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Other and spaces
Other metric spaces occur for example in elliptic geometry and hyperbolic geometry, where distance on a sphere measured by angle is a metric, and the hyperboloid model of hyperbolic geometry is used by special relativity as a metric space of velocities.
Other outdoor spaces that are similar to gardens include:
Other large compartments in the California Job Case held spacers, which are blocks of blank type used to separate words and fill out a line of type, such as em and en quads ( quadrats, or spaces.
Other gallery spaces spring up for semiannual artwalks.
Other fields of mathematics are concerned with objects that are rarely considered as topological spaces.
Other color spaces have similar properties, and the main reason to implement or investigate properties of Y ' UV would be for interfacing with analog or digital television or photographic equipment that conforms to certain Y ' UV standards.
Other demands such as the protection of natural spaces, sufficient and affordable housing, delivery of utilities, preservation of buildings and places of historical value, and sufficient places for the conduct of business are also considered.
Other methods of harnessing solar power are solar space heating ( for heating internal building spaces ), solar drying ( for drying wood chips, fruits, grains, etc.
Other mathematical fields where projective spaces play a significant role are topology, the theory of Lie groups and algebraic groups, and their representation theories.
Other facilities on campus include a library, bookshop, cafes, gym, child care, and 24-hour access to computers, learning and recreational spaces.
Other color spaces can also be used.
Fullman has performed in numerous festivals, art spaces, and museums, including: New Albion at Bard SummerScape, a Norway tour presented by NY Musik, Instal, Glasgow, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Festival van Vlaanderen, Brussels, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Other Minds, San Francisco, Romanische Sommer Köln, Columbia University, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Walker Art Center, ISCM World Music Days, and New Music America 1980, 1984 and 1986.
Other compressive spinal causes include lumbar spinal stenosis, a condition in which the spinal canal ( the spaces through which the spinal cord runs ) narrows and compresses the spinal cord, cauda equina, or sciatic nerve roots.
Other parks and public open spaces include Signal Hill Garden at Blackhead Point, the Urban Council Centenary Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Salisbury Garden, Middle Road Children's Playground and the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, which includes the Avenue of Stars, along the Victoria Harbour waterfront.
Other spaces on Saatchi Online including a forum, live chat, blogs, videos, photography and illustration.
Other scenes were filmed in bathrooms and various office spaces throughout the building, including a shot from the roof overlooking the Allen County Courthouse.
Other structures include rings, fields and vector spaces.
Other improvements include: new and expanded foyer spaces, new connections with the city, St Kilda Road and the river, with new stairs, improved disability access, escalators and lifts, improved acoustics, new auditorium seating and cutting edge staging systems and technology.
Other comets with spaces in their names, however, reflect their discoverers ' name spellings ( e. g. 32P / Comas Solá ).
Other green spaces includes Eglinton Park just west of Yonge Street and Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens at Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue, which connects to Sherwood Ravine Park and Sunnybrook Park to the east.
Other spaces include a Barnes and Noble bookstore containing a Starbucks café, Jamba Juice, Red Ring Restaurant, and a conference center and ballroom.
Other notable spaces include Barkly Gardens and the Allen Bain Reserve, as well as a number of smaller parks and reserves.
Other facilities include the costume warehouse, costume shop, production and plant shops, classrooms, and rehearsal spaces.
Other spaces redeveloped as performance areas include the Paint Shop and the rehearsal room.

Other and hall
Other items on the agenda during the meetings, which are expected to continue through Saturday, concern television, rules changes, professional football's hall of fame, players' benefits and constitutional amendments.
Other public amenities include netball and tennis courts, football oval, town hall, sports complex, medical clinic, playground, skate park and rotunda.
Other noteworthy buildings in the square shared by the Cathedral ( Plaza Cardenal Belluga ) are the colorful Bishop's Palace ( 18th century ) and a controversial extension to the town hall by Rafael Moneo ( built in 1999 ).
Other words more distantly related include hole, hollow, hall, helmet and cell, all from the aforementioned Indo-European root * kel -.
Other surviving interiors from this period include the chapel and the painted hall.
Other large buildings include a " Pillared Hall ", thought to be an assembly hall of some kind, and the so-called " College Hall ", a complex of buildings comprising 78 rooms, thought to have been a priestly residence.
Other facilities include squash courts and gym with sauna and steam room as well as a sports hall used for activities such as badminton, basketball, trampolining and fitness classes.
Other jobs he held included working in a pool hall, as a stunt diver and a carnival barker.
Other sights include the appellate court for Kwidzyn County, a new town hall, and government buildings.
Other alterations and additions were made during the 17th century, including a modest brick house added onto the west end in 1639, perhaps intended as a home for Sir Alexander's bailiff, as he himself no longer used the hall as his main residence by that time.
Other important cultural sights of the region are the art museum ( Kunsthalle ), the Rudolf Oetker concert hall ( Rudolf-Oetker-Halle ), and the city's municipal botanical garden ( the Botanischer Garten Bielefeld ).
Other than Old Lodge, there are also student rooms scattered around the buildings surrounding First Court, including the areas on top of the hall.
Other places of worship include the Salvation Army hall, situated on Heath Road, which was opened in 1911, the Springs of the Living Water housed in the former St. John's Church on Derby Road, the Spiritual Church on Argyll Road and Marehay Methodist Chapel on Warmwells Lane, Marehay.
Other influences on the rapidly-developing music hall idiom were Irish and European music, particularly the jig, polka, and waltz.
Other symbols such as stained glass windows for their normal meeting hall have been traditionally discouraged.
Other notable buildings include Swedish mansions of the 17th century, a Baroque town hall ( 1668 – 71 ), and remains of Erik Dahlberg's fortifications.
Other notable buildings are the Royal Hop Pole Hotel in Church Street ( which has recently been converted into a part of the Wetherspoons pub chain with the discovery of a former medieval banqueting hall in the structure ), mentioned in Charles Dickens ' The Pickwick Papers, the Bell Hotel, a large half-timbered structure opposite the Abbey gateway, and the House of the Nodding Gables in the High Street.
Other sights include the rare stone buildings of the Old Rauma: the Church of the Holy Cross, an old Franciscan monastery church from the 15th century with medieval paintings and the old town hall from 1776.
Other carvings related to the legend of Shiva are also seen in the main hall at strategic locations in exclusive cubicles ; these include Kalyanasundaramurti, depicting Shiva ’ s marriage to the goddess Parvati, Andhakasuravadamurti or Andhakasuramardana, the slaying of the demon Andhaka by Shiva, Shiva-Parvati on Mount Kailash ( the abode of Shiva ), and Ravananugraha, depicting the demon-king Ravana shaking Kailash.
Other notable buildings are the town hall ( 13th century ), St. Salvator church and the Spital, a former medieval hospital.
Other attractions include six tennis courts and four golf courses, the Kitzbühel swimming pool, Austria's only curling hall and the bathing lake of Schwarzsee.
Other well-known venues in the Tenderloin included Koster and Bial's Music Hall at Sixth Avenue and 23rd Street, a concert saloon where inebriated customers could watch the cancan being performed ; the Haymarket, a dance hall on Sixth below 30th Street, where rich clients could dance with prostitutes, but not too closely, although they could take them into curtained-off galleries to have discreet sex, and sex exhibitions were on display in the balconies ; West 29th Street, which featured an almost uninterrupted row of brothels ; and the many gambling dens run by John Daly or the Madison Square Club of Richard A. Canfield on West 26th Street.
Other notable historic features include the market cross, known as the buttercross, dating back to 1680, the old town hall ( once also serving as the fire station, and now the town museum ) of 1857 and a number of thatched mud walls.
Other campus projects include a $ 9. 5 million renovation on the third floor of Rockwell Hall, $ 5. 6 million renovation to the Campbell Student Union, $ 28 million rehabilitation of the Houston Gymnasium, $ 9 million in rehabilitation to the Tower 4 residence hall, and $ 11. 2 million in underground utility replacements in the Rockwell Quadrangle and nearby vicinity.
Other attractions include St. Catherine's Cathedral, the State Arts Museum, a park and theater named after Maxim Gorky, the beautiful concert hall of the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society, which is considered to have some of the best acoustics in southern Russia, State Cossack Choir and the Krasnodar circus

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