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Other and studio
Other lesser known assistants from his studio include Francesco Barrata, Girolamo Lucenti, and Giuseppe Peroni.
Other artists held studio space at 306, such as Jacob Lawrence, Addison Bate and his brother Leon.
Other categories include expensive, big studio failures like The Swarm and popular films such as Jesus Christ Superstar.
Other NBC Sports duties that Albert held were play-by-play announcing for the NFL, college basketball, horse racing, boxing, NHL All-Star Games, and Major League Baseball, as well as hosting baseball studio and pre-game shows.
He is considered one of the most important contributors to the development of the medium and is known for the cartooning studio he founded ; for his highly influential series The Spirit ; for his use of comics as an instructional medium ; for his leading role in establishing the graphic novel as a form of literature with his book A Contract with God and Other Tenement Stories.
In 1974, Buzz Goodbody directed Lear, a deliberately abbreviated title for Shakespeare's text, as the inaugural production of the RSC's studio theatre The Other Place.
( Other band members have disputed this account, although Moon is likely to have ' passed through ' the studio with a weapon.
Other contenders for the highest " HiFi " quality on this medium were two companies already widely known for their excellent quality reel-to-reel tape recorders: Tandberg and Revox ( consumer brand of the Swiss professional Studer company for studio equipment ).
After his recovery, the band started work on their tenth studio album, and the self produced Necroshine was released in February 1999, making Overkill the very first thrash metal band ever to release ten full-length studio albums ( Other first wave thrash bands, such as Sodom or Kreator would not achieve this milestone until two years later ).
Other settings included Paris in 1979, Leonardo da Vinci's studio in the year 1508 and prehistoric Earth.
The album's singles included a new live version of her earlier doubles " I Will Remember You ", a studio recording of which had previously been released on The Brothers McMullen soundtrack as well as Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff.
Other studio tracks included the top ten hit, " Heaven Knows ", which featured the group Brooklyn Dreams accompanying her on background and Joe " Bean " Esposito singing alongside her on the verses.
Other early users of the TR-808 include Australian producer Mark Moffatt, with his studio project, the Monitors ( 1981 ), and Indian musician Charanjit Singh, who used it alongside a Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer to produce music resembling acid house in his 1982 album Synthesizing: Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat.
Other facilities at RADA include acting studios, an art workshop, a costume workroom, dance and fight studios, design studios, wood and metal workshops, a sound studio, rehearsal studios and the RADA Foyer Bar, which includes a fully licensed bar and a box office.
Other test films by Case in his process include Miss Manila Martin and Her Pet Squirrel ( 1921 ), Bird in a Cage ( 1923 ), Madame Fifi ( 1925 ), and Chinese Variety Performer with a Ukelele ( 1925 ) and Gallagher and Shean ( 1925 ), all recorded in a sparse studio located on the second floor of the Case estate carriage house in Auburn, New York, now a museum.
In December 1973 Buzz Goodbody, a promising young director, drew up a plan for what would become The Other Place studio theatre in Stratford, designed by Michael Reardon to seat 140 people, which opened to a first and highly successful season in 1974.
His last full studio album was 2005's Drinkin ' Songs and Other Logic.
Other notable television performances that have appeared on bootleg video include the Swedish show Drop In from October 1963 ( four songs ); the April 1964 UK special Around The Beatles ( six songs mimed to new recordings ); the June 1964 Australian special The Beatles Sing for Shell ( seven songs survived in complete form, plus fragments of two others ); and a September 1968 appearance on Frost on Sunday ( new vocals for " Hey Jude " and " Revolution " over studio backing tracks, plus brief improvisations ), for which multiple takes are available.
Other small-scale, " boutique " entities were created: Nelson Entertainment, a joint venture with British and Canadian partners, Triumph Films, jointly owned with French studio Gaumont, and which is now a low-budget label, and Castle Rock Entertainment.
The band rehearsed at the Conner family's video rental store and recorded their demo tape Other Worlds in the summer of 1985 with Steve Fisk at Creative Fire recording studio in Ellensburg.
Flemming Rasmussen, former Metallica producer, began working with the band in 1994, producing their fifth studio album Imaginations from the Other Side, released in 1995, and The Forgotten Tales, an album that contained half covers and half original work, released in 1996.
Other than a few interesting sides by jazz bands led by Clarence Williams and Cliff Jackson, most Van Dyke records were dance band numbers of the time, usually played by Grey Gull's studio band and featuring musicians such as Mike Mosiello, Andy Sannella and Charles Magnante, recorded with below average audio fidelity for the era, pressed in rather noisy and gritty shellac.
Other important studios in Minneapolis include the Dove studio, which released several cult classic psychedelic and garage rock recordings in the 1960s, Blackberry Way, founded by Paul Stark, who would later co-found the Twin / Tone record label.
Other non-news segments of the programme include the occasional " physical cartoons " of current events set in the studio.

Other and chiefs
* Other ancient sites nearby include Beaghmore stone circles and Tullyhogue Fort ( beside the village of Tullyhogue ), the inauguration site of the chiefs of Tyrone ( Tir Eogain ), the O ' Neills.
Other war chiefs, such as Halleck Tustenuggee and Jumper, and Black Seminoles Abraham and John Horse, continued the Seminole resistance against the army.
Other chiefs gradually followed this action, and by the end of 1847 the violence died down after twenty-one months of fighting.
Other important bureau chiefs included Rear Admiral John S. McCain, Sr., the grandfather of U. S. Senator John S. McCain III ( R-Ariz .).
Other famous chiefs during the colonial time included Ndombi wa Namusia, Sudi Namachanja, and Namutala.
Other sedans and small emergency vehicles belonging to a fire service are used by battalion chiefs, public information officers, building inspectors, first responders, safety educators, chaplains, and fire police.
Other chiefs or the makaainana that built this type of heiau were considered rebels.

Other and calling
Other examples of prefix codes are country calling codes, the country and publisher parts of ISBNs, and the Secondary Synchronization Codes used in the UMTS W-CDMA 3G Wireless Standard.
Other advantages include better voice quality and integration to a Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) network providing cheap or unlimited nationwide and international calling.
Other ABIs standardize details such as the C ++ name mangling, exception propagation, and calling convention between compilers on the same platform, but do not require cross-platform compatibility.
Other frequent targets were the BBC, the anti-smoking lobby, and reversing his earlier stance, the motor car, with Taylor calling for all private motor vehicles to be banned.
Other women spoke, and a heckler interrupted the proceedings, calling female speakers " a few disappointed women.
Other exemptions include calls made by charities and political members, parties and candidates however any organisation that is instructed by the recipient of a telemarketing call, not to call that number again, is legally obliged to comply, and must remove the phone number from the organisations calling list ( s ).
Other manufacturers copied HP-IB, calling their implementation the General Purpose Interface Bus ( GPIB ), and it became a de facto standard for automated and industrial instrument control.
Other cards which can be used are the Post Office phonecard, Tesco international calling card and many other telephone cards which can be bought from newsagents.
Other runestones included an inscription calling for Thor to safeguard the stone.
Other powers of the President in the sphere of legal activities and in his interaction with the Parliament include calling elections to the Duma, dissolving the State Duma in certain cases, and calling referenda.
Other Middle Age parodies of the Mass, also written in ecclesiastical Latin, were " drinkers ' masses " and " gamblers ' masses ," which lamented the situation of drunk, gambling monks, and instead of calling to " Deus " ( God ), called to " Bacchus " ( the God of Wine ).
Other than calling each other by name, members formally address one another as Comrade ( Ընկեր or Unger for boys and men, Ընկերուհի or Ungerouhi for girls and women ).
Other organizations calling the area home include public broadcaster TVOntario and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario.
Other policies included calling for the abolition of income tax.
Other epithets can easily be omitted without serious risk of confusion, and are therefore known ( again in Latin ) as epitheton ornans ; thus the classical Roman author Virgil systematically called his main hero pius Aeneas, the epithet being pius, which means religiously observant, humble and wholesome, as well as calling the armsbearer of Aeneas fidus Achates, the epithet being fidus, which means faithful or loyal.
Other than quickly calling out commands, the television director is also expected to maintain order among the staff in the control room, on the set, and elsewhere.
Other Spanish countries call it " Península Antártica ", among them Argentina ( while also calling it " Tierra de San Martín "), which has more bases and personnel there than any other nation.
Other current requirements include providing a local telephone number in the community's calling area ( or else a toll-free number ) and ( in most cases ) maintaining an official main studio within 25 miles of the community's geographic center.
Other subsequent works calling for redating of some or all of the gospels were written by such scholars as Claude Tresmontant, Gunther Zuntz, Carsten Peter Thiede, Eta Linnemann, Harold Riley, Bernard Orchard.
Other studies have replicated the phenomenon including reports from real emergency situations such as calling an ambulance for overdose patients and offering CPR after cardiac arrest.
Other variants on this scheme involve leaving messages on pagers or making bogus claims of being a relative in a family emergency to trick users into calling the foreign numbers, then attempting to keep the victim on the line as long as possible in order to incur the cost of an expensive foreign call.
Other success have included observing LTTE training camps and calling in air strikes.
" Other reviews were more mixed: Gene Siskel gave the film a " marginal Thumbs Up " as he liked Jennifer Grey's acting and development of her character, while Roger Ebert gave it " Thumbs Down " due to its " idiot plot ", calling it a " tired and relentlessly predictable story of love between kids from different backgrounds.

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