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Other and sweet
Other vegetables which are often eaten in Thailand are thua fak yao ( yardlong beans ), thua ngok ( bean sprouts ), no mai ( bamboo shoots ), tomatoes, cucumbers, phak tam leung ( Coccinia grandis ), kha na ( Chinese kale ), phak kwangtung ( choy sum ), cha om ( tender Acacia pennata leaves ), sweet potatoes ( used more as a vegetable ), a few types of squash, phakatin ( Leucaena leucocephala ), sataw ( Parkia speciosa ), tua phū ( Winged beans ) and kapōt corn.
Other offerings from Cinzano include a sweet Rouge and a pale Extra Dry.
Other lugers will often give tips that can improve a slider's ability to find the " sweet spot " on the track.
Other closely related genera often called clovers include Melilotus ( sweet clover ) and Medicago ( alfalfa or ' calvary clover ').
Other holiday foods include pan de muerto, a sweet egg bread made in various shapes from plain rounds to skulls and rabbits, often decorated with white frosting to look like twisted bones.
Other ingredients may be added including tomatoes and green or sweet red peppers.
Other cherries grown in the region include the Ulster, or sweet cherry, and the Balaton ( from Lake Balaton in Hungary ), a cherry situated between the Montmorency and Ulster in terms of color and taste.
Other fillings are sweet quark cheese with raisins or meat )
Other than for brewing liquor, the seed mash is often made by Chinese families to be eaten or drunk as a sweet dessert.
* Other sweet wines: In the past few years reductive sweet wines have begun to appear in Tokaj.
Other seeds such as those of the sweet chestnut ( Castanea sativa ) show oxidative damage resulting from uncontrolled metabolism occurring during the drying process.
Other agricultural products include spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, burdock, pears and grapes.
Other names include beewort, bitter pepper root, calamus root, flag root, gladdon, myrtle flag, myrtle grass, myrtle root, myrtle sedge, pine root, sea sedge, sweet cane, sweet case, sweet cinnamon, sweet grass, sweet myrtle, sweet root, sweet rush, and sweet sedge.
Other staple foods in Indonesia include a number of starchy tubers such as ; yam, sweet potato, potato, taro and cassava ; also starchy fruit such as breadfruit and jackfruit and grains such as maize and wheat.
Other crops produced in the province include beans ( 450 km < sup > 2 </ sup >) and manioc ( 415 km < sup > 2 </ sup >), sweet potatoes ( 95 km < sup > 2 </ sup >) and Irish potatoes ( 32 km < sup > 2 </ sup >).
Other delicacies were pies with crumbled pumpkin and sweet pies made with the first milk of a cow that had just calved.

Other and such
Other conceivable goals, such as character-education and social adjustment, are of secondary importance to them.
Other communities -- the ones to be aided most by the Senate bill -- have had difficulty starting such stations because of the high initial cost of equipment.
Other special mailings by the Industrial Division included copies of speeches delivered at the Governor's Conference, letters and brochures to conferees at Med-Chemical Symposium at University of Rhode Island and letters and reprints of industrial advertisements to such organizations as Society of Industrial Realtors.
Other factors, such as water temperature, depth of water, the fish life it supports, wave action, flooding, etcetera, will affect its recreation value.
Some adaptations of the Latin alphabet are augmented with ligatures, such as æ in Old English and Icelandic and Ȣ in Algonquian ; by borrowings from other alphabets, such as the thorn þ in Old English and Icelandic, which came from the Futhark runes ; and by modifying existing letters, such as the eth ð of Old English and Icelandic, which is a modified d. Other alphabets only use a subset of the Latin alphabet, such as Hawaiian, and Italian, which uses the letters j, k, x, y and w only in foreign words.
Other continental philosophers suggest that concepts such as life, nature, and sex are ambiguous.
Other genera in the order, such as Lomandra and Aphyllanthes, have the same type of secondary growth but confined to their underground stems.
Other genera are used as ornamental plants, both succulents such as Aloe, Haworthia and Gasteria and perennials such as Kniphofia, Asphodelus and Bulbine.
Other techniques, such as changing the phase of the base signal also work.
Other awards for excellence in architecture are given by national professional associations such as the American Institute of Architects ( AIA ), the Royal Institute of British Architects ( RIBA ), the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada ( RAIC ) and the Institute of Architects Bangladesh ( IAB ).
Other languages, such as Thai Sign Language, developed as a creole of ASL and indigenous sign ; a similar situation may have occurred with Malaysian Sign Language, which in turn was the base of Indonesian Sign Language.
Other singers, such as Arthur Brown, Procol Harum's Gary Brooker, Dave Terry aka Elmer Gantry, Vitamin Z's Geoff Barradale and Marmalade's Dean Ford, have recorded only once or twice with the Project.
Other types of included matter deposited during agate-building include sagenitic growths ( radial mineral crystals ) and chunks of entrapped detritus ( such as sand, ash, or mud ).
Other sources, such as Iphigenia at Aulis, claim that Agamemnon was prepared to kill his daughter, but that Artemis accepted a deer in her place, and whisked her away to Taurus in Crimea.
Other disorders, such as Huntington disease, occur when an individual inherits only one dominant allele.
Other actions may be selected by the student, tailored to their interests or work activities such as hobbies, computer use, lifting, driving or performance in acting, sports, speech or music.
Other heliozoa where the microtubules arise from the nucleus have been considered possible relatives, and it now appears that the actinophryids developed from axodines such as Pedinella.
Other songs and marches have been influenced by Advance Australia Fair, such as the Australian Vice-Regal salute.
Other countries such as India, Poland, and Russia have enacted similar laws or decrees that allow the shooting down of hijacked planes.
Other terms used are hearth, theod ( only within the Theodish movement ), blotgroup, sippe, and other less popular ones such as garth, stead, church, and others.
Other larger computers, such as UNIX or VAX workstations, would commonly be networked via Ethernet.

Other and Bristol
Other post-war projects included Bristol Cars, which used pre-war BMW designs as the basis for the Bristol 400.
Other industries in South Bristol are fishing, lobstering, clamming, aquaculture and tourism.
Other notable plants include Bristol Rock-cress, Bristol onion, Spiked Speedwell, Autumn Squill and Honewort.
Other important Motown producers and songwriters included Norman Whitfield, William " Mickey " Stevenson, Smokey Robinson, Barrett Strong, Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, Frank Wilson, Pamela Sawyer & Gloria Jones, James Dean & William Weatherspoon, Johnny Bristol, Harvey Fuqua, Stevie Wonder and Gordy himself.
Other early town libraries of the UK include those of Ipswich ( 1612 ), Bristol ( founded in 1613 and opened in 1615 ), and Leicester ( 1632 ).
Other Barnes Wallis papers are also held at Brooklands Museum, the Imperial War Museum, London, Newark Air Museum and the Royal Air Force Museum, Trinity College, Cambridge and Bristol, Leeds and Oxford universities.
Other major places along the route include Reading, Swindon, Bristol, Newport, Cardiff and Swansea.
Other hardware components were supplied as follows: the beam-combining mirror from REOSC at Saint Pierre du Perray ; the spherical, folding and relay mirrors from Carl Zeiss AG in Oberkochen ; the external straylight baffles from CASA in Madrid ; the modulating grid from CSEM in Neuchatel ; the mechanism control system and the thermal control electronics from Dornier Satellite Systems in Friedrichshafen ; optical filters, the experiment structures and the attitude and orbit control system from Matra Marconi Space in Velizy ; instrument switching mechanisms from Oerlikon-Contraves in Zurich ; the image dissector tube and photomultiplier detectors assembled by the Dutch Space Research Organisation, SRON in The Netherlands ; the refocusing assembly mechanism designed by TNO-TPD in Delft ; the electrical power subsystem from British Aerospace in Bristol ; the structure and reaction control system from Daimler-Benz Aerospace in Bremen ; the solar arrays and thermal control system from Fokker Space System in Leiden ; the data handling and telecommunications system from Saab Ericsson Space in Gothenburg ; and the apogee boost motor from SEP in France.
Other towns with notable northern soul venues at this time included Kettering, Coventry, Bournemouth, Southampton and Bristol.
Other second places were achieved in Preston and wards in Sheffield, Bristol, and several London councils.
Other more distant aspirations include resignalling and capacity improvements at Reading ; the provision of four continuous tracks between Didcot and Swindon ( including a grade-separated junction at Milton, where the down ( westbound ) relief line switches from the north side of the line to the south ); and resignalling between Bath and Bristol to enable trains to run closer together.
Other New Zealand squadrons within the RAF included 485, which flew Supermarine Spitfires throughout the war, 486, ( Hawker Hurricanes, Hawker Typhoons and Hawker Tempests ), 487, ( Lockheed Venturas and De Havilland Mosquitoes ), 488, ( Brewster Buffaloes, Hawker Hurricanes, Bristol Beaufighters and De Havilland Mosquitoes ), 489, ( Bristol Blenheims, Bristol Beauforts, Handley Page Hampdens, Bristol Beaufighters, and De Havilland Mosquitoes ), and 490, ( Consolidated Catalinas and Short Sunderlands ).
Other Christian schools include Kingsfold Christian School in Lancashire, Carmel Christian School in Bristol, Grangewood Independent School in London, Mannafields Christian School in Edinburgh, Emmanuel Christian School in Leicester, Derby & Walsall, & The River School in Worcester, among others.
Other recent touring productions include the Bristol Old Vic / Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory co-production of Uncle Vanya.
Other aircraft flown during and after the war included Bristol Blenheims, and Martin Baltimores.
Such local papers included Aberdeen Peoples Press, Alarm ( Swansea ), Andersonstown News ( Belfast ), Brighton Voice, Bristol Voice, Feedback ( Norwich ), Hackney People ’ s Press, Islington Gutter Press, Leeds Other Paper, Response ( Earl ’ s Court, London ), Sheffield Free Press, and the West Highland Free Press.
Other notable plants include Bristol rock cress, Bristol onion, Spiked Speedwell, Autumn Squill and Honewort.
Other museums administered by Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery are Blaise Castle House, the Red Lodge, the Georgian House and Kings Weston Roman Villa.

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