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Other and vendors
Other vendors, e. g., IBM, use the WCS to run microcode for emulator features and hardware diagnostics.
Other high-performance vendors like Control Data Corporation implemented similar designs.
Other vendors of compatible telephone equipment called the Touch-Tone feature Tone dialing or DTMF, or used their own registered trade names such as the Digitone of Northern Electric ( now known as Nortel Networks ).
Other vendors were professional merchants who traveled from market to market seeking profits.
Other lengths are ( or were ) also available from some vendors, including C10 and C15 ( useful for saving data from early home computers and in telephone answering machines ), C30, C40, C50, C54, C64, C70, C74, C80, C84, C100, C105, and C110.
Other studies concluded that the lack of sanitary food supply conditions, including " unwashed fruit and vegetables, contaminated food and ice from street vendors, contaminated drinking water, and contaminated crab meat transported in luggage " caused the epidemic.
Other vendors produce keyboards for different computer systems with this placement of the Control key, such as the Happy Hacking Keyboard.
Other software vendors also licensed OSF / 1 including Apple.
Other major vendors of coffee, including Starbucks, Dunkin ' Donuts, Wendy's and Burger King have been subjected to similar lawsuits over third-degree burns.
Other vendors may choose to use different classes or no classes at all as this is not specified in the SSL protocol, though, most do opt to use classes in some form.
Other NFC vendors mostly in Europe use contactless payment over mobile phones to pay for on-and off-street parking in specially demarcated areas.
Other vendors use a combination of both NFC and a barcode on the mobile device for mobile payment, for example, Cimbal or DigiMo, making this technique attractive at the point of sale because many mobile devices in the market do not yet support NFC.
Other unlicensed vendors may be found wander the beach selling alcoholic beverages and other more illicit cash crops of British Columbia.
Other vendors produce keyboards for different computer systems with this placement of the Control key, such as the Happy Hacking Keyboard.
Other attractions include hayrides, a classic car show, live music, and a children's amusement park, in addition to a vendors selling local arts and crafts.
Other firms including chip manufacturers ATI, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric, NVIDIA, and Texas Instruments and software-and / or IP vendors DMP, Esmertec, ETRI, Falanx Microsystems, Futuremark, HI Corporation, Ikivo, HUONE ( formerly MTIS ), Superscape, and Wow4M have also participated in the working group.
Other vendors have expressed support for CWM or claim they have products that are " CWM-compliant.
Other areas of economic development include textiles, glass fabrication, foodstuffs, and shoes. On Mondays, vendors and buyers crowd streets and markets in Ambato
Other vendors ’ repository systems such as Digital ’ s CDD + were also based on the ER model.
Other vendors are selling caps in a variety of other colors for purely decorative purposes.
Other browser vendors such as Apple with Cyberdog followed later that year.
Other remaining independent BI vendors include SAS, Information Builders, and smaller competitors.
Other cultural activities include ethnic foods and merchandise vendors.
Other 3rd party vendors like Choice Stream or Vignette bring personalization to content and display advertising.

Other and putting
Other approaches gaining in popularity include the use of dynamical systems theory and also techniques putting symbolic models and connectionist models into correspondence ( Neural-symbolic integration ).
Other sources have stepping over a broom as a test of chastity, while putting out a broom was also said to be a sign ‘ that the housewife ’ s place is vacant ’ and a way, therefore, of advertising for a wife.
Other philosophers such as Nicholas Rescher or Richard Double have adopted the term, putting it to good use.
Other sources make no mention of such conquest and of putting the Polans state on the same footing with the Polabian Slavs.
Other taxonomic schemes have been proposed ; the most common putting the butterflies into the sub-order Ditrysia and then the " super-family " Papilionoidea, and ignoring a classification for moths.
Other ethics do exist, such as no pre-placed protection ( i. e., putting the gear in, then climbing ).
Other activists were led to either reject this form of sabotage entirely, or take some precautions, such as putting warning signs in the area where the trees are being spiked.
Other ways to evade Santa Compaña is to tie a black cat in the middle of Santa Compaña and run away from it, or realize diverse symbols with both hands as a horn gesture ( extending the index and little fingers and to contract the rest of fingers ) or the fig sign ( which consists of closing the fist and putting the thumb between the index and middle fingers ).
Other facilities include an 18 hole golf course, the Dinosaur Isle geological museum and Sandham Gardens, offering a skate park, children's play park, crazy golf, bowls and putting green.
Other methods of applying the wax to the fabric include pouring the liquid wax, painting the wax with a brush, and putting hot wax onto pre-carved wooden or copper block ( called a cap or tjap ) and stamping the fabric.
Other pieces include his life growing up with one of the earliest transgendered women (“ Dawn ”), an hour long program on a group of prisoners in a maximum security prison putting on a production of Hamlet (“ Act V ”, # 218 ), a segment on voter fraud in the 2008 American Presidential election (" Cold-cock The Vote.
Other advocates have stated that they hold personal views against abortion but do not support putting those beliefs into law ; then-Senator Joe Biden took this view in the 2008 election.
; Other: Many other variations are possible, including: " skier ", a side-to-side jump keeping the feet together ; " bell ", a front-and-back jump keeping the feet together ; " scissors ", a jump putting one foot forward and the other back, then switching back-and-forth ; " jumping jack ", a jump putting the feet apart and then together ; and " can-can " a jump with one leg up and bent, followed by a jump with both feet on ground, followed by a jump kicking the foot out.
Other examples include putting parameters into a file or database instead of inside application code.
Other means of cheating included having certain balls filled with lead so they'd sink to the bottom of the bag, or putting certain balls in ice beforehand so they'd be cold and therefore easy for the selector to find by touch.
Other villains have included " Queenie Bee " ( with her army of bees – Batfink sent Queenie Bee to Sing Sing and her bees to " Sting Sting "), " Victor The Predictor ", " Judy Jitsu " ( a martial artist whose name is derived from jujutsu, and who Karate has a crush on ), " Brother Goose " ( who always left taunting clues based on nursery rhymes ), and " Goldyunlocks " ( with an obsession of unlocking every lock she sees – Batfink was finally able to catch her by putting her in a cell with no lock ).
Other hardwoods like apple and cherry wood have an off putting smell.
Other travelers come on white-water rafting trips, putting in on the Tatshenshini River at Dalton Post in the Yukon Territory and taking out at the Dry Bay Ranger Station in the Glacier Bay National Preserve.
Other factors such as the centuries-old stereotype of the suffering of a " mad artist " help to fuel the link by putting expectations on how an artist should act.
) Other methods include putting the tube from a can of Fix-A-Flat down a would be killer's trachea and pushing the trigger, kidnapping a man spying on him and killing him through alcohol poisoning.
Other charges include leaving the base, when he was supposed to be putting his men through some exercises, and entertaining a woman officer in his room, which was forbidden by the base commander Colonel Henniker ( Allan Cuthbertson ).
Other artists, such as Ian Gibson and Brian Bolland, followed his lead, putting their own spin on the way McMahon was developing the character and his world.
Other examples include mocking opposition full-backs by playing one-twos with the corner flag, literally sitting on the ball to torment defenders who couldn't dispossess him, and teasing a beaten goalkeeper by putting his foot on the ball on the goal line.

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