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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 65
from Brown Corpus
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Others and are
Others who are attracted to this Mecca of the beat generation are homosexuals, heroin addicts, and smalltime hoodlums.
Others have so-called development plans, but some of these are little more than lists of projects collected from various ministries while others are statements of goals without analysis of the actions required to attain them.
Others, which are reached by walking up a single flight of stairs, have balconies.
Others are Drs. and Mmes. Alfred Robbins, and J. Lafe Ludwig and Gen. and Mrs. Leroy Watson.
Others are Carla Ruth Craig to Dan McFarland Chandler Jr. ; ;
Others listed at new addresses are the Richard T. Olerichs, the Joseph Aderholds Jr., the Henri De La Chapelles, the John Berteros and Dr. and Mrs. Egerton Crispin, the John Armisteads, the Allen Chases, the Howard Lockies, the Thomas Lockies, and Anthony Longinotti.
Others are Suetonius and Cassius Dio.
Others have argued that astronomy is an inaccurate term, what are being studied are cosmologies and people who object to the use of logos have suggested adopting the Spanish cosmovisión.
Others are involved in motivation.
Others are simple derivatives of botanical natural products ; for example, the pain killer aspirin is derived from salicylic acid which originally came from the bark of willow trees.
Others are generally not applicable as safe antiseptics, either because of their corrosive or toxic nature.
Others, however, think that his prophecies are to be referred to the latter half of the reign of Hezekiah ( 700s BC ).
Others believe that trade deficits are good for the economy.
Others such as department store magnate James Cash Penney, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, actor / martial artist Chuck Norris, wrestlers Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Ted DiBiase and wrestler Sting, and actors Jesse McCartney, Kirk Cameron, and Mr. T are also mentioned as being born again.
Others, possibly small and / or uninhabited, are:
Others, such as raccoons and bears, depending on the local habitat, are more omnivorous ; the giant panda is almost exclusively a herbivore, but will take fish, eggs and insects, while the polar bear's harsh habitat forces it to subsist mainly on prey.
Others are referred to as decennial censuses.
Others are simple long stocks with the crossbow mounted on them.
Others, especially words belonging to the large subset of collective nouns known as terms of venery ( words for groups of animals ), are specific to one kind of constituent object.
Others are known only from mentions in Clement's own writings, including On Marriage and On Prophecy, although few are attested by other writers and it is difficult to separate works which he intended to write from those which were actually completed.

Others and confined
Others disagree, pointing to the arbitrary restrictions placed on the heavily confined Three-Self Church system as non-Chinese activities, and new purges before official international events such as the 2008 Olympics ( see account below ).

Others and vast
Others concluded that a search for life on Earth at kilometer resolution, using several thousand photographs, did not reveal a sign of life on the vast majority of these photographs ; thus, based on the 22 photographs taken by Mariner 4, one could not conclude there was no intelligent life on Mars.
Others would say he was directly responsible for the huge influence the coal companies had over the county's vast coal resources and ultimately the reason that the region remains, to this day, so economically depressed.
Others, however, believe that there is no deeper deterministic reality in quantum mechanics — experiments have shown a vast class of hidden variable theories to be incompatible with observations.
Others suggest using a vast amount of tomatoes for colour and taste.
Others guessed that Charleston was sailing to some mysterious island of Spain, complete with impregnable fortifications, a formidable force of Spanish soldiers, and vast quantities of coal.
Others simply belonged to powerful landowning families in Busoga that had become ‎ self-appointed rulers over vast areas.

Others and reservations
Others have entered academic and political fields that take them away from the reservations.
Others were able to remain in Minnesota and the east, in small reservations existing into the 21st century, including Sisseton-Wahpeton, Flandreau, and Devils Lake ( Spirit Lake or Fort Totten ) Reservations in the Dakotas.
Others initially had reservations, though after realizing that it was their only means of staying alive, changed their minds a few days later.

Others and only
Others suggest the alphabet was developed in central Egypt during the 15th century BC for or by Semitic workers, but only one of these early writings has been deciphered and their exact nature remains open to interpretation.
Others may think he opposes only those taxes that he believes will hinder economic growth.
Others only used to follow their basic instincts like animals.
Others contend, however, that these treaties dealt only with agreements between governmental entities and do not imply the recognition of a Boer cultural identity per se.
Others, such as Aleksandar Stipčević, aruge that that the process of romanization was rather selective and involved mostly urban centers but not the countryside, where previous Illyrian socio-political structures weere adapted to Roman administration and political structure only in some necessities.
Others such as Michael Johnston and Noam Chomsky assert that classical liberalism as such can no longer exist in a modern day context as its principles were only relevant at the time its founding thinkers conceptualised them ; and that classical liberalism has grown into two divergent philosophies since the beginning of the twentieth century: social liberalism and market liberalism.
Others, especially Protestants, reject the authority of such traditions and instead hold to the principle of sola scriptura, which accepts only the Bible itself as the final rule of faith and practice.
Others follow this line and a few argue that the Teacher of Righteousness was not only the leader of the Essenes at Qumran, but was also identical to the original Jesus about 150 years before the time of the Gospels.
Others pointed out that the darker water is undisturbed water that was only coincidentally shaped like body.
( See: Homunculus ) Others, who regarded humanity as the synthesis of animals, despaired about vitalising the mandragore, but they crossed monstrous pairs and projected human seed into animal earth, only for the production of shameful crimes and barren deformities.
Others, such as Beta Colony and Komarr, can only be inhabited by people if they are gathered in cities under domes or arcologies with a controlled climate.
Others have argued that Machiavelli is only a particularly interesting example of trends which were happening around him.
Others believed that, to avoid the Carthaginian blockade, he may have stuck close to land and sailed only at night, or taken advantage of a temporary lapse in the blockade.
Others argued that presbyteries have always had this responsibility and that this new ruling did not change but only clarified that responsibility.
Others are connected only by theme: for example, each film of Krzysztof Kieślowski's Three Colors trilogy explores one of the political ideals of the French Republic ( liberty, equality, fraternity ) and each novel in Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy uses formats from detective fiction to explore existential questions.
Others, such as some helicopters, can only operate by VTOL, due to the aircraft lacking landing gear that can handle horizontal motion.
Others believed women were citizens, but that the states had the right to limit the franchise to males only.
Others have called limited nuclear war " global nuclear holocaust in slow motion "-arguing that once such a war took place, others would be sure to follow over a period of decades, effectively rendering the planet uninhabitable in the same way that a " full-scale nuclear war " between superpowers would, only taking a much longer ( and arguably more agonizing ) path to the same result.
Others have gone further and have suggested that only the descendants of the Red River Métis should be constitutionally recognized.
Others only need assistance with certain activities, and still others do not require any physical assistance at all.
Others say that Emperor Wu was mainly interested in fighting the Xiongnu and that major trade began only after the Chinese pacified the Hexi Corridor.
Others believe that all events have natural and only natural causes.

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