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Other and theologians
Other theologians also, notably those of the Eastern Orthodox Church, dispute the notion that such ordinations have effect, a notion that opens up the possibility of valid but irregular consecrations proliferating outside the structures of the " official " denominations.
Other process theologians believe that people do have subjective experience after bodily death.
Other than the work by the Christian universalist theologian Johannes Scotus Eriugena in Ireland, Maximus was largely overlooked by Western theologians until recent years.
Other Orthodox theologians reject this approach, seeing the Holocaust as a unique tragedy, that could not be based on normal processes of reward and punishment.
Other modern theologians have taken similar positions.
Other eminent theologians have honored him as a " Teaching Prophet.
Other Eastern Orthodox theologians such as John Romanides and Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos have made similar pronouncements.
Other LDS theologians have also viewed Kolob as a planet.
Other scholars have dated the period more broadly or narrowly, and other terms, such as the Pornocracy (, from Greek pornokratiā, " prostitute rule ") and the Rule of the Harlots (), were coined by Protestant German theologians in the nineteenth century.
Other prominent Gaudiya Vaishnava theologians are his uncles, Rupa Gosvami author of Sri Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu and Sanatana Gosvami, author of Hari-bhakti-vilasa, Visvanatha Chakravarti author of Sri Camatkara-candrika and Baladeva Vidyabhushana, author of Govinda Bhashya, a famous commentary on Vedanta Sutra.
" Other condemnations represent new papal interventions on matters that had been freely disputed among Catholic scholars and theologians before that time.
Other points involved in the foregoing process of personal salvation from sin are matters of discussion among Catholic theologians ; such are, for instance,
( NB: Other theologians, Middleton and Walsh, have add a sixth act, the eschaton or the consummation, but suggest that we still find ourselves in the midst of the fifth act.
Other prominent theologians who were affiliated with CRI included Harold O. J.

Other and defended
Other noted classical scholars like Frank William Walbank and Felix Jacoby have also defended Callisthenes ' descriptions of land battles in the past.
Other prominent Lord Chief Justices of Ireland include Lord Whiteside ( LCJ 1866-1876 ), who as a Queen's Counsel had defended Irish nationalist leader Daniel O ' Connell in court, Gearoid Iarla Fitzgerald, ( the Third Earl of Desmond ), Hugh de Lacy, Risteárd de Tiúit, John Dougherty and Thomas Marlay, James Ley and Peter O ' Bryan.
Other actors like Mammootty and Innocent defended Mohanlal and the media was, in general, critical of the comments by Azhikode.
Other directions were defended by towered walls and natural escarpements over the river banks, with walls stretching along both sides of isthmus on the edge of steep slope to the river.
Other critics, however, defended this same trait.
Other BMT employees established a picket line outside the plant and defended it from the efforts of the police to retake it, while helping to supply the workers inside with food supplied by the Retail Clerks union.
Other than that, he was a proponent of a liberal Catholicism and considered a protector of Jansenists, and defended authors like Montesquieu or Helvétius in Index trials.
Other notable champions are 3 Count who won and defended the belt as a trio.

Other and expression
Other passages, alluding to Domitian's love of epigrammatic expression, suggest that he was in fact familiar with classic writers, while he also patronized poets and architects, founded artistic Olympics, and personally restored the library of Rome at great expense after it had burned down.
Other transcription factors differentially regulate the expression of various genes by binding to enhancer regions of DNA adjacent to regulated genes.
Other contemporary sculptures in which fog is used as a medium of expression are: Harbor Fog, a viewer responsive artwork in the parkland above Boston's Big Dig highway ; Cloud RIngs ( 2006 ) by Ned Kahn at the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky ; and the interactive landscape of Dillworth Plaza at Philadelphia City Hall ( completion date 2013 ).
Other common delimiters include <%= ... %> for expressions, where the value of the expression is placed into the page delivered to the user, and directives, denoted with <%@ ... %>.
Other changes in the substantia nigra include increased expression of NMDA receptors in the substantia nigra, and reduced dysbindin expression.
Other commands contain the word " grep " to indicate that they search ( usually for regular expression matches ).
Other functions include enzymatic activities, gene expression and neurological function ( s ).
Other painters of the same period depict Helen on the ramparts of Troy, and focus on her expression: her face is expressionless, blank, inscrutable.
Other confessions had acquired popular, if not legal, legitimacy in the intervening decades and by 1555, the reforms proposed by Luther were no longer the only possibilities of religious expression: Anabaptists, such as the Frisian Menno Simons ( 1492 – 1559 ) and his followers ; the followers of John Calvin, who were particularly strong in the southwest and the northwest ; and the followers of Huldrych Zwingli were excluded from considerations and protections under the Peace of Augsburg.
Other enhancer regions drive eve expression in 6 other stripes in the embryo.
Other malignancies may enhance the expression of various oncogenes that result in the release of TF and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 ( PAI-1 ), which prevents fibrinolysis.
Other processes include expression or solvent extraction.
) Other evidence points towards unusually low levels of expression of the genes encoding the growth hormone receptor and growth hormone relative to the related tribal groups, associated with low serum levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 and short stature.
Other campaigns involve freedom of expression, women ’ s rights, gay rights, religious broadcasting ( the NSS has long argued, for example, that Thought for the Day is religious propaganda broadcast by the BBC at licence-payers ’ expense ), the removal of the 26 bishops from the House of Lords, exemption of religious organisations from discrimination and equality laws, and it attempted to persuade the Scouts to amend their oath to remove the wording " do my duty to God ".
Other work has focused on predicting the gene expression levels in a gene regulatory network.
Other interpretations of Samoyedic etymology suggest that the term originates from an expression same-edne, meaning the Land of the Sami peoples.
Other researchers have focused on understanding videogames as cultural artifacts with embedded meaning, exploring what the medium of the videogame is, and situating it in context to other forms of human expression.
Other historians now further argue that the Mao Zedong ’ s communist revolution did not, as it claimed, fulfill the promise of New Culture but rather betrayed its spirit of independent expression and cosmopolitanism.
Other rights promised in the document included freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, to organize unions and similar organizations, and freedom of religion.
Other criticisms of Ekman's work are based on experimental and naturalistic studies by several other emotion psychologists who, in the last two decades, did not find evidence in support of discrete emotions and discrete facial expression, thus questioning Ekman's proposed taxonomy.
Other related tools for facial expression recognition training include the Micro Expression Training Tool ( METT ) and Subtle Expression Training Tool ( SETT ), both developed by Paul Ekman.
Other forms of restrictions on expression ( such as actions for libel or criminal libel, slander, defamation, and contempt of court ) implement criminal or civil sanctions only after the offending material has been published.
Other works of art incorporated a variety of Chinese and Korean influences, so that Japanese Buddhist became extremely varied in its expression.

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