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Other and varieties
Other varieties are 100 % crushed-fruit smoothies with tapioca pearls and signature ice cream shakes made from local ice cream sources.
Other varieties of the bubble tea drink can include blended drinks.
Other speech varieties include: standard languages, which are standardized for public performance ( for example, a written standard ); jargons, which are characterized by differences in lexicon ( vocabulary ); slang ; patois ; pidgins or argots.
Other European pioneers were Robert Boyle, who in 1675 stated that electric attraction and repulsion can act across a vacuum ; Stephen Gray, who in 1729 classified materials as conductors and insulators ; and C. F. du Fay, who proposed in 1733 that electricity comes in two varieties that cancel each other, and expressed this in terms of a two-fluid theory.
Other popular varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Grenache, Tempranillo, Riesling and Chardonnay.
Other common varieties of jjigae contain kimchi ( kimchi jjigae ) or tofu ( sundubu jjigae ).
Other cyclosilicates include beryl, Al < sub > 2 </ sub > Be < sub > 3 </ sub > Si < sub > 6 </ sub > O < sub > 18 </ sub >, whose varieties include the gemstones emerald ( green ) and aquamarine ( bluish ).
Other marked characteristics of Newfoundland English include the loss of dental fricatives ( voiced and voiceless th sounds ) in many varieties of the dialect ( as in many other nonstandard varieties of English ); they are usually replaced with the closest voiced or voiceless alveolar stop ( t or d ).
Other varieties of aos sí and daoine sìth include the Scottish bean nighe: the washerwoman who is seen washing the bloody clothing or armour of the person who is doomed to die ; the leanan sídhe: the " fairy lover "; the Cat Sìth: a fairy cat ; and the Cù Sìth: fairy dog.
Other under-story plants include the evergreen huckleberry, lower longleaf Oregon grape, elderberry, salal, oceanspray, and varieties of nettle.
Other varieties of color-changing garnets exist.
Other corpora represent many languages, varieties and modes, and include the International Corpus of English, and the British National Corpus, a 100 million word collection of a range of spoken and written texts, created in the 1990s by a consortium of publishers, universities ( Oxford and Lancaster ) and the British Library.
Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires.
Other varieties planted on the island, though not legally permitted for Madeira production, include Arnsburger, Cabernet Sauvignon, and the American hybrids Cunningham and Jacquet.
Other jocular names are given to hot varieties like " alegrías riojanas " ( jokes from La Rioja, a province well known for its pepperoni plantions ) or " langostinos de Ibarra " ( prawns from Ibarra ).
Other varieties are enzymes, which coordinate the chemical reactions which are required for life: metabolism, protein construction and degradation, reproduction, etc.
Other gems also occur in color-change varieties, including ( but not limited to ) sapphire, garnet, spinel.
Other varieties of alexandrite may be yellowish or pink in daylight and a columbine or raspberry red by incandescent light.
Other varieties include Sutter, Tulare Giant, Moyer, Imperial, Italian, and Greengage.
Other popular breeds are tumbling pigeons such as the Birmingham Roller and fancy varieties that are bred for certain physical characteristics, such as large feathers on the feet or fan-shaped tails.
Other cultural practices used to enhance crop competitiveness and reduce weed pressure include selection of competitive crop varieties, high-density planting, tight row spacing, and late planting into warm soil to encourage rapid crop germination.
Other varieties used include the “ espadín ,” the “ arroquense ” and the “ tobalá .” The first two are completely cultivated species but the third is of wild origins.
Other varieties of Wiccan practice may switch those two around.

Other and style
Other researchers see these motifs as part of a more generalized Puebloan style and / or spiritual significance, rather than evidence of a continuing specific elite socioeconomic system.
Other dance styles, such as the Italian and Spanish dances of the period are much less well studied than either English country dance or the French style.
Other temples in this style are Banteay Samre and Thommanon in the area of Angkor, and Phimai in modern Thailand.
Other Chicano / Mexican American singers include Selena, who sang a variety of Mexican, Tejano, and American popular music, but was killed in 1995 at the age of 23 ; Zack de la Rocha, lead vocalist of Rage Against the Machine and social activist ; and Los Lonely Boys, a Texas style country rock band who have not ignored their Mexican American roots in their music.
Other indications of dating are obtained by stylometry and this section therefore is an appropriate place to consider some aspects of his style as a Greek poet.
Other directors were also just starting to take up this style in 1915, for instance William S. Hart in Bad Buck of Santa Ynez.
Other examples of this style include Tex-Mex, which combines southwest United States cuisine and Mexican cuisines, and Pacific rim cuisine, which combines the different cuisines of the various island nations.
James Thurber used the ancient fable style in his books Fables for Our Time ( 1940 ) and Further Fables for Our Time ( 1956 ), and in his stories " The Princess and the Tin Box " in The Beast in Me and Other Animals ( 1948 ) and " The Last Clock: A Fable for the Time, Such As It Is, of Man " in Lanterns and Lances ( 1961 ).
Other features of Georgian style houses can include – roof to ground-level:
Other luminaries include Keith Johnstone, the British teacher and writer – author of Impro, who founded the Theatre Machine and whose teachings form the foundation of the popular shortform Theatresports format, Dick Chudnow, founder of ComedySportz which evolved its family-friendly show format from Johnstone's Theatersports, Stan Wells, creator of the " Clap-In " longform style and founder of The Empty Stage Comedy Theatre in Los Angeles, and Bill Johnson, creator / director of The Magic Meathands, who pioneered the concept of " Commun-edy Outreach " by tailoring performances to non-traditional audiences, such as the homeless and foster children.
Other American-made variants include the mandolinetto or Howe-Orme guitar-shaped mandolin ( manufactured by the Elias Howe Company between 1897 and roughly 1920 ), which featured a cylindrical bulge along the top from fingerboard end to tailpiece ; the Army-Navy style with a flat back and top ; and the Vega mando-lute ( more commonly called a cylinder-back mandolin manufactured by the Vega Company between 1913 and roughly 1927 ), which had a similar longitudinal bulge but on the back rather than the front of the instrument.
* < span style =" background: lightsteelblue ; border: thin solid ; padding: 2px ;"> Other </ span > Cheese is not mentioned in the Original sketch
Other terms for this diagramming style are: " spider diagrams ," " spidergrams ," " spidergraphs ," " webs ", " mind webs ", or " webbing ", and " idea sun bursting ".
Other parts of Northern Europe did not have the advantage of such intense contact with Italian artists, but the Mannerist style made its presence felt through prints and illustrated books, the purchases of Italian works by rulers, and others, artists ' travels to Italy, and the example of individual Italian artists working in the North is called Northern Mannerism.
Other groups in the movement, led by Amebix and Antisect, developed the extreme style known as crust punk.
Other critics and filmmakers hailed the originality of its unique rapid editing style, created for the first time in this film and ultimately becoming a Peckinpah trademark, and praised the reworking of traditional Western themes.
Other practitioners of this style were Antonio Maria, Custódio Mesquita, Dolores Duran, Fernando Lobo, Ismael Neto, Lupicínio Rodrigues, Batatinha, and Adoniran Barbosa ( this latter by sharply satirical doses ).
Other divers secure it while diving by sliding a loop of the hose into the shoulder strap cover of a jacket style BC, or supend it under the chin on a break-away bungee loop known as a necklace.
Other commentaries produced in Spain and Provence were not influenced by the Tosafist style.
Other important styles are Zhaobao t ' ai chi ch ' uan, a close cousin of Chen-style, which has been newly recognized by Western practitioners as a distinct style, and the Fu style, created by Fu Chen Sung, which evolved from Chen, Sun and Yang styles, and also incorporates movements from Baguazhang ( Pa Kua Chang ).
Other enduring features have been " Goings on About Town ", a listing of cultural and entertainment events in New York, and " The Talk of the Town ", a miscellany of brief pieces — frequently humorous, whimsical or eccentric vignettes of life in New York — written in a breezily light style, or feuilleton, although in recent years the section often begins with a serious commentary.
Other remarkable examples include Hotel Corso and Berri-Meregalli house, the latter built in a traditional Milanese Art Nouveau style combined with elements of neo-Romanesque and Gothic revial architecture, regarded as one of the last such types of architecture in the city.
Other works based on the myth include a play by Algernon Charles Swinburne, Atalanta in Calydon, written ( in the style of Greek tragedy ) in 1865.

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