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Other and technical
Other " staff " officers within the unit with administrative duties included the adjutant, technical officer, and operations officer, who were usually ( though not always ) experienced aircrew or pilots still flying on operations.
Other notable violinists included Antonio Vivaldi ( 1678 – 1741 ) and Giuseppe Tartini ( 1692 – 1770 ), who, in their compositions, reflected the increasing technical and musical demands on the violinist.
Other post secondary institutions include a law school, technical college, banking institute, teachers ' training college, and health sciences institute.
Other words for twig include branchlet, spray, and surcle, as well as the technical terms surculus and ramulus.
Other technical routes ascend the south face and the west shoulder.
Other useful reference materials include items from SMACNA, ACCA, and technical trade journals.
Other significant people responsible for its technical development were – Tadanao Miki, Tadashi Matsudaira, and Hajime Kawanabe based at the Railway Technology Research Institute ( RTRI ), part of JNR.
Other technical problems include finding off-shell closure of the constraint algebra and physical inner product vector space, coupling to matter fields of Quantum field theory, fate of the renormalization of the graviton in perturbation theory that lead to ultraviolet divergence beyond 2-loops ( see One-loop Feynman diagram in Feynman diagram ).
Other duties may include scripting or light programming, project management for systems-related projects, supervising or training computer operators, and being the consultant for computer problems beyond the knowledge of technical support staff.
Other important advances occurred in the technical field.
Other critics, like Elysa Gardner and Jose F. Promis, praised her vocals during this period, describing it as a " technical marvel ".
Other studies that usually have 60-credit " theoretical master's programmes " sometimes offer 120-credit technical or research masters.
Other places on the cliffs to the south have smaller groups of petroglyphs, though the main attraction for most people along upper Indian Creek Canyon is rock climbing, since the Wingate cliffs here provide many advanced, technical routes, easily accessed from the road.
Other technical advances included the introduction of high pressure water systems, the creation of a Marine fleet, adoption of vastly improved working conditions and the utilization of improved radio communications.
Other requested information may include basic corporate information and history, financial information ( can the company deliver without risk of bankruptcy ), technical capability ( used on major procurements of services, where the item has not previously been made or where the requirement could be met by varying technical means ), product information such as stock availability and estimated completion period, and customer references that can be checked to determine a company's suitability ( including educational and military background of its employees on the project --- college graduates and those with advanced college degrees may add " value " from the bidder, as may an employee's military background in a similar area as the contract ).
Other kind of high schools, usually referred to as " technical institutes ", also offer the possibility to attain university after graduation, although they also form students to have some kind of professional prospective after graduation.
Other nonmilitary awards also used the phrase " Order of the Red Banner " in their title ; for example, the Order of the Red Banner of Labour was presented for acts of great scientific, military ( technical or logistic ), manufacturing, or agricultural achievement.
Other educational institutions include The Patuck School and College Complex-founded under the Patuck Polytechnic Trust by the Late Mr. Rustomji Hormusji Patuck, a Parsi businessman turned technical educationist, The New Model High School, The Municipal School at Vakola Bridge that includes several upper and lower primary schools in Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu mediums and The Nariyalwadi Municipal school that has upper and primary schools in Hindi, Marathi and Tamil mediums.
Other technical changes that year included semi-floating front disc brakes with Brembo four-piston calipers, lighter Brembo wheels as well as 43 mm Showa inverted forks.
Other publications include Tech Notes, brief descriptions of Laboratory capabilities and technical achievements ; the Annual Report, which highlights technical accomplishments and ongoing corporate and community outreach initiatives ; and an overview brochure, MIT Lincoln Laboratory: Technology in Support of National Security.
Other countries have sought to use technical means to prevent callback, by blocking the inbound and outbound calls made to and from DID numbers, or by disabling touch tone dialing.
Äynu ( or Aini, Ejnu, Other linguists argue that it does not meet the technical requirements of a mixed language.

Other and features
Other natural features which can be of high interest are the forests, canyons, mountains, deserts, seacoast, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, springs, etcetera with which the area is blessed.
Other researchers have suggested, based on a cladistic analyses of dorsal exoskeletal features, that Eodiscina and Agnostida are closely united, and that the Eodiscina descended from the trilobite order Ptychopariida.
*** Other subcellular features: cell wall — pseudopod — cytoskeleton — mitotic spindle — flagellum — cilium
Other features, e. g., history, were copied from csh and ksh.
Other vendors, e. g., IBM, use the WCS to run microcode for emulator features and hardware diagnostics.
Other important features of BIND 9 include: TSIG, nsupdate, IPv6, rndc ( remote name daemon control ), views, multiprocessor support, and an improved portability architecture.
Other features likely to be included in version 0. 8 are continued improvements to both performance and security, as well as usability enhancements and bug fixes.
Other common features include:
Other features of Georgian style houses can include – roof to ground-level:
The stadium also features a retractable roof, with electrification technology developed by VAHLE, Inc. Other than being the home of the Colts, the stadium will host games in both the Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball Tournaments and will serve as the back up host for all NCAA Final Four Tournaments.
Other contemporaries, however, found the first movement especially dark, and Reinhold Brinkmann, in a study of Symphony No. 2 in relation to 19th century ideas of melancholy, has published a revealing letter from Brahms to the composer and conductor Vinzenz Lachner in which Brahms confesses to the melancholic side of his nature and comments on specific features of the movement that reflect this.
Other features include the Acute Care for Elders Unit, or ACE Unit and a Level I Trauma Center, one of only three in the entire Greater Houston area .< Ref name = trauma1 >
Other frequent features of the nephrotic syndrome include swelling, low serum albumin, and high cholesterol.
Other features of the language are intended to help MUMPS applications interact with each other in a multi-user environment.
Other features were one of the first hardware-implementations of a multiplication instruction in an MPU, full 16-bit arithmetic, and an especially fast interrupt system.
Other scholars argue that the primary stimulus for agriculture and domesticated animals ( as well as mud-brick architecture and other Neolithic cultural features ) in Egypt was from the Middle East.
Other defining recordings include " Sugar Town ", the 1967 number one " Somethin ' Stupid " ( a duet with her father ), the title song from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, several collaborations with Lee Hazlewood such as " Jackson ", and her cover of Cher's " Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down )", which features during the opening sequence of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.
( Other implementers did not endorse the " multiprogramming " features since their operating systems differed from IBM's in this area.
* Other features:
Other visual features include volumetric fog, mirrors, portals, decals, and wave-form vertex distortion.
Other features that are typically found in RISC architectures are:
Other features, loosely dated to phase 3, include the four Station Stones ( 6 ), two of which stood atop mounds ( 2 and 3 ).
Other features include off-road sections which slow down the karts such as the mud bogs in the Choco Island tracks.
Other features present in Super Mario Kart have disappeared from the series.

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