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Other and words
Some adaptations of the Latin alphabet are augmented with ligatures, such as æ in Old English and Icelandic and Ȣ in Algonquian ; by borrowings from other alphabets, such as the thorn þ in Old English and Icelandic, which came from the Futhark runes ; and by modifying existing letters, such as the eth ð of Old English and Icelandic, which is a modified d. Other alphabets only use a subset of the Latin alphabet, such as Hawaiian, and Italian, which uses the letters j, k, x, y and w only in foreign words.
Other words thought by some Latter-day Saints to derive from the Adamic language include deseret (" honey bee ", see Ether 2: 3 and Ahman (" God ").
Other inspiration may have come from David's words in the Psalms " Seven times a day I praise you " ( Ps.
Other words that derive from ethos include ethics and ethical.
Other regional pronunciations may be possible for some words, but indicating all possible regional variants in the article is impractical.
Other examples include ⟨ ph ⟩ pronounced ( which is usually spelt ⟨ f ⟩), and ⟨ ch ⟩ pronounced ( which is usually spelt ⟨ c ⟩ or ⟨ k ⟩) – the use of these spellings for these sounds often mark words that have been borrowed from Greek.
Other associated words possess similar meanings including: khabar ( news, information ) often refers to reports about Muhammad, but sometimes refers to traditions about his companions and their successors from the following generation ; conversely, athar ( trace, vestige ) usually refers to traditions about the companions and successors, though sometimes connotes traditions about Muhammad.
Other words can intervene between a base-word and its genitive determinant, and occasionally between the elements of a compound word ( tmesis ).
Other cases where the " smallest meaningful unit " is larger than a word include some collocations such as " in view of " and " business intelligence " where the words together have a specific meaning.
Other common traps for semantic disputes include the usage of words such as liberal, democrat, conservative, republican, progressive, free, welfare or socialist whose meanings in English, or in the United States, are often quite different from how similar words are understood in other languages, countries, or cultures.
Other definitions place the maximum word count of the short story at anywhere from 1, 000 to 9, 000 words ; for example, Harris King's " A Solitary Man " is around 4, 000 words.
Other scholars have argued that some of the words used in the text are Persian, which sets the written date to the postexilic period.
Other evidence comes from experimental studies showing that some manipulations ( e. g., a distractor task, such as repeatedly subtracting a single-digit number from a larger number following learning ; cf Brown-Peterson procedure ) impair memory for the 3 to 5 most recently learned words of a list ( it is presumed, still held in short-term memory ), while leaving recall for words from earlier in the list ( it is presumed, stored in long-term memory ) unaffected ; other manipulations ( e. g., semantic similarity of the words ) affect only memory for earlier list words, but do not affect memory for the last few words in a list.
Other word processing functions include spell checking ( actually checks against wordlists ), " grammar checking " ( checks for what seem to be simple grammar errors ), and a " thesaurus " function ( finds words with similar or opposite meanings ).
Other Germanic languages still have similar words for " duck ", for example, Dutch eend " duck " and German Ente " duck ".
Other words for twig include branchlet, spray, and surcle, as well as the technical terms surculus and ramulus.
Other words also spelled " muggle " have been in use over the years, but often they are unrelated to the term used in the Harry Potter series.
Other Latin words related to cunnus are ("") and its derivative ("", ( figurative ) ""), leading to English words such as cuneiform ("").

Other and derived
Other scholars, including C. C. Torrey, Kline and Jordan argue that the word is derived from the Hebrew moed (), meaning " assembly ".
Other authors have found small or inconsistent differences in concentrations but claim that exposure of cyclists is higher due to increased minute ventilation and is associated with minor biological changes .< ref > The significance of the associated health effect, if any, is unclear but probably much smaller than the health impacts associated with accidents and the health benefits derived from additional physical activity.
Other engineering disciplines also overlap with control engineering, as it can be applied to any system for which a suitable model can be derived.
Other primary information is derived from external historical sources related to the chronological connections between Paul's association with Philippi, its political and economical setting, and its social and religio-philosophical context as well.
Other games derived from hockey or its predecessors include the following:
Other naturally derived lubricants include lanolin ( wool grease, a natural water repellent ).
Other Wiccan terms and concepts like coven, esbat, the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, and the Horned God are, it has been suggested, influenced by or derived directly from Murray's works.
Other less likely explanations involve " Hogan " ( a nickname for Irish workers at the Hog Island shipyard ), a reference to the pork or " hog " meat used in hoagies, " honky sandwich " ( using a racial slur for white people seen eating them ) or " hooky sandwich " ( derived from " hookie " for truant kids seen eating them ).
Other musical genres derived from samba, such as samba-canção, partido alto, samba-enredo, samba de gafieira, samba de breque, bossa nova, samba-rock, and pagode, have all earned names for themselves.
Other books ; Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, 1 and 2 Maccabees are variously found in Vulgate manuscripts with texts derived from the Old Latin ; sometimes together with Latin versions of other texts found neither in the Hebrew Bible, nor in the Septuagint, 4 Esdras, the Prayer of Manasses and Laodiceans.
Other companies operate duck tours that use amphibious vehicles, mostly derived from World War II era DUKWs, and encompass both the city's streets and its waterways.
Other products failed or had limited success — a Psion Siemens ' GSM device, a Series 5 based STB, the Wavefinder DAB radio, an attempt to add Dragon's speech recognition software to a PDA, Ericsson cancelled a Series 5MX derived smartphone project in 2001.
Other oral oestrogen preparations include synthetically derived piperazine estrone sulphate, estriol, micronised estradiol and estradiol valerate.
Other Portuguese influences include a large number of Indonesian words derived from Portuguese which alongside Malay was the lingua franca up until the early 19th century.
Other dicotyledons and monocotyledons have monosulcate pollen, or forms derived from it, whereas eudicots have tricolpate pollen, or derived forms, the pollen having three or more pores set in furrows called colpi.
Other coin names that are derived from the gold of which they were once made:
Other thermodynamic ensembles can be also defined, corresponding to different physical requirements, for which analogous formulae can often similarly be derived.
Other than the indigenous climate and produce, Australian cuisine has been derived from the tastes of immigrant settlers to Australia and the produce they have introduced to the continent.
The Book of Lost Tales – Vol 1, “ One was very great and deep and beautiful, but it was mingled with an unquenchable sorrow, while the other was now grown to unity and a system of its own, but was loud and vain and arrogant, braying triumphantly against the other as it thought to drown it, yet ever, as it essayed to clash most fearsomely, finding itself but in some manner supplementing or harmonizing with its rival .” p 54. also compare The Lost Road and Other Writings | The Lost Road “ The other had grown now to a unity and system, yet an imperfect one, save insofar as derived still from the eldest theme of Ilúvatar …” p 158.
Other principal sources include a lexicon by " Eudemus ," perhaps derived from the work On Rhetorical Language by Eudemus of Argos.
Other industrial products are oils, lubricants, perfumes, fragrances, dyes, paper, waxes, rubber, latexes, resins, poisons, and cork, which can all be derived from various plant species.
Other such place-names include Lugdunum Clavatum ( modern Laon, France ) and Luguvalium ( modern Carlisle, England ) It is also possible that Lucus Augusti ( modern Lugo in Galicia, Spain ) is derived from the theonym Lugus ,< ref >* García Quintela, Marco V. ( et al.
Other notable concepts derived from the physics of FPS game engines are i. a.

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