in East Point.
Other sections of town include the area west of Durand Road, which includes Valley Road and a number of houses along Route 2, towards Jefferson.
Other sections help clarify how the Charter works in practice.
Other DISD elementary schools serving sections of Addison include Anne Frank Elementary School in Dallas and Jerry Junkins Elementary School in Carrollton.
Other sections of the European far right also claim Eliade as an inspiration, and consider his contacts with the Iron Guard to be a merit — among their representatives are the Italian neofascist Claudio Mutti and Romanian groups who trace their origin to the Legionary Movement.
Other levels include districts, subdistricts, sections, regions, areas, federations, etc.

Other and 1954
* Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories ( short stories collected posthumously, also published as Miss Marple's Final Cases, but only six of the eight stories actually feature Miss Marple ) ( written between 1939 and 1954, published 1979 )
Serving as producer, writer, director, and top-billed performer, Hugo Haas made several such films, including Pickup ( 1951 ) and The Other Woman ( 1954 ).
Other successes followed, including To Have and Have Not ( 1944 ); The Big Sleep ( 1946 ); Dark Passage ( 1947 ) and Key Largo ( 1948 ), with his wife Lauren Bacall ; The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ( 1948 ); In a Lonely Place ( 1950 ); The African Queen ( 1951 ), for which he won his only Academy Award ; Sabrina ( 1954 ); and The Caine Mutiny ( 1954 ).
* Other dramatisations: 10, 000 Black Men Named George ( 2002 ); Matewan ( 1987 ); American Playhouse —" The Killing Floor " ( 1985 ); Salt of the Earth ( 1954 ); The Grapes of Wrath ( 1940 ); Black Fury ( 1935 )
Other children's series of note in the 1950s would be Captain Z-Ro which was broadcast starting in 1951, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, and Flash Gordon ( 1954 TV series ) syndicated in 1954.
Other female students of this period includes Lydia Wahlström ( 1869 – 1954 ) who later became a noted educator, activist and writer on women's emancipation and suffrage.
Other important early publications include: Edward H. Chamberlin's ( 1950 ) The Theory of Monopolistic Competition ; François Perroux's ( 1950 ) Economic Spaces: Theory and Application ; Torsten Hägerstrand's ( 1953 ) Innovationsförloppet ur Korologisk Synpunkt ; Edgar S. Dunn's ( 1954 ) The Location of Agricultural Production ; Martin J. Beckmann, C. B McGuire, and Clifford B. Winston's ( 1956 ) Studies in the Economics of Transportation ; Melvin L. Greenhut's ( 1956 ) Plant Location in Theory and Practice ; Gunnar Myrdal's ( 1957 ) Economic Theory and Underdeveloped Regions ; Albert O. Hirschman's ( 1958 ) The Strategy of Economic Development ; and Claude Ponsard's ( 1958 ) Histoire des Théorie Économique Spatiales.
* The Desert Music and Other Poems ( 1954 )
Other golf resorts are the Tamarisk, Mission Hills, the Springs, Sunrise, KSL Resorts ' Rancho Las Palmas hotel ( opened in 1979 to replace the Desert Air golf and private airport from 1954 – 1978 ), Rancho Mirage, Morningside, Mission Hills North Course, Westin Hotels Mission Hills resort, and Tuscania by Sunrise Company opened in 2006.
Other sources indicate the post office operated until March 31, 1954 or until December 21, 1983.
Other changes and additions were added to the courthouse including in 1901 parking for horses was added, and adding a third floor in 1954.
The Martian Way and Other Stories is a 1955 collection of four science fiction novellas previously published by Isaac Asimov in 1952 and 1954.
Other sponsors, whose products appeared during the original openings, were Procter & Gamble for Cheer and Lilt Home Permanent ( 1954 – 57 ), General Foods for Sanka ( 1955 – 57 ), Ford Motor Company ( 1957 – 58 ), and Westinghouse company ( 1958 – 60 ).
Other major funders include Bill Gates, Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr. ( MIT class of 1954 ), Charles Thomas " E. B " Pritchard Hintze ( a graduate and of JD Edwards, now Oracle ) and Morris Chang of TSMC.
Other notable film roles included Waterloo Road ( 1944 ), Alfred Hitchcock's Stage Fright ( 1950 ), Folly to be Wise ( 1953 ), and An Inspector Calls ( 1954 ).
* The Wayfaring Stranger ( 1949, Stinson SLP 1, 10 inch, 78 rpm, reissued circa 1954 as Blue Tail Fly and Other Favorites, Stinson SL 1 catalog number, 12 inch, 33 rpm )
Other works include " Mrs. Duke's Million " ( written about 1908-9 but not published until 1977 ); " Snooty Baronet " ( a satire on behaviorism, 1932 ); " Doom of Youth " ( a sociological account of youth culture, 1932 ); " The Red Priest " ( his last novel, 1956 ); and " The Demon of Progress in the Arts " ( on extremism in the visual arts, 1954 ).
Other movies that observers found references to include Executive Suite ( 1954 ) and Sweet Smell of Success ( 1957 ).
Other novelists writing in the 1950s and later were: Anthony Powell ( 1905-2000 ) whose twelve-volume cycle of novels A Dance to the Music of Time ( 1951-1975 ), is a comic examination of movements and manners, power and passivity in English political, cultural and military life in the mid-20th century ; comic novelist Kingsley Amis is best known for his academic satire Lucky Jim ( 1954 ); Nobel Prize laureate William Golding's allegorical novel Lord of the Flies ( 1954 ), explores how culture created by man fails, using as an example a group of British schoolboys marooned on a deserted island ; philosopher Iris Murdoch was a prolific writer of novels that deal with such things as sexual relationships, morality, and the power of the unconscious.
Other post war productions included a live performance of Richard II, directed by Royston Morley and starring Alan Wheatley as Richard and Clement McCallin as Bolingbroke ( 1950 ); a made-for-TV production of Henry V, directed by Royston Morley and Leonard Brett, and starring Clement McCallin as Henry and Marius Goring as the Chorus ( 1951 ); a Sunday Night Theatre made-for-TV production of The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Desmond Davis, and starring Stanley Baker as Petruchio and Margaret Johnston as Katherina ( 1952 ); a television adaptation of John Barton's Elizabethan Theatre Company production of Henry V, starring Colin George as Henry and Toby Robertson as the Chorus ( 1953 ); a live performance of Lionel Harris ' production of The Comedy of Errors starring David Pool as Antipholus of Ephesus and Paul Hansard as Antipholus of Syracuse ( 1954 ); and The Life of Henry the Fifth, the inaugural programme of BBC's new World Theatre series, directed by Peter Dews and starring John Neville as Henry and Bernard Hepton as the Chorus.
Other early documents were the two volumes of the Blue Note albums A Night at Birdland, also from 1954, recorded by the Jazz Messengers at Birdland months before the Davis set at Newport.

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