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Other and volcanic
Other parts of the island consists mainly of Cenozoic and Quaternary volcanic or sedimentary rocks.
Other large volcanic eruptions ( with VEI at least 4 ) during the same time frame are:
Other large trees are known in this area, while Whirinaki forest, to the East, but also on deep recent volcanic soils, has groves of very tall tōtara (> 40m in height ).
Other geological events that have since occurred include the advance and retreat of an ice sheet and the inflow of volcanic lava.
Other Indian ocean islands, like the Comoros and Mascarene Islands, are volcanic islands that formed more recently.
Other possible explanations for the formation include a cometary impact, venting of volcanic gases, or just normal surface markings that are shielded from space weathering due to the magnetic field.
Other types of volcanic glass include:
Other volcanoes in the island arc are also known for their volcanic activity, including Saint Vincent's La Soufrière, Guadeloupe's Soufrière volcano, Montserrat's Soufrière Hills, and the submarine volcano Kick -' em-Jenny.
Other possible reasons for the move include the need for fresh agricultural land, the need for higher concentrations of natives to use as a labour force, and perhaps also fear of Momotombo erupting-although unrecorded, it could have been releasing gas, ash, or other volcanic material for some time before the eventual eruption.
Other theories have suggested that Devils Tower is a volcanic plug or that it is the neck of an extinct volcano.
Other events in the big five also have their roots in natural causes, such as volcanic explosions and meteor collisions.
Other " hot spots " with time-progressive volcanic chains behind them include Réunion and the Laccadives-Chagos Ridge, the Louisville seamount chain, the Ninety East Ridge and Kerguelen, Tristan da Cuhna, and Yellowstone.
Other features of Meridiani Planum include volcanic basalt and impact craters.
Other recent volcanic eruptions include Mata o le Afi in 1902 and Mauga Afi in 1725.
Other sources include glass-etching or chrome-cleaning agents like ammonium bifluoride or hydrofluoric acid, industrial exposure to fluxes used to promote the flow of a molten metal on a solid surface, volcanic ejecta ( for example, in cattle grazing after an 1845 – 1846 eruption of Hekla and the 1783 – 1784 flood basalt eruption of Laki ), and metal cleaners.
Other calamities have affected the early inhabitants: several dry seasons, numerous earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ( 1580 – 1757, 1808 and 1980 ), and on July 21, 1694 there occurred another tragic conflict that would later be known as the Motim dos Inhames (" The Taro Revolt ").
Other volcanic craters may be found on the flanks of volcanoes, and these are commonly referred to as flank craters.
Other observable volcanic features in the Plain include: the Menan Buttes, the Big Southern Butte, Craters of the Moon, the Wapi Lava Field and Hell's Half Acre.
Other volcanic aspects manifest themselves in the fumaroles, such as Caldeira Velha or Caldeiras, and also the warm mineral springs in Lombadas, Gramas and Ladeira da Velha.
Other processes, such as volcanic activity and geologic faulting in which the earth cracks open also contributed to the formation of these mountains.
Other fossil soils occur in areas where volcanic activity has covered the ancient soils.
Other volcanic hills more or less like those of Auvergne are also known to geologists as puys ; examples may be found in the Eifel and in the small cones on the Bay of Naples, whilst the relics of puys denuded by erosion are numerous in the Swabian Alps of Württemberg, as pointed out by W. Branco.
Other species can be found throughout the world in areas of volcanic or geothermal activity, such as geological formations called mud pots, which are also known as solfatare ( plural of solfatara ).
Other volcanic islands have been added, such as the Pacaus Archipelago and Batavia.

Other and peaks
The Sierra Nevada, part of the Sistema Penibético south of Granada, includes the highest mountain on the peninsula and continental Spain, Mulhacén, which rises to 3, 479 m. Other peaks in the range also surpass 3, 000 m.
Other peaks include: Lenin Peak ; Peak Korzhenevskaya ; Independence Peak
Other notable peaks lie along the Iremel mountain ridge ( Bolshoy Iremel and Maly Iremel ).
Other dolomitic peaks are the Tre Cime di Lavaredo and the Pale di San Martino.
Practically all of the Province is located between 600 and 1, 000 m above sea level, with the highest point being Peñalara at 2, 430 m and the lowest Alberche river in Villa del Prado at 430 m. Other considerable heights, as well as being famous, are the Ball of the World mountain ( la Bola del Mundo ) in Navacerrada, at a height of 2, 258 m and the seven peaks in Cercedilla, at 2, 138 m.
Other Blue Ridge Mountain peaks between 2, 500 and 3, 000 feet surround the city.
Other major peaks include Mount Umunhum, Mount Bielawski, El Sombroso, Eagle Rock, Black Mountain, and Sierra Morena.
Other high peaks of the Loi Lar Mountain Range are Doi Luang Chiang Dao ( 2, 175 m ), Doi Pui ( 1, 685 m ), and Doi Suthep ( 1, 601 m ).
Other notable peaks include:
Other peaks in the Sentinel Range had previously been named for John Evans and William Long.
Other notable peaks on the island are Mt Silay and Mt Mandalagan in Negros Occidental, and Cuernos de Negros in Negros Oriental.
Other peaks in the western part include Dereše ( 2, 004 m ) and Chabenec ( 1, 955 m ).
Other many peaks include the Tronador and its loud thundering mountain glacier.
Other notable peaks in this region include Mount Nebo, Pinnacle Mountain, and Sugarloaf Knob.
Other notable peaks include Mount Timpanogos, a massive peak which looms over much of southern Salt Lake County and northern Utah County and is especially prominent from Provo ; Lone Peak, the Twin Peaks, and Mount Olympus, which overlook the Salt Lake Valley ; Francis Peak overlooking both Morgan and Davis counties ; and Ben Lomond and Mount Ogden, both near Ogden, Utah.
Other prominent peaks include Mt Tasman, Mt Hicks, Mt Sefton and Mt Elie de Beaumont.
Other peaks include Mavrovouni ( Μαυροβούνι ), Ornio ( 1, 350 m ), Area ( 1, 160 m ), Avgo or Avgho ( 1, 150 m ), and Xerovouni ( Ξεροβούνι, meaning dry mountain-1, 120 m ). It also has two shelters Mpafi and Flampouri.
Other ranges that stretch out from Yazd to Kerman and Challeh-ye-Jazmoorian include peaks like Medvar, Shahr-e-Babak, Kuh-e Panj, Chehel Tan, Lalezar, Hezarbahr, Aseman and others.
Other 5000 m peaks are Bodkhona ( 5138 m ), Chapdara ( 5050 m ), Big Hansa ( 5306 m ), Little Hansa ( 5031 m ), Zamok ( Castle, 5070 m ), Mirali ( 5132 m ), and Energy ( 5120 m ).
Other prominent peaks within the park include Mount Pollux ( 2542 m ) and Mount Brewster ( 2519 m ).
Other peaks include Ladne vode ( 340 meters ), Zvečara ( 347 meters ), Sakinac ( 315 meters ).
Other peaks on the plateau include Mount Whitelaw, Mount St Phillack ( the highest ), Mount Mueller, Mount Tyers, Mount Kernot and Mount St Gwinear.
Other notable peaks include San Antonio Ichiguán at above mean sea level.
Other wavelengths destructively cancel or reflect as the peaks and troughs of the waves overlap.

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