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Other and uncommon
Other uncommon metric units of area include the tetrad, the hectad, and the myriad.
Other uncommon names are: angiomatosis retinae, angiophakomatosis retinae et cerebelli, familial cerebello-retinal angiomatosis, cerebelloretinal hemangioblastomatosis, Hippel Disease, Hippel – Lindau syndrome, HLS, VHL, Lindau disease or retinocerebellar angiomatosis.
Other estimates also range up to 80, 000, with 50, 000 not an uncommon estimate.
Other electromagnetic wave detectors such as microwave and ultraviolet spectrum sensors may also be used, but are uncommon.
Other than those published by RCA, EPs were relatively uncommon in the United States and Canada, but they were widely sold in the United Kingdom, and in some other European countries, during the 1950s and 1960s.
Other writing systems did not develop such sophisticated rules since spacing was so uncommon therein.
Other systems for steering exist, but are uncommon on road vehicles.
Other uncommon side effects have been observed.
Other uncommon to rare types in order of frequency are Gallienus, Quintillus, Probus, Aurelian, and Tacitus.
Other subjects include the Journey of the Magi, where they and perhaps their retinue are the only figures, and relatively uncommon scenes of their meeting with Herod and the Dream of the Magi.
Other uncommon species include Virginia Rails ( Rallus limicola ), Suisun song sparrows ( Melospiza melodia maxillaris ) and Salt Marsh Common Yellowthroat ( Geothlypis trichas sinuosa ).
Other rare and uncommon birds found in the Andros environ include the Bahama Yellowthroat, Bahama Woodstar, Bahama Swallow, West Indian Whistling Duck and Key West Quail Dove.
Other uncommon tree species found in the Palisades include Paxistima, Chokecherry, and various types of Viburnums.
Other uncommon types are described in individual articles ( links below ).
Other vegetables are uncommon, but small carrot strips might occasionally be added, primarily for color.
Most tumors of the salivary glands differ from the common carcinomas of the head and neck in etiology, histopathology, clinical presentation, and therapy, Other uncommon tumors arising in the head and neck include teratomas, adenocarcinomas, adenoid cystic carcinomas, and mucoepidermoid carcinomas.
Other seasonal scheduling blocks were also not uncommon such as Christmas-themed blocks during late December, Thanksgiving-themed blocks in November, and Valentine's themed episodes in February.
:: Other sizes are uncommon, but do exist.
Other natural disasters are uncommon.
Other studies related to uncommon microbes have potential in areas such as carbon dioxide sequestration and groundwater cleanup.
Other uncommon locations are the Lateral ventricle, Foramen magnum, and the orbit / optic nerve sheath.
Other examples can be found with the spellings of " Tadgh ", " Taidgh " ( found in North London ) as well as the even more uncommon spelling " Tadhgh ".
Other ads from the time period featured the signature windmill in cartoon or computer animated form, a relatively uncommon practice for its time.
Other characters — including Mrs. Aldrich, Henry's sister Mary, and his best friend Homer Brown — were portrayed by multiple actors as well, a practice not uncommon in radio but unusual for television, where cast changes are more noticeable.

Other and colors
Other colors can appear in the presence of light absorbing impurities, where the impurity is dictating the color rather than the ice itself.
Other colors of kryptonite, having different effects, began to show up frequently beginning in late 1950s comics, reaching a peak in appearances in 1960s Superman series.
Other colors, and later, filled-in notes, were used routinely as well, mainly to enforce the aforementioned imperfections or alterations and to call for other temporary rhythmical changes.
Other colorspaces using 3-vectors for colors include HSV, LAB, XYZ, etc.
Other drill movements performed by the color guard include presenting arms, left and right wheel ( turns ) marches, eyes right ( upon passing the reviewing stand during a parade ), casing / uncasing the colors, and fixing / unfixing bayonets ( by the arms bearers ).
Other colors can be seen on the Sunset moth.
Other colors occur naturally in tropospheric clouds.
Other colors that are normally available are blue, black, white and red.
Other colors identified Jews ( two triangles superimposed as a yellow star ), political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses, " anti-social " prisoners, and others the Nazis deemed undesirable.
Other colors identified Jews ( two triangles superimposed as a yellow star ), political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses, " anti-social " prisoners, and others the Nazis deemed undesirable.
( Other laws include Law No. 2, 597 of 11 January 1912, concerning the colors and proportions of the national flag, the presidential sash and rosette or cockade, and Supreme Decree No. 5805 of the Ministry of the Interior, published 26 August 1927, sets the size of the national flag for use in buildings and public offices.
Other colors occur occasionally but are not acceptable for conformation showing, and they are not pursued by breeders who intend to breed show dogs.
Other colors may have other meanings ; for example, information on government agencies is often printed on blue pages or green pages.
Other colors are sometimes used, such as the blue LED of the V-Mouse VM-101 illustrated at right.
Other colors and designations also appear throughout the series.
Other colors, particularly reds and bright shades, are considered inappropriate for mourning dress.
Other colors of flame such as orange and yellow are possible with the color dependent on the mixture of gases formed in the colon.
Other colors are rare.
Other innovations included creating foundations that matched a person's skin tone ; creating the idea of the " Total Look " in which lip, cheek, and fingernail colors matched or coordinated ; and the first to make a cosmetics commercial shown in movie houses.
Other categories with noticeable similarities include words for body parts, colors, and numbers.
Other favorite things include the colors red and black, the flower white Casablancas, the gemstone ruby, little lizards, and pandas and dislikes include canned asparagus, men in general, and television.
Other minor colors such as gold and blue were occasionally incorporated, with the club's association with Reebok.
Other sources claim that Slovenian intellectuals created the Slovenian flag and took its colors from late 15. century Carniola Coat of Arms.
Other defining characteristics include the colors red and yellow ; note that the Goddess appears with a yellowish cast in both murals.

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