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Other and thinkers
In a brief chapter dealing with `` Various Other Diagnoses '', he quotes isolated passages from some writers whose views seem to corroborate his own, and finds it `` most remarkable that a critical view of twentieth-century society was already held by a number of thinkers living in the nineteenth.
Other thinkers, such as Douglas Hofstadter, dismiss this argument as incoherent.
Other Jewish thinkers, such as Nahmanides, Samuel ben Uri Shraga Phoebus, and Jacob Emden, strongly object to the idea that concubines should be forbidden.
" Other thinkers, notably Imre Lakatos, have applied a version of falsificationism to mathematics itself.
Other early socialist thinkers, such as Thomas Hodgkin and Charles Hall, based their ideas on David Ricardo's economic theories.
Other theosophical thinkers of this period include Karl von Eckartshausen ( 1752-1803 ), Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling ( 1740-1817 ), Frederic-Rodolphe Salzmann ( 1749-1821 ), Michael Hahn ( 1758-1819 ), and Franz von Baader ( 1765-1841 ).
He claimed that on top of individual exploitation, the capitalist also unjustly appropriates the additional value ( termed “ collective force ”) produced by co-operative activity as a “ force of one thousand men working twenty days has been paid the same wages that one would be paid for working fifty-five years ; but this force of one thousand has done in twenty days what a single man could not have accomplished, though he had laboured for a million centuries .” Thus the capitalist may have “ paid all the individual forces ” but “ the collective force still remains to be paid ” and which the capitalists “ enjoy unjustly .” Other notable anti-capitalist thinkers claim that the elite maintain wage slavery and a divided working class through their influence over the media and entertainment industry, educational institutions, unjust laws, nationalist and corporate propaganda, pressures and incentives to internalize values serviceable to the power structure, state violence, fear of unemployment and a historical legacy of exploitation and profit accumulation / transfer under prior systems, which shaped the development of economic theory:
Other major thinkers of crowd psychology include René Girard, Gustave Le Bon, Wilfred Trotter, Gabriel Tarde, Sigmund Freud, Elias Canetti, Steve Reicher and Julia Constintine.
Other writers and thinkers have used terms like " post-industrial society " and " post-modern industrial society " with a similar meaning.
Other modern Muslim thinkers distance themselves from democracy.
Other thinkers assert that postmodernity is the natural reaction to mass broadcasting in a society conditioned to mass production and mass politics.
Other Christian thinkers do not consider the fall of communism to have any relevance in maintaining their interpretation that Russia is Gog ( such as Chuck Missler in his book Magog Invasion ).
Other thinkers, including Newton, maintained that space and time were real things or substances.
Other mosaics show important monarchs in medieval Germany, Reformation thinkers and Reformation princes.
Other thinkers and schools appeared throughout Greece over the next couple of centuries.
Other thinkers postulate that the group's opposition to violence is tactical and temporary, and that it works to create a politically charged atmosphere possiby conducive to violence.
Other noted left-wing thinkers in the late 19th century weighed in on the subject including Sir George Archdall Reid ( 1860 1929 ) in 1896 who published a work The Present Evolution of Man, and the Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin ( 1842 1921 ) in 1902 published Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, which particularly opposed the " nature red in tooth and claw " concept.
Other notable influences include Cicero and other Pre-Christian thinkers.
Other thinkers ( Adler, 1986 ) assert that norms can be natural in a different sense than that of " corresponding to something proceeding from the object of the prescription as a strictly internal source of action ".
Other cities also produced major thinkers at that time: e. g. Aberdeen produced Thomas Reid.
Other thinkers outside anarchism that have taken relevance in post-left anarchy writings include Charles Fourier, the Frankfurt School, Friedrich Nietzsche, Michel Foucault, and anthropologists such as Marshall Sahlins.
Other modern thinkers are studied for their reflections about republicanism: Benjamin Constant or Alexis de Tocqueville introduced many republican, however modern not classical, arguments in their books.
Other medieval thinkers who discussed issues related to psychology included:
Other contemporary Orthodox thinkers, such as St. John Maximovitch, Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos, Fr.

Other and like
Other products like hydrogen peroxide have been tried out as stand-alone and in combination with chlorhexidine, due to some inconsistent results regarding its usefulness.
Other Scots pines in the surrounding area are increasingly commonly festooned with tied bits of plastic, crisp packets and the like rather than ' white pieces of silk '.
Other monosaccharides like galactose and fructose can be converted into intermediates of the glycolytic pathway.
Other commercially important staple foods like wheat, maize, barley, rye, pearl millet and soybean are also having their genomes sequenced.
Other images ( like the Hubble Deep Field – not pictured ) detect far more stars.
Other HTML contexts like javascript, css styles, and URLs require different escaping formats.
Other predators, like crocodiles, have sideways facing eyes and hunt by ambush rather than pursuit.
Other examples, like InfiniBand and I²C were designed from the start to be used both internally and externally.
Other high-performance vendors like Control Data Corporation implemented similar designs.
Other games came along and used the term " bowl ", whether the stadium was shaped like a bowl or not.
Other Muslim sects, like the Xidaotang and Sufi brotherhoods like Jahriyya and Khuffiya were also supported by his regime.
Other countries, like Canada, have banned chicken litter for use as a livestock feed.
" Other critics of the FAO data point out that they do not distinguish between forest types, and that they are based largely on reporting from forestry departments of individual countries, which do not take into account unofficial activities like illegal logging.
Other more pop inspired bands like Hall & Oates began incorporating the digital synthesizer into their sound in the 1980s.
Other user interfaces are used to select needed DBMS parameters ( like security related, storage allocation parameters, etc.
Other weight loss medications, like amphetamines, are dangerous and are now banned for casual weight loss.
Other texts printed in Orthodox Bibles are considered of some value ( like the additional Psalm 151, and the Prayer of Manasses ) or are included as an appendix ( like the Greek 4 Maccabees, and the Slavonic 2 Esdras ).
" Other lawsuits fighting discharges highlighted the service record of servicemembers like Tracey Thorne and Grethe Cammermeyer.
Other factors like disturbance, succession or the types of species present are also internal factors.
Other types of pseudofossils are kidney ore ( round shapes in iron ore ) and moss agates, which look like moss or plant leaves.
Other Italians came from islands like Sardinia and Sicily.
Other intellectuals in the environmental movement ( like Edward Goldsmith ) have used Gaia in the completely opposite way ; to stake a claim about how Gaia's focus on natural balance and resistance and resilience, should be emulated to design a conservative political system ( as explored in Alan Marshall's 2002 book ' The Unity of Nature ', ( Imperial College Press: London ).

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