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Other and visual
Other forms of communication, such as visual cues or spoken cues, are often considered to spoil the dance, unless used in specific circumstances, e. g., practicing figures, or figures which are purposely danced without physical connection.
Other visual and aural cues are also taken from film noir, in ‘ Pierrot Le Fou ’ for instance, Spike battles an enraged homicidal clown across a fairground, accompanied by lighting and camera angles any film noir would be proud of.
Other intelligent design proponents claim that the evolution of the entire visual system would be difficult rather than the eye alone.
Other visual details contemporaneous of Alfonso ’ s court and social and cultural milieu infuse the Libro de juegos.
Other effects include vertigo, and visual or auditory disturbances.
Other examples include the American Renaissance of the 1820s-60s, referring mainly to literature, and the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s, referring mainly to literature but also to music and the visual arts.
Other subjects that lent themselves to visual depiction included the name of battles ( e. g. Trafalgar ), explorers, local notables, discoveries, sporting heroes and members of the royal family.
Other visual features include volumetric fog, mirrors, portals, decals, and wave-form vertex distortion.
Other visual elements unique to the corps style is the usage of props, backdrops, and even costuming-with the purpose of adding more theatrical elements to the show.
In Life's Other Secret ( 1999 ), Ian Stewart suggests the ubiquitous swastika pattern arises when parallel waves of neural activity sweep across the visual cortex during states of altered consciousness, producing a swirling swastika-like image, due to the way quadrants in the field of vision are mapped to opposite areas in the brain.
Comics artist Lee Marrs includes a short visual biography of Le Pétomane in her 1976 comic The Compleat Fart and Other Body Emissions.
Other senses play roles as well, e. g. the visual system and proprioception.
Other types of glasses may be used for viewing visual information ( such as stereoscopy ) or simply just for aesthetic or fashion purposes.
Other people wear contacts for more visual reasons.
Other passages were edited to deconstruct white visual traditions and white ideologies.
Other creative forms that have been adopted by Fluxus practitioners include collage, sound art, music, video, and poetry — especially visual poetry and concrete poetry.
Other engaging factors included the graphics, visual design, and the soundtrack.
Other works include " Mrs. Duke's Million " ( written about 1908-9 but not published until 1977 ); " Snooty Baronet " ( a satire on behaviorism, 1932 ); " Doom of Youth " ( a sociological account of youth culture, 1932 ); " The Red Priest " ( his last novel, 1956 ); and " The Demon of Progress in the Arts " ( on extremism in the visual arts, 1954 ).
Other NSK member groups include IRWIN ( visual art ), Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre ( also known as Red Pilot and Cosmokinetic Theatre Noordung ), New Collective Studio ( graphics ; also known as New Collectivism ), Retrovision ( film and video ), and the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy ( theory ).
Other visual changes were made to the interface on 2. 0. 0, including updated icons.
Other reviewers praised the overall look of the show, such as Todd Everett of Variety, who approved of the " strong comic-book visual style " and the pilot's high production values.
Other symptoms may include visual impairment, lack of growth, deafness, blindness, spastic quadriparesis ( paralysis ), and intellectual deficits.
Other NSK member groups include IRWIN ( visual art ), Noordung ( theater ; originally named Scipion Nasice Sisters Theatre, also known as Red Pilot ), New Collective Studio ( graphics ; also known as New Collectivism ), Retrovision ( film and video ), and the Department of Pure and Applied Philosophy ( theory ).
Other areas of the brain showed use by the subject, including a sector of the brain generally related to childlike " finger counting ," probably used in his mind to relate numbers to the visual cortex.
Other than the symbolic meaning behind the gold leaf, the Muromachi period heavily relied on visual excesses.

Other and features
Other natural features which can be of high interest are the forests, canyons, mountains, deserts, seacoast, beaches, sand dunes, waterfalls, springs, etcetera with which the area is blessed.
Other technical features reveal a shaft driven behind the mask at the desired facial point, driven by a DC motor with a simple pulley and a slide screw.
Other researchers have suggested, based on a cladistic analyses of dorsal exoskeletal features, that Eodiscina and Agnostida are closely united, and that the Eodiscina descended from the trilobite order Ptychopariida.
*** Other subcellular features: cell wall — pseudopod — cytoskeleton — mitotic spindle — flagellum — cilium
Other features, e. g., history, were copied from csh and ksh.
Other vendors, e. g., IBM, use the WCS to run microcode for emulator features and hardware diagnostics.
Other important features of BIND 9 include: TSIG, nsupdate, IPv6, rndc ( remote name daemon control ), views, multiprocessor support, and an improved portability architecture.
Other features likely to be included in version 0. 8 are continued improvements to both performance and security, as well as usability enhancements and bug fixes.
Other common features include:
Other features of Georgian style houses can include – roof to ground-level:
The stadium also features a retractable roof, with electrification technology developed by VAHLE, Inc. Other than being the home of the Colts, the stadium will host games in both the Men's and Women's NCAA Basketball Tournaments and will serve as the back up host for all NCAA Final Four Tournaments.
Other contemporaries, however, found the first movement especially dark, and Reinhold Brinkmann, in a study of Symphony No. 2 in relation to 19th century ideas of melancholy, has published a revealing letter from Brahms to the composer and conductor Vinzenz Lachner in which Brahms confesses to the melancholic side of his nature and comments on specific features of the movement that reflect this.
Other features include the Acute Care for Elders Unit, or ACE Unit and a Level I Trauma Center, one of only three in the entire Greater Houston area .< Ref name = trauma1 >
Other frequent features of the nephrotic syndrome include swelling, low serum albumin, and high cholesterol.
Other features of the language are intended to help MUMPS applications interact with each other in a multi-user environment.
Other features were one of the first hardware-implementations of a multiplication instruction in an MPU, full 16-bit arithmetic, and an especially fast interrupt system.
Other scholars argue that the primary stimulus for agriculture and domesticated animals ( as well as mud-brick architecture and other Neolithic cultural features ) in Egypt was from the Middle East.
Other defining recordings include " Sugar Town ", the 1967 number one " Somethin ' Stupid " ( a duet with her father ), the title song from the James Bond film You Only Live Twice, several collaborations with Lee Hazlewood such as " Jackson ", and her cover of Cher's " Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down )", which features during the opening sequence of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.
( Other implementers did not endorse the " multiprogramming " features since their operating systems differed from IBM's in this area.
* Other features:
Other features that are typically found in RISC architectures are:
Other features, loosely dated to phase 3, include the four Station Stones ( 6 ), two of which stood atop mounds ( 2 and 3 ).
Other features include off-road sections which slow down the karts such as the mud bogs in the Choco Island tracks.
Other features present in Super Mario Kart have disappeared from the series.

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