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Others and writing
Others, such as Mikhail M. Morozov, have maintained that Shakespeare may not have been entirely original in his writing of the play ( whether The Shrew or A Shrew ), suggesting that the ideas found in the story were those of another author.
Others take it to mean a mental change made by the original writers or redactors of Scripture ; i. e. the latter shrank from putting in writing a thought which some of the readers might expect them to express.
Others who use the term writing tutor describe the tutor as facilitating learning through active listening, responding, as well as using silence and wait time.
* Others have also questioned why Beale would have bothered writing three different ciphertexts ( with at least two keys, if not ciphers ) for what is essentially a single message in the first place, particularly if he wanted to ensure that the next of kin received their share ( as it is, with the treasure described, there is no incentive to decode the third cipher ).
Others would argue that this trend, though understandable from a socio-psychological point of view, is, from a strictly linguistic perspective, irrational, since writing was invented to represent the sounds of the language and not vice versa.
Others suggest the separation was the result of in the increase of Crosby's outside interests, including writing hymns and rescue work.
Others got acquainted and started studying these works in the 1980s and started writing about it since the 1990s.
Others, such as James Travers writing for filmsdefrance. com, said the filming method added something to the film.
Despite earlier reports that the band would begin recording their next full-length studio album by 2009, Lagwagon had gone on hiatus from touring and writing again, due to Cape launching a solo career, releasing Bridge in 2008 and Doesn't Play Well with Others in 2010.
Others, such as James Thomson and Henry Brooke, were also writing such " patriotic " ( which is to say in support of the Patriot Whigs ) plays at the time, and Henry Carey was soon to satirize the failed promise of George II.
Wilson has expressed his distaste for the film version publicly, writing in the short story collection The Barren ( and Others ) that it is, “ Visually intriguing, but otherwise utterly incomprehensible .”
" Others regard this connection as disappointing, considering it an insinuation that Wigan is no better now than it was at the time of Orwell's writing.
J. P. Moreland, a professor of the Talbot School of Theology, writing the forward to the 2006 reprint of Schaeffer's book Escape from Reason, states " Others argue, sometime correctly, that Schaeffer paints with too broad a brush and, as a result, somewhat misrepresents certain thinkers.
Others pay in a protesting form — for instance, by writing their cheque on a toilet seat or a mock-up of a missile.
Others did not like a white author writing about a black historical figure.
Others are simply people who enjoy writing about books.
Yale ’ s The New Englander while complimenting Emerson's abilities, criticized the book as depicting “ a universe bereft of its God ” and described its author as writing “ with the air of a man who is accustomed to be looked up to with admiring and unquestioning deference .” Littell's Living Age found the book to contain the “ weakest kind of commonplace elaborately thrown into unintelligible shapes ” and claimed it to read in parts like an “ emasculate passage of Walt Whitman .” Others were no less critical, proclaiming that Emerson “ has come to the end of what he had to say, and is repeating himself ” ( Athenaeum ) or even calling him a “ phrasemonger ” and “ second-hand writer ” ( Critic ).
As Witchard notes, Burke, through his writing, positioned himself as a “ seer ” in an “ occult process ” of representing London ’ s sub-cultural ‘ Others .’
In 1913, Henry, writing to his acolyte Howard Sturgis about the relatives he had mentioned in his memoir A Small Boy and Others, explained enigmatically, ' Yes, my Father's two other sisters were my Van Buren and my Temple aunts.

Others and on
Others, badly wounded, gripped hands in manes, knees in bellies, held on as long as possible and then, weak from ghastly wounds, slipped sideways, slowly, almost thoughtfully, to be broken under the slashing hoofs.
Others are confined to vast reservations, and not only does the Australian government justifiably not wish them to be viewed as exhibits in a zoo, but on their reservations they are extremely fugitive, shunning camps, coming together only for corroborees at which their strange culture comes to its highest pitch -- which is very low indeed.
Others meet on Sunday night, at the mid-week service, or for a series of four nights.
Others, such as Julian Steward and Leslie White, focused on how societies evolve and fit their ecological niche — an approach popularized by Marvin Harris.
Others have criticised Christie on political grounds, particularly with respect to her conversations about and portrayals of Jews.
Others would prefer that delegates concentrate their efforts on the coordination and organization of the movement and on the planning of new campaigns.
Others in the government and some on the Black Hand Executive Council were not as confident of Russian aid.
Others would follow with their own works, elaborating on Gaddis's ideas: John Wallace Spencer ( Limbo of the Lost, 1969, repr.
Others, such as raccoons and bears, depending on the local habitat, are more omnivorous ; the giant panda is almost exclusively a herbivore, but will take fish, eggs and insects, while the polar bear's harsh habitat forces it to subsist mainly on prey.
Others will be purchased by re-stockers to grow out and fatten on grass or as potential breeders.
Others are simple long stocks with the crossbow mounted on them.
Others objected on the grounds that adopting the Episcopalian priesthood and hierarchical structure was contrary to the Lutheran concept of the priesthood of all believers, which holds that all Christians stand on equal footing before God.
Others have argued that data such as the Bereitschaftspotential undermine epiphenomenalism for the same reason, that such experiments rely on a subject reporting the point in time at which a conscious experience occurs, thus relying on the subject to be able to consciously perform an action.
Austrian Phenomenology: Brentano, Husserl, Meinong, and Others on Mind and Language.
Others have drawn the opposite conclusion, i. e., that as an apostle, he would not have made such a claim on his own behalf.
Others include mono-cropping, farming on steep slopes, pesticide and chemical fertilizer usage ( which kill organisms that bind soil together ), row-cropping, and the use of surface irrigation.
Others create fan vids, or analytical music videos focusing on the source fandom, and yet others create fan art.
Others who responded negatively to Hayek's work on the business cycle included John Hicks, Frank Knight, and Gunnar Myrdal.
Others moved to Gibraltar on a temporary assignment and then married with local women.
Others were kidnapped by the Taliban, touching off a hostage crisis that nearly escalated to a full scale war, with 150, 000 Iranian soldiers massed on the Afghan border at one time.

Others and have
Others mentioned that I might have had to ask friends or even strangers for help and that to be stranded in a foreign country without sufficient funds did not contribute to international understanding.
Others have so-called development plans, but some of these are little more than lists of projects collected from various ministries while others are statements of goals without analysis of the actions required to attain them.
Others, which are reached by walking up a single flight of stairs, have balconies.
Others have specialised mouthparts consisting of a horny beak edged by several rows of labial teeth.
Others have speculated that instead of social groups, at least some of these finds represent Komodo dragon-like mobbing of carcasses, where aggressive competition leads to some of the predators being killed and cannibalized.
Others have discredited the theory about the Galilean Tekoa, citing that the difference in elevation between the two locations is not significant.
Others have argued that astronomy is an inaccurate term, what are being studied are cosmologies and people who object to the use of logos have suggested adopting the Spanish cosmovisión.
Poem 30 of that sequence, for instance, speaks of how " Fear contended with desire ": " Others, I am not the first / have willed more mischief than they durst ".
Others produce larvae that have little yolk but swim and feed for a few days before settling.
Others have associated this poem with the court of King Alfred, or with the court of King Canute.
Others like Walton have advocated a combination of both schemes, but in different parts of Daniel.
Others have argued that " black " is a better term because " African " suggests foreignness, despite the long presence of black people in the US.
Others, including the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ ), Evangelical Christian Church in Canada, Churches of Christ, and the Christian churches and churches of Christ, have their roots in the contemporaneous Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, which was centered in Kentucky and Tennessee.
Others, such as Claude Lévi-Strauss ( who was influenced both by American cultural anthropology and by French Durkheimian sociology ), have argued that apparently similar patterns of development reflect fundamental similarities in the structure of human thought ( see structuralism ).
Others estimate that Baghdad's population may have been as large as 2 million in the 9th century .< ref >
A Others, however, have been lovingly preserved in their original condition, and would be coveted by collectors in other countries.
Others have hypothesized that cannibalism was part of a blood revenge in war.
Others, though, have argued that the level of disagreement about the meaning of the word indicates that it either means different things to different people, or else is an umbrella term encompassing a variety of distinct meanings with no simple element in common.
Others have interpreted the fossil bearing rocks along Red Deer River in Alberta, Canada, as supporting a gradual extinction of non-avian dinosaurs ; during the last 10 million years of the Cretaceous layers there, the number of dinosaur species seems to have decreased from about 45 to about 12.
Others have lighthearted and playful lyrics.
Others have proposed that the ceremony in some way endorsed Constantine's kingship, prefiguring later royal inaugurations at Scone.

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