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Other and suggested
Other researchers have suggested, based on a cladistic analyses of dorsal exoskeletal features, that Eodiscina and Agnostida are closely united, and that the Eodiscina descended from the trilobite order Ptychopariida.
) Other sources claim that the French chemist and physicist Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac suggested the name brôme for the characteristic smell of the vapors.
Other axiomatizations have been suggested by various authors to make the theory more rigorous.
Other philosophers, however, have suggested that consciousness would not be necessary for any functional advantage in evolutionary processes.
Other suggested effects of the impacts were seismic waves travelling across the planet, an increase in stratospheric haze on the planet due to dust from the impacts, and an increase in the mass of the Jovian ring system.
Other places in Britain with names related to " Camel " have also been suggested, such as Camelford in Cornwall, located down the River Camel from where Geoffrey places Camlann, the scene of Arthur's final battle.
Other critics and medical experts have suggested that Dianetic auditing is a form of hypnosis, although the Church of Scientology has strongly denied that hypnosis forms any part of Dianetics.
Other scholars have suggested that Hebrews is part of an internal New Testament debate between the extreme Judaizers ( who argued that non-Jews must convert to Judaism before they can receive the Holy Spirit of Jesus ' Jewish covenant ) versus the extreme Antinomians ( who argued that Jews must reject God's commandments and that Jewish law was no longer in effect ).
( Acts, ) Other scholars have suggested that it was written from Caesarea or Ephesus.
Other astronomers of the period also made suggestions for obtaining uniform time, including A Danjon ( 1929 ), who suggested in effect that observed positions of the Moon, Sun and planets, when compared with their well-established gravitational ephemerides, could better and more uniformly define and determine time.
Other fish suggested as potential prey include lumpsuckers, Shorthorn Sculpins, cod, crustaceans, and sand lance.
Other structures have been suggested including Lie 3-algebras and Lie superalgebras.
Other scholars suggested the shramana traditions were separate and contemporaneous with Indo-Aryan religious practices of the historical Vedic religion.
Other suggested folk etymologies or backronyms for kludge or kluge is from klumsy, lame, ugly, dumb, but good enough, or klutzy, lashup, under, going, engineering.
Other authors have suggested a higher figure for the exodus, ranging from the entire population of over 150, 000, to 190, 000 of a total Pandit population of 200, 000, to a number as high as 300, 000.
Other examples Wright suggested are:
Other Wiccan terms and concepts like coven, esbat, the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, and the Horned God are, it has been suggested, influenced by or derived directly from Murray's works.
Other organelles are also suggested to have endosymbiotic origins, but do not contain their own DNA ( notably the flagellum-see evolution of flagella ).
Other trans-Neptunian planets have also been suggested, based on different evidence.
Other plausible mechanisms which have been suggested include: habitat tracking, stabilizing selection, the Stenseth-Maynard Smith stability hypothesis, constraints imposed by the nature of subdivided populations, normalizing clade selection, and koinophilia.
Other philosophers have suggested that theodicy is a modern discipline because deities in the ancient world were often imperfect.
Other committees are suggested but not required such as a missions committee, or evangelism or worship committee.
Other of her ideas and suggested reforms are still debated today.
Other human activities have been suggested by marine biologists to adversely impact whale populations, such as collisions with ships and propellers, poisoning by waste contaminants and the unregulated use of fishing gear that catches anything that swims into it.
Other Jewish scholars have also suggested the possibility that the Zohar was written by a group of people, including de Leon.

Other and improvements
Other improvements were the ability of the blitter to copy regions larger than 1024 × 1024 pixels in one operation and the ability to display sprites in border regions ( outside of any display window where bitplanes are shown ).
Other features likely to be included in version 0. 8 are continued improvements to both performance and security, as well as usability enhancements and bug fixes.
Other reforms implemented by Gaius included fixing prices on grain for the urban population and granting improvements in citizenship for Latins and others outside the city of Rome.
Other inventors increased the efficiency of the individual steps of spinning ( carding, twisting and spinning, and rolling ) so that the supply of yarn increased greatly, which fed a weaving industry that was advancing with improvements to shuttles and the loom or ' frame '.
Other improvements of the mechanism included the use of felt hammer coverings instead of layered leather or cotton.
Other improvements were made throughout the years, including modifications to the turntable and its drive system, the needle and stylus, and the sound and equalization systems.
Other antiques, fine paintings, and improvements of the Kennedy period were donated to the White House by wealthy philanthropists, including the Crowninshield family, Jane Engelhard, Jayne Wrightsman, and the Oppenheimer family.
Other improvements, benefits and unique values of electronically publishing the scientific journal are lower cost, and availability to more people, especially scientists from non-developed countries.
Other corporate sponsors include Google, which hired CodeWeavers to fix Wine so Picasa ran well enough to be ported directly to Linux using the same binary as on Windows ; Google later paid for improvements to Wine's support for Adobe Photoshop CS2.
Other key improvements are increased parking, new infrastructure and roadways, and renovations to existing facilities.
Other new cast members were Emma Howson and George Power in the romantic roles, who were improvements on the romantic soprano and tenor in The Sorcerer.
Other improvements include the use of electrical discharge machining to produce complex, three-dimensional hammers that trade-off the magnetic circuit, mechanical resonances, and printing speed.
Other major improvements before the modern era:
Other keyboard improvements include four-way directional cursor control and standard editing keys ( Delete and Tab ), two special Apple modifier keys ( Open and Solid Apple ), and a safe off-to-side relocation of the " Reset " key.
Other labor organizations typically bargain for the same wage, hour, and conditions improvements, but embrace a critique of capital as establishing and maintaining a permanent working class and an elite ruling class.
Other manufacturers had mastered the chemistry needed to create clear glass in quantity ; gas and coal were now viable fuels for glassworks, eliminating the need for nearby forests ; and improvements in mechanical manufacturing techniques made hand-blown glass economically unviable.
Other enhancements include OLTP-related improvements for distributed platforms, business intelligence / data warehousing-related improvements for z / OS, more self-tuning and self-managing features, additional 64-bit exploitation ( especially for virtual storage on z / OS ), stored procedure performance enhancements for z / OS, and continued convergence of the SQL vocabularies between z / OS and distributed platforms.
Other improvements to the vacuum flask include the vapor-cooled radiation shield and the vapor-cooled neck, which both help to reduce evaporation from the flask.
Other improvements included removal of a line of conifers in the Temple walk, which were replaced with plantings of azaleas.
Other improvements followed, with a new cut between Shepley bridge and Mirfield started in December 1775 supervised by William Jessop, and the raising of water levels in 1776 to allow boats to carry additional cargo.
Other users may add corrections and discuss improvements but the resulting modifications of the article, if any, are always made by the owner.
Other improvements have also been considered, including a regenerative NBC protection system.
Other organisations and people ( e. g., Peter Singer ) have come to this same conclusion and advocate improvements in agriculture and population control.

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