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Others and estimate
Others estimate 8, 000 died within two weeks and another 8, 000 or more have since died from gas-related diseases.
Others claim that this estimate is closer to 90 % of all Fortune 500 firms.
After the subsequent broadcast of the BBC Play for Today adaptation of To Encourage the Others, directed by Alan Clarke and starring Charles Bolton, Haler sought to deny that he had given any specific estimate of the size of the bullet that killed Miles beyond being " of large calibre ".
Others try to estimate the next year's dividend and use it to derive a prospective dividend yield.
Others estimate the Muslim population to be larger, 6 % ( 3. 9 % in Flanders, 4 % in Wallonia, 25. 5 % in Brussels ), or even 8. 1 % as of 2011 ( considering all the immigrant people with Islamic background ).
Others estimate 1. 2 to 5. 5 million snakebites, 421, 000 to 1. 8 million envenomings, and 20, 000 to 94, 000 deaths.
Others estimate the amount of deaths at 20, 000 to 35, 000 ( not including some 37, 000 people executed at Pawiak ), with a proportionally larger percentage of the Polish and other European including Jews among the dead ; smaller groups of victims included Greeks, Romani people, Belarusians and the German-interned officers of the Italian Army.

Others and population
Others argue that the species had not been common in the Pre-Columbian period, but their numbers grew when devastation of the American Indian population by European diseases led to reduced competition for food.
Others like Wynne-Edwards interpreted population regulation as a mechanism that aided the " species " rather than individuals.
Others have argued that significant variations in population size over pre-Columbian history are reason to view higher-end estimates with caution.
According to government statistics, the latest estimated population of Indigenous Fijians is counted at 511, 838, while there are 290, 129 Indians and 56, 071 Others ( January 2012 ).
Others practised the variety of occupations necessary to sustain the community distinct from the indigenous population, as such separation was the condition of the refugees ' initial acceptance in the City.
Others argue that we need to understand the consequences of such narrow-minded greed even if only a small percentage of the population embraces such motives.
Others, pointing, among other considerations, to the fact that, globally, there are more priests and seminarians now than in previous years ( in 1970, there were 72, 991 major seminarians worldwide, in 2002, there were 113, 199, an increase of 55 %, at a time, however, when there was an increase of global population of 64 %), suggest that the apparent decline of Catholic practice in the West is due to the general influence of secularism and liberalism on Western societies rather than to developments within the Catholic Church.
Others are originally from Finland, either members of the Kven population or of a newer influx of more or less recent Finnish immigrants.
Others argue that the melting pot policy did not achieve its declared target: for example, the persons born in Israel are more similar from an economic point of view to their parents than to the rest of the population.
Others suggest that more mundane and less spectacular events — the unrelenting growth of the human population, the steady transformation of the natural world by human beings — will eventually result in a planet that is considerably less vibrant, and one that is, apart from humans, essentially lifeless.
Others dropped it even sooner, e. g. in 1953, while still a dominion of the Commonwealth ( till 1956 ), Pakistan dropped the title in recognition of the contradiction between its overwhelmingly Muslim population and having a monarch as the defender of the Christian faith.
Others suggest that a poll with a random sample of 1, 000 people has margin of sampling error of 3 % for the estimated percentage of the whole population.
Others claim that counties with a scattered and sparse population situated far away from the central administration should have a stronger representation in the Parliament.
Others took refuge inside the defended cities of the coast, where they kept Roman culture alive for many centuries, but were also eventually assimilated by the expanding Slavic population of the mainland.
" Others call it " alligator lake ", a reminder that it served as the last bastion of Laguna de Bay's once-plentiful cayman population, which has since been wiped out and is now just another legendary part of Philippine history.
Others however criticize the Golden Liberty, pointing out it was limited only to the nobility, excluding peasants or townsfolk and gave no legal system to grant freedom and liberty to the majority of the population, failing them by failing to protect them from the excesses of the nobility, resulting in the slow development of cities and the second serfdom among the peasants.
Others would point to the " deep river " and " looking to Canaan land " subtexts as working to pacify or fragment the slave population by focusing their attention on the afterlife, thus possibly overlooking the injustice of the present.
Others point out that some level of radiation might actually be good for health and have a positive effect on population based on radiation hormesis model, by jump starting DNA repair mechanisms inside the cell.
Others see it as a case of Jewish radicals refusing to compromise and instead reduced the Jewish population by suicide and murder of their families, both prohibited by Rabbinic Judaism.
Others were added as the population grew, but by 1830, they could not keep up with the demand.
Others are recruited from the general population.
Others come from countries where the Chinese language is used by a large number of the population, such as Singapore and Malaysia.
Others saw that, even in World War II, strategic bombing united the victim population against the aggressor and did little to hinder industrial output.

Others and may
Others may speak of Speaker Rayburn's uniquely long and devoted service ; ;
Others may think he opposes only those taxes that he believes will hinder economic growth.
Others may be conditionally essential for some ages or medical conditions.
Others may choose to take a mixed approach, adopting some feminine traits and some masculine traits in their appearance.
Others may apply traffic restraint measures to limit the impact of motorized transport.
Others have suggested the decline of the tree was exaggerated, or that other extinct animals may also have been distributing the seeds, such as tortoises, fruit bats or the Broad-billed Parrot.
Others may ignore traces of oil if the presence of the material does not materially improve the look of the gemstone.
Others who practice feminist spirituality may instead adhere to a feminist re-interpretation of Western monotheistic traditions.
Others may see him dying at Mabon, the autumn equinox, or the second harvest festival.
Others have independently come to the same conclusion, and publication of independent analyses may be forthcoming [...] For scientists to label sight reports and questionable photographs as ' proof ' of such an extraordinary record is delving into ' faith-based ' ornithology and doing a disservice to science.
These missiles are mostly medium range ( 2000 – 4000 m ), though some such as 9M117M1 Arkan has a range of 5, 500 m. Others may carry surface-to-air missiles or a combination of the two, such as the 2T Stalker.
Others use machinima in drama ; these works may or may not retain signs of their video game provenance.
Others may use antique salvage bricks, or new bricks may be artificially aged by applying various surface treatments, such as tumbling.
Others suggest soft drinks may displace calcium-containing drinks from the diet rather than directly causing osteoporosis.
Others have however claimed that screening may be cost effective in those 80 to 85 years of age.
Others believed that, to avoid the Carthaginian blockade, he may have stuck close to land and sailed only at night, or taken advantage of a temporary lapse in the blockade.
Others may argue that since these stamps are virtually worthless, they will be discarded in large numbers and eventually become less common and thus collectable in their own right, though this process would likely take many decades.
Others may require the operator to manually select the regions of the pupils to which correction is to be applied.
Others, such as most Australian languages, are indeterminate: stops may vary between voiced and voiceless without distinction.
Others, such as Omni or CTS, have similar branding and a common programming focus, but schedules may vary significantly from one station to the next.
Others propose she may have been recruiting more escaped slaves in Canada, and Kate Clifford Larson suggests she may have been in Maryland, recruiting for Brown's raid or attempting to rescue more family members.

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