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Other and stories
* Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories ( short stories collected posthumously, also published as Miss Marple's Final Cases, but only six of the eight stories actually feature Miss Marple ) ( written between 1939 and 1954, published 1979 )
Other stories portray banshees as dressed in green, red, or black with a grey cloak.
Other than the variations in their stories, the battle occurs in the same manner and neither of the compositions portrays the opposition in a brutally negative light.
He published at his own expense a volume containing six of his best stories, The Double Shadow and Other Fantasies, in an edition of 1000 copies printed by the Auburn Journal.
Other stories included: the birth of Nicky Tilsley in 1980, Elsie Tanner's departure and Stan Ogden's funeral in 1984, the birth of Sarah-Louise Tilsley in 1987, and Brian Tilsley's murder in 1989.
* 1970, Under Old Earth and Other Explorations ( short sf stories )
Based on George Griffith's Stories Of Other Worlds, it contains six stories, the illustrations from their original publication, a worldbook taking the story forward to 1920, a spaceship design spreadsheet, five adventures, plus the novelisation A Honeymoon In Space.
* Other stories in this series are in these two books and in All the Myriad Ways.
James Thurber used the ancient fable style in his books Fables for Our Time ( 1940 ) and Further Fables for Our Time ( 1956 ), and in his stories " The Princess and the Tin Box " in The Beast in Me and Other Animals ( 1948 ) and " The Last Clock: A Fable for the Time, Such As It Is, of Man " in Lanterns and Lances ( 1961 ).
Other authors of the Gogol's era included Vladimir Fyodorovich Odoevsky ( The Living Corpse, written 1838, published 1844, The Ghost, The Sylphide, and other stories ), Count Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy ( The Family of the Vourdalak, 1839, and The Vampire, 1841 ), Mikhail Zagoskin ( Unexpected Guests ), Józef Sękowski / Osip Senkovsky ( Antar ), Yevgeny Baratynsky ( The Ring ).
Other stories claim that the Grail is buried beneath Rosslyn Chapel or lies deep in the spring at Glastonbury Tor.
Other letters began appearing in the Courier, often anonymously, with claims of land or water sightings, either on the writer's part or on the parts of family, acquaintances or stories they remembered being told.
Other stories credit the development of maple syrup production to Nanabozho, Glooskap, or the squirrel.
Other religious organizations and practitioners have no problem with categorizing their sacred stories as myths.
* The Watcher and Other Weird Stories ( 1894 ), another collection of short stories, published posthumously.
* Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery ( 1923 ), uncollected short stories gathered from their original magazine publications and edited by M. R. James:
Other scholars acknowledge distortion of the historical record by apartheid supporters and shady white traders seeking to cover their tracks, but dispute the revisionist approach, noting that stories of cannibalism, raiding, burning of villages, or mass slaughter were not developed out of thin air but based on the clearly documented accounts of hundreds of black victims, and refugees.
Other than being consecutive stories set in E-Space, the three stories are self contained.
A tartan which looks like Mac Duck Final version is shown on some Don Rosa stories, such as The Old Castle's Other Secret or A Letter From Home.
Other stories include ludicrous " kiss and tell " and similar stories by people who are portrayed as mentally disturbed, often with highly bizarre elements ; examples include allegations by a man who claimed that, on holiday touring in his caravan, he found a campsite run by Elvis Presley who, when plied with drink, admitted to the Kennedy assassination ; another from a retired toilet attendant who described the nature of faeces from various little-known celebrities and an elderly woman who blames anti-social behaviour in her area on bored Newsnight presenters, as well as a mental home patient who claimed to have had sex with a number of children's TV puppets.
Other historians generally dismiss these stories.
Other stories may use different structures.

Other and featuring
Other versions adapted ELIZA around a religious theme, such as ones featuring Jesus ( both serious and comedic ) and another Apple II variant called I Am Buddha.
The Doctor was loomed in the House of Lungbarrow in the mountains of South Gallifrey, but unique among the house's cousins he has a belly button ( Lungbarrow suggests this is because he is a re-incarnation of The Other, but later BBC books featuring the Eighth Doctor suggest he actually has a Gallifreyan father and human mother as stated in the 1996 telemovie ).
Glorantha has been, so far, the background for 2 board-games ( White Bear and Red Moon / Dragon Pass and Nomad Gods ), two role-playing games ( RuneQuest and HeroQuest ), one video game ( King of Dragon Pass ), one comic book series ( Path of the Damned ), five novels or collections of fiction ( King of Sartar by Greg Stafford, The Collected / Complete Griselda by Oliver Dickinson, Gloranthan Visions by various authors, The Widow's Tale and Eurhol's Vale & Other Tales by Penelope Love, and numerous pieces of myth and fiction created by the Glorantha community, featuring in magazines such as Tales of the Reaching Moon.
Other IKEA commercials feature the gay community, once featuring a transgender woman.
In 2010, Chris de Burgh released an album called Moonfleet & Other Stories featuring a story based on the book.
Other previously unused instrument additions were seen in the song " Losing It ," featuring collaborator Ben Mink on electric violin.
Other soap operas attempted similar adventure storylines, often featuring footage shot on location – frequently in exotic locales.
Other early UPN programs included the action show Nowhere Man starring Bruce Greenwood, the action show Marker starring Richard Grieco, The Watcher featuring Sir Mix-a-Lot as an omniscient narrator, the comic western Legend starring Richard Dean Anderson, the science-fiction themed action show, The Sentinel, and Moesha, a sitcom starring Brandy Norwood.
Other songs were performed as piano / vocal solos, or with Connick's trio featuring Benjamin Jonah Wolfe on bass and Jeff " Tain " Watts on drums.
Other notable premieres were given in Prague in 1899, and in Paris in 1909, with a Sergei Diaghilev production featuring Feodor Chaliapin as Galitsky and Maria Kuznetsova as Yaroslavna.
Other novels in the sequence include The Fallible Fiend, a satire told from the point of view of a demon, and The Honorable Barbarian, a follow-up to the trilogy featuring Jorian's brother as the hero.
Other pavilions included one featuring Brazilian tea and coffee ; a European Communities Pavilion from the then six countries of the European Economic Community ; and a joint pavilion by those countries of Africa that had by then achieved independence.
Other projects that Olmsted has been involved in include the country's first and oldest coordinated system of public parks and parkways in Buffalo, New York ; the country's oldest state park, the Niagara Reservation in Niagara Falls, New York ; one of the first planned communities in the United States, Riverside, Illinois ; Mount Royal Park in Montreal, Quebec ; the Emerald Necklace in Boston, Massachusetts ; the Emerald Necklace of parks in Rochester, New York ; Belle Isle Park, in the Detroit River for Detroit, Michigan ; Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan ; the Grand Necklace of Parks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ; Cherokee Park and entire parks and parkway system in Louisville, Kentucky ; the Forest Park in Springfield, Massachusetts, featuring America's first public " wading pool "; the George Washington Vanderbilt II Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina ; the master plans for the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University near Palo Alto, California ; and Montebello Park in St. Catharines, Ontario.
Other events of the Symphonic Game Music Concerts featuring Final Fantasy music were held in 2004, 2006, and 2007 .< ref >
The show later took a different turn, featuring Ravi Shankar as a guest and having Krusty howl a drugged-out version of The Doors ' " Break on Through ( To the Other Side )" in 1973.
She also appeared intermittently on L ' altra Domenica (" The Other Sunday "), a TV show featuring Roberto Benigni.
Other types of themes include quote themes, featuring a famous quote broken up into parts to fit in the grid ( and usually clued as " Quote, part 1 ", " Quote, part 2 ", etc.
Other research suggests that adolescent girls who read magazines featuring articles and advertisements about dieting and weight loss partake in more unhealthy behaviors for weight control, such as taking laxatives and vomiting to lose or maintain weight.
Other early pieces of Cowell's featuring tone clusters include the atonal, dissonant Dynamic Motion ( 1916 ) and its five " encores "— What's This?
Other artists than Escher, including Jos De Mey, have also made artworks featuring the impossible cube.
" Other outstanding examples of his portraits include The Agnew Clinic ( 1889 ), Eakins ' most important commission and largest painting, which depicted another eminent American surgeon, Dr. David Hayes Agnew, performing a mastectomy ; The Dean's Roll Call ( 1899 ), featuring Dr. James W. Holland, and Professor Leslie W. Miller ( 1901 ), portraits of educators standing as if addressing an audience ; a portrait of Frank Hamilton Cushing ( ca.
Other common items are T-shirts ( featuring band names, political beliefs or other text / images relevant to skinhead culture ) and denim jackets or flight jackets.
Other more recent examples of this type of album include Renegades by Rage Against the Machine featuring covers of songs originally performed by diverse artists including Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Afrikaa Bambaataa, and Erik B and Rakim, as well as the EP Feedback by Canadian rock band Rush.
Other tourist attractions include Golden Bauhinia Square featuring a flag-raising ceremony held daily outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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