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Other and towns
Other towns are Petersburg, Wrangell, Metlakatla, Haines, Hoonah, Angoon, Kake, Craig, Klawock, Thorne Bay, Yakutat, Skagway, and Gustavus.
Other towns include North Pole, just southeast of Fairbanks, Eagle, Tok, Glennallen, Delta Junction, Nenana, Anderson, Healy and Cantwell.
Other resort towns include: Balatonalmádi, Balatonboglár, Balatonlelle, Fonyód and Vonyarcvashegy.
Other important towns are:
Other trees in the towns of Amioun appear to be at least 1, 500 years old.
Other Scottish towns soon followed suit and set up their own police forces through acts of parliament.
Other towns include Palmer, Wasilla, Kenai, Soldotna, Homer, Seward, Valdez, and Cordova.
Other important towns include Sandakan and Tawau in Sabah and Sibu and Bintulu in Sarawak.
Other accents include a range of accents spoken in the West Midlands ( In the major towns and conurbations ( The Black Country, Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton ) and in rural accents ( such as in Herefordshire and south Worcestershire )); the accents of the counties comprising the East Midlands ( Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton, and Nottingham ) and East Anglia ( Norfolk, Suffolk, north Essex and Cambridgeshire ).
Other Central Portugal towns, such as Fatima and Leiria, offer colorful, family-friendly takes on Carnival.
Other than a single attempt to storm Ladysmith, the Boers made no attempt to capture the besieged towns.
Other notable border towns are the Texas / Coahuila pairings of Del Rio – Ciudad Acuña and Eagle Pass – Piedras Negras.
Other towns were deserted due to deindustrialisation and the economic crises of the early 1990 attributed to post-Soviet conflicts.
Other ghost towns were created in the aftermath of dinosaur fossil rushes.
Other tourist attractions include historic towns like Bury St. Edmunds, Cambridge and Ely, Cambridgeshire.
Other towns used as supply points in Missouri included Old Franklin, Arrow Rock, and Fort Osage.
Much of the wealth on which the city of Manchester, and surrounding towns, was built in the late eighteenth century, and for much of the nineteenth century, was based on the processing of slave-picked cotton .. Other British cities also profited from the slave trade. Birmingham, the largest gun producing town in Britain at the time, supplied guns to be traded for slaves.
Other major towns include Valenciennes, Lens, Douai, Béthune, Dunkirk, Maubeuge, Boulogne, Arras, Cambrai and Saint-Omer.
Other notable cities and towns on Vancouver Island include Nanaimo, Port Alberni, Parksville, Courtenay, and Campbell River.
Other area towns are Pike Road to the southeast, Millbrook to the north ( Elmore County ), and Wetumpka to the northeast ( Elmore County ).
Other towns which also form part of Boyle's municipal development legacy ( which records employment of over 4, 000 people during his lifetime ) include Midleton, Castlemartyr, Charleville and Doneraile.
Other recurring themes of Westerns include Western treks or perilous journeys ( e. g. Stagecoach ) or groups of bandits terrorising small towns such as in The Magnificent Seven.
Other stations, including a variety of pay and regional free-to-air stations, are forced to broadcast in the UHF band, since the VHF band is very overloaded with four stations sharing a very small frequency band, which can be so overcrowded that one or more channels, more often than not one of the MediaWorks-owned channels ( TV3 and FOUR ), is unavailable in some smaller towns.
Other large towns including Sligo ( pop.

Other and administrative
Other important landmarks include the replacement of Hebrew by Aramaic as the everyday language of Judah ( although it continued to be used for religious and literary purposes ), and Darius's reform of the administrative arrangements of the empire, which may lie behind the redaction of the Jewish Torah.
Other treaties have established an administrative apparatus which was not deemed to have been granted international legal personality.
Other examples of administrative controls include the corporate security policy, password policy, hiring policies, and disciplinary policies.
Other " staff " officers within the unit with administrative duties included the adjutant, technical officer, and operations officer, who were usually ( though not always ) experienced aircrew or pilots still flying on operations.
Other settlements have no form of local government and are under the authority of the municipality they are in, although in some cases the municipal government may set up local administrative offices there.
# Providing substantive and administrative support to human rights fact-finding and investigatory mechanisms, such as special rapporteurs, representatives and experts and working groups mandated by the Commission on Human Rights and / or the Economic and Social Council to deal with specific country situations or phenomena of human rights violations worldwide, as well as the General Assembly's Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories ;
Other provinces corresponding to modern Ecuador, the eastern and southern parts of today's Venezuela, and Panama came together in a political unit under the jurisdiction of Bogotá, confirming that city as one of the principal administrative centers of the Spanish possessions in the New World, along with Lima and Mexico City.
Other administrative offices, notably the Yovogan ( or white man to negotiate the slave trade ), were created during his administration and became key features of Dahomey political life.
Other administrative boards include Planning & Zoning, Recreation Advisory, Historic Preservation, Code Enforcement, and Personnel Appeals.
* Other office and administrative support workers including supervisors ( 9 %)
Other positions in the town include Recreation Director, Horticulturist, Code Enforcement officers, and administrative staff.
# Other activities against the Constitution, laws or administrative regulations.
Other counts palatine were employed on military and administrative work.
Other conditions, including payment of administrative costs and presenting a working prototype, were also not met by Eller Industries.
Other German states have similar administrative units:
Other types of orders issued by ' the Executive ' are generally classified simply as administrative orders rather than Executive Orders.
Other titles describing jobs similar to or overlapping those of the traditional secretary are office coordinator, executive assistant, office manager and administrative professional.
Other personalities, support the creation of administrative regions and therefore the abolition of districts.
Other large settlements are the mining towns Mežica and Prevalje, Dravograd along the Maribor-Klagenfurt railway, Slovenj Gradec, the administrative centre of the Mislinja Valley and a cultural centre, Muta with a metal industry based on its blacksmith tradition, Radlje ob Dravi, a lively business and commercial centre.
Other major MMA promotions includes Legend Fighting Championship, which has produced 9 events in the special administrative regions ( SARs ) of China in both Hong Kong and Macau.
Other Presbyteries use this position for mission consultancy work and others for administrative work.
Other administrative bodies are Management of public revenue, Directorate for Property, Directorate of Investment and Development and Center for Information System.
Other trials do not take place in courts at all, but in quasi-judicial bodies or in administrative agencies with adjudicatory power created by statute to make binding determinations with simplified procedural practices, such as arbitration.
Other administrative bodies ( some of which are described below ) still follow boundaries derived from older local government arrangements.

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