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Other and venues
Other important sport venues are the National Sport Center of Larissa ( EAK Larissas ), which includes the Alcazar Stadium and the Neapoli Indoor Hall.
Other venues for advertising were local tourist bureaux and the picture postcards provided for free use by clients .< ref > finds 22 entries for " motels " on US 40, mostly archived picture postcards bearing advertisements like " 40 Winks Motel -- within city limits of Columbus, Ohio.
Other cultural venues include the National Museum of Art of Romania, Museum of Natural History " Grigore Antipa ", Museum of the Romanian Peasant ( Muzeul Ţăranului Român ), National History Museum, and the Military Museum.
Other leading concert venues include Zhongshan Hall at Ximen and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall near Taipei 101.
Other nightclubs and pool rooms include the Buzz Lounge, the Space 34 nightclub and the pool venues 4 Degrees and the Zone.
Other venues included the TPAC War Memorial Auditorium, another former Opry home ; TPAC's Andrew Jackson Hall ; Nashville Municipal Auditorium ; Allen Arena at Lipscomb University ; and the Two Rivers Baptist Church.
Other sources of cryptic crosswords in the U. S. ( at various difficulty levels ) are puzzle books, as well as UK and Canadian newspapers distributed in the U. S. Other venues include the Enigma, the magazine of the National Puzzlers ' League, and formerly, The Atlantic Monthly.
Other venues at the Garden complex include:
Other venues include the Musée de la Marine, Musée de la Mer, Musée de la Photographie and Musée International de la Parfumerie.
Other notable music venues are The Dukes, The Grand Theatre, The Gregson Centre, The Bobbin and The Yorkshire House which since 2006 has hosted such acts as John Renbourn, Polly Paulusma, Marissa Nadler, Baby Dee, Diane Cluck, Alasdair Roberts and 2008 Mercury Prize nominees Rachel Unthank and the Winterset.
Other traditions of working class entertainment survive on Shoreditch High Street where the music halls of yesteryear have been replaced by the greatest concentration of striptease venues in London ( Clifton 2002 ).
Other skiing venues and Nordic ski trails are located near Driggs.
Other venues and establishments are found dispersed along Johnston Street, in and around River Ranch, along Ambassador Caffery, the Simcoe Street Strip and also a scattered collection of neighborhood dives and watering holes.
Other venues used for athletic activities include Lincoln School, Lennox School, Lakeside School, and Pompton Lakes High School.
Other venues are used when holding meetings for special events and activities.
Other notable venues are the Stadion malih sportova under Gorica hill and the sport shooting range under Ljubović hill.
Other artistes who had the fortune to study in India or with teachers who came to the west, started teaching at different venues of Trinidad.
Other venues for Hawaiian music on Oahu include the Waikiki Shell an establishment used primarily for concerts and entertainment purposes.
Other than the Arts Centre, live music venues in Colchester include V bar, Tin Pan Alley Charter Hall, The Fat Cat ( pub ), and several others including one of Colchesters oldest venues, The Twist, recently re-opened after a period of closure.
Other activities include performance and variety shows, movies, parties, and cultural celebrations held various venues including the Argiro Student Center, Arts Center Theater and the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.
Other sports venues include the Kilat Club in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh Field ( Padang Ipoh ) in the Old Town, the Polo Grounds, and the Iskandar Polo Club, in Ampang Baru.
Other defunct but historically important venues include the Pence Opera House, the Coffeehouse Extempore or Extemporé, and the Uptown Bar.

Other and could
Other synonyms could of course serve the same function, and for the sake of ease I shall speak of kennings and epithets in the widest and loosest possible sense, and name, for example, Gar-Dene a kenning for the Danes.
Other examples could be inefficient or inappropriate information systems, a lack of supervision or training, and a lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities which can lead to staff being uncertain about what is expected of them.
Other Tuareg castes were also hereditary and social strata closed with one exception: if a slave woman married a noble or vassal, her children could belong to the respective free caste.
Other well known Sangiovese-based Tuscan wines such as Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano could be bottled and labeled under the most basic designation of " Chianti " if their producers chose to do so.
Other equipment could or can be added to the basic DJ setup ( above ), providing unique sound manipulations.
Other astronomers of the period also made suggestions for obtaining uniform time, including A Danjon ( 1929 ), who suggested in effect that observed positions of the Moon, Sun and planets, when compared with their well-established gravitational ephemerides, could better and more uniformly define and determine time.
Other instructors, such as Carmine Caruso, believed that the brass player's embouchure could best be developed through strength building exercises that focus the student's attention on his or her time perception.
Other independent companies were grouped under the Mutual banner in 1912, and there were also important new entrants, particularly the Jesse Lasky Feature Play Company, and Famous Players, which were both formed in 1913 to take advantage of the fact that films could reproduce the real substance of a stage play ( plus embellishments ), and so the best plays and actors from the legitimate stage could be enticed into films.
Other researchers believe that individuals with an internal locus of control-that is, people who believe that the gambling outcomes are the result of their own skill-are more susceptible to the gambler's fallacy because they reject the idea that chance could overcome skill or talent.
Other notable pre-20th century examples include Giacomo Casanova's 1788 Icosaméron, a 5-volume, 1, 800-page story of a brother and sister who fall into the Earth and discover the subterranean utopia of the Mégamicres, a race of multicolored, hermaphroditic dwarfs ; Symzonia: A Voyage of Discovery by a " Captain Adam Seaborn " ( 1820 ) which reflected the ideas of John Cleves Symmes, Jr .; Edgar Allan Poe's 1838 novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket ; Jules Verne's 1864 novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth, which described a prehistoric subterranean world ; and George Sand's 1884 novel Laura, Voyage dans le Cristal where unseen and giant crystals could be found in the interior of the Earth.
Other programs that could be built upon it and improved it were saved to tapes and added to a drawer of programs, readily accessible to all the other hackers.
Other countries will have different thresholds according local sensitivity to hail ; for instance grape growing areas could be adversely impacted by smaller hailstones.
Other theologians defended the expression " Immaculate Conception ", pointing out that sanctification could be conferred at the first moment of conception in view of the foreseen merits of Christ, a view held especially by Franciscans.
Other anarchists have believed that violence ( especially self-defense ) is justified as a way to provoke social upheaval which could lead to a social revolution.
Other modern tests described by Bane include those by Williams ( which concluded that longbows could not penetrate maille, but in Bane's view did not use a realistic arrow tip ), Robert Hardy's tests ( which achieved broadly similar results to Bane ), and a Primitive Archer test which demonstrated that a longbow could penetrate a plate armour breastplate.
Other countries, such as Mexico, which are faced with significant crime problems believe that anti-money laundering controls could help curb the underlying crime issue.
Other measurements that could be made included:
Other substances can reduce the metabolism of Methadone and in such a situation, a patient who fared fine after the first few doses could reach high levels of the drug in his body without ever taking more than was prescribed.
Other architectures based on Hardware Abstraction Layer or exokernels could move the drivers out of the microkernel.
Other sources consider that Descartes denied that animal had reason or intelligence, but did not lack sensations or perceptions, but these could be explained mechanistically.
Other approaches exist such as that of Guy Thilmans and his team in 1980, who felt that any archeology from pre-colonial could be attached to that designation or that of Hamady Bocoum, who speaks of " Historical Archaeology " from the 4th century, at least for the former Tekrur.
Other forms of legend describe Solomon as having had a flying carpet that was 60 miles square, and could travel so fast that it could get from Damascus to Medina within a day.

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