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Otto and Loewi
Neurohormones were first identified by Otto Loewi in 1921.
* 1873 Otto Loewi, German pharmacologist, Nobel Prize laureate ( d. 1961 )
The presence of such a gap suggested communication via chemical messengers traversing the synaptic cleft, and in 1921 German pharmacologist Otto Loewi ( 1873 1961 ) confirmed that neurons can communicate by releasing chemicals.
Furthermore, Otto Loewi is accredited with discovering acetylcholine ( ACh )— the first known neurotransmitter.
* December 25 Otto Loewi, German-born pharmacologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ( b. 1873 )
* Physiology or Medicine Sir Henry Hallett Dale, Otto Loewi
* June 3 Otto Loewi, German-born pharmacologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ( d. 1961 )
At this location, neuroscientist Otto Loewi first proved that nerves secrete substances called neurotransmitters, which have effects on receptors in target tissues.
Nobel Prize Laureates who taught at the University of Vienna include Robert Bárány, Julius Wagner-Jauregg, Hans Fischer, Karl Landsteiner, Erwin Schrödinger, Victor Franz Hess, Otto Loewi, Konrad Lorenz and Friedrich Hayek.
For his study of acetylcholine as agent in the chemical transmission of nerve impulses ( neurotransmission ) he shared the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Otto Loewi.
While working at the University College London he met and became friends with Otto Loewi.
Carl was invited to Graz to work with Otto Loewi to study the effect of the vagus nerve on the heart, Loewi would receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1936 for this work.
Nobel Laureate Otto Loewi taught at the University of Graz from 1909 until 1938.
* Otto Loewi, 1936 in medicine in Graz 1909 to 1938
* Otto Loewi
The Nobel Prize diploma of Otto Loewi, housed at the University of Graz
* Otto Loewi Biography.
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Otto and 3
Hugh was crowned at Noyon on 3 July 987 with the full support from Holy Roman Emperor Otto III.
Former Browns QB Otto Graham ( left, with head coach Paul Brown ), who led the Browns to 4 AAFC and 3 NFL Championships, and is a Pro Football Hall of Fame member. While the championship losses sowed bitterness among Cleveland fans who had grown accustomed to winning, the team continued to make progress.
Pope Gregory V, né Bruno of Carinthia ( c. 972 18 February 999 ) was Pope from 3 May 996 to 18 February 999, a son of the Salian Otto I, Duke of Carinthia, who was a grandson of the Emperor Otto I the Great.
On 3 July 1201, the papal legate, Cardinal-Bishop Guido of Palestrina announced to the people, in the cathedral of Cologne, that Otto IV had been approved by the pope as Roman king and threatened with excommunication all those who refused to acknowledge him.
* 1843 The Greek Army rebels ( OS date: September 3 ) against the autocratic rule of king Otto of Greece, demanding the granting of a constitution.
* September 3 Popular uprising in Athens, Greece, including citizens and military captains, to require from King Otto to issue a liberal Constitution to the state, which was governed since independence ( 1830 ) by various domestic and foreign centres of profits.
* February 3 Pope John XII and Otto co-sign the Diploma Ottonianum.
About 3, 000 Saxons, were commanded by Otto himself.
da: Otto 3.
On 24 October, The Austro-German 14th Army, under General der Infanterie Otto von Below, attacked the Italian Second Army on the Isonzo at the Battle of Caporetto ; in 18 days Italy lost 650, 000 men and 3, 000 guns.
* Pfohl, Ferdinand: 5 poems (" Moon-rondels, fantastic scenes from ' Pierrot Lunaire '") for voice and piano ( 1891 ); Marschalk, Max: 5 poems for voice and piano ( 1901 ); Vrieslander, Otto: 50 poems for voice and piano ( 46 in 1905, 4 more in 1911 ); Graener, Paul: 3 poems for voice and piano ( c. 1908 ); Marx, Joseph: 4 poems for voice and piano ( 1909 ; 1 of 4, " Valse de Chopin ", reset for voice, piano, and string quartet in 1917 ); Schoenberg, Arnold: 21 poems for speaking voice, piano, flute ( also piccolo ), clarinet ( also bass clarinet ), violin ( also viola ), and violoncello ( 1912 ); Kowalski, Max: 12 poems for voice and piano ( 1913 ); Prohaska, Carl: 6 poems for voice and piano ( 1920 ); Lothar, Mark: 1 poem for voice and piano ( 1921 ).
Saint Ansfried ( Ansfrid, Ansfridus ) of Utrecht ( died 3 May 1010 near Leusden ) was Count of Huy and the sword-bearer for Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor.
* Curtius Wachsmuth, Otto Hense, ( 1894 ), Ioannis Stobaei Anthologium, Volume 3
* Otto Steinert ( 12 July 1915 3 March 1978 ), photographer
Since the Otto cycle is an isentropic process the isentropic equations of ideal gases and the constant pressure / volume relations can be used to yield Equations 3 & 4.
Otto found himself confronted by a number of intractable ecclesiastical issues: 1 ) monasticism, 2 ) Autocephaly, 3 ) the king as head of the Church and 4 ) toleration of other churches.
In response to a demolition order placed on the building in which Otto Frank and his family had hidden during the war, he and Johannes Kleiman helped establish the Anne Frank Foundation on 3 May 1957, with the principal aim of saving and restoring the building, to allow it to be opened to the general public.
Otto Weininger ( April 3, 1880 October 4, 1903 ) was an Austrian philosopher.
Otto Weininger was born on April 3, 1880 in Vienna as a son of the Jewish goldsmith Leopold Weininger and his wife Adelheid.
The asteroid 768 Struveana was named jointly in his honour and that of Otto Wilhelm and Karl Hermann Struve and a lunar crater was named for another 3 astronomers of the Struve family: Friedrich Georg Wilhelm, Otto Wilhelm and Otto.
Gerhard Heinrich Friedrich Otto Julius Herzberg, ( December 25, 1904 March 3, 1999 ) was a German-Canadian pioneering physicist and physical chemist, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1971, " for his contributions to the knowledge of electronic structure and geometry of molecules, particularly free radicals ".

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