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Otto and disputed
After the death of Emperor Henry VI, who had recently also conquered the Kingdom of Sicily, the succession became disputed: as Henry's son Frederick was still a small child, the partisans of the Staufen dynasty elected Henry ’ s brother, Philip, Duke of Swabia, king in March 1198, whereas the princes opposed to the Staufen dynasty elected Otto, Duke of Brunswick, of the House of Welf.
Based on this, he argued that Naburimannu developed the Babylonian System A of calculating solar system ephemerides, and that Kidinnu later developed Babylonian System B. Otto E. Neugebauer has remained reserved to this conclusion and disputed Schnabel's further inferences about Naburimannu's life and work.
# Katharina ( 1256 – 4 April 1282, Landshut ), married 1279 in Vienna to Otto III, Duke of Bavaria who later ( after her death ) became the disputed King Bela V of Hungary and left no surviving issue.
His rights in Germany were disputed by Henry's brother Philip of Swabia and Otto of Brunswick.
Vegetius dedicates his work to the reigning emperor, who is identified as Theodosius, ad Theodosium imperatorem, in the manuscript family that was not edited in 450 ; the identity is disputed: some scholars identify him with Theodosius the Great, while others follow Otto Seeck and identify him with the later Valentinian III, dating the work 430-35.
Henry II disputed Ezzo's ownership of territories, that Ezzo defended as his wife's inheritance of Otto III.

Otto and traditional
When the assembly was concluded, Otto III and his mother Theophanu travelled across the Alps in order for Otto III to receive his coronation at Aachen, the traditional site for the coronation of the German kings.
Crescentius II retreated to the Tomb of Hardian, the Crescentii's traditional stronghold, and was then besieged by Otto III's imperial army.
His election secured, Otto III and his mother, the Empress Theophanu, traveled north across the Alps heading for Aachen, the traditional coronation site for the Ottonians, in order for Otto III to be official crown as king.
A traditional Otto cycle engine uses four " strokes ", of which two can be considered " high power "the compression stroke ( high power consumption ) and power stroke ( high power production ).
Wenceslaus was supported by Duke Otto III of Lower Bavaria, whose family were traditional enemies of the Habsburgs.
Before his death, Otto asked to be buried in his own Greek traditional uniform.
In a naturally aspirated engine ; air for combustion ( diesel cycle in a diesel engine, or specific types of Otto cycle in gasoline engines – namely gasoline direct injection ), or an air / fuel mixture ( traditional Otto cycle petrol engines ) is drawn into the engines cylinders by atmospheric pressure acting against a partial vacuum that occurs as the piston travels downwards toward bottom dead centre during the induction stroke.
While a modified Otto cycle engine using the Atkinson cycle provides good fuel economy, it is at the expense of a lower power-per-displacement as compared to a traditional four-stroke engine.
The term Ultra Left is rarely used in English, where people tend to speak broadly of left communism as a minor variant of traditional Marxism, but the equivalent term in French — ultra-gauche — has a stronger currency, as it is a more positive term in that language and is used to define a movement that is still in existence today: a branch of left communism descending from people such as Amadeo Bordiga, Otto Rühle, Anton Pannekoek, Herman Gorter, and Paul Mattick, and continuing to present day writers such as Jacques Camatte and Gilles Dauvé ( also known as Jean Barrot ).
When you are open to ideas and thoughts the music will come to you .” In contrast to his peers ( such as Otto Luening, John Cage, and La Monte Young ) who sounded, according to The Stranger, more like " math equations ( artists out to prove a point ) than actual music ," El-Dabh's experimental electronic music were " more shapely and rhythmic constructions " that incorporated traditional stringed and percussion sounds, inspired by folk music traditions ( including the Egyptian and Native American traditions ).

Otto and derived
Philip of Swabia, elected German king in 1198, changed the coat of arms, and the lion was replaced by three leopards, probably derived from the arms of his Welf rival Otto IV.
Applying this to the Otto cycle the four process equations can be derived:
The name of the settlement was derived from its likely founder, the Saxon margrave, Hermann Billung, a vassal of Otto I, and the aforementioned castle or Burg.

Otto and instead
A rotary engine is essentially a standard Otto cycle engine, but instead of having a fixed cylinder block with rotating crankshaft as with a conventional radial engine, the crankshaft remains stationary and the entire cylinder block rotates around it.
By naming a descendant of his half-brother instead of his cousin, Otto II reinforced his father's policy of appointing close family members to key posts throughout the Empire.
Otto II was then buried in the atrium of St. Peter's Basilica, becoming the only German ruler to be buried in a foreign country instead of in Germany.
# using Atkinson cycle engines instead of Otto cycle engines for improved fuel economy.
When he was elected king, the Great Powers extracted a pledge from Otto ’ s father to restrain him from hostile actions against the Ottoman Empire, and insisted on his title being that of “ King of Greece ” instead of “ King of the Greeks ”, which would imply a claim over the millions of Greeks then still under Turkish rule.
Manstein's only wartime complaint about the actions of the Einsatzgruppen occurred in a 1941 letter to Einsatzgruppen D commanding officer Otto Ohlendorf ; since his soldiers were so helpful in assisting Ohlendorf's men to murder Jews, Manstein said, it was unfair that the SS insisted upon keeping all of the murdered Jews ' wristwatches for themselves instead of sharing with the Army.
Portuguesa manager Otto Glória quickly led his team out of the stadium ; this was allegedly to ensure the shoot-out could not resume once the mistake was discovered, and that instead the match would be replayed, giving Portuguesa a better chance of victory.
Killing Zoe is notable as the first feature film to use the newly invented Otto Nemitz Swing & Tilt lenses, which were used during the heroin sequences for perspective distortion instead of their original purpose of perspective correction.
Banned from the radio, Natalino Otto worked for recording companies instead, together with two great Italian bandleaders such as Gorni Kramer and Pippo Barzizza.
After the insurgence instigated by Henry the Wrangler of Bavaria in 976 against Emperor Otto II, Leopold was appointed as a largely autonomous " Margrave in the East ", the core territory of the later Archduchy of Austria, instead of one Burkhard.
In the 1980s, Otto Elsner, a chemist from the Shenkar College of Fibers in Israel discovered that if a solution of the dye was exposed to sunlight, blue instead of purple was consistently produced.
Frederick II dispatched the new Grand Master, the Archbishop of Bari, and the Magister Roger Porcastrello to pressure the papal conclave to elect Otto of St. Nicholas as pope, but Pope Celestine IV was chosen instead.
Gyrich, however, is indeed a real person, and makes his first real appearance at the end of the Clone Saga arc, working instead for the FBI leading a strike team to find Otto Octavius.
Some historians believe Isabella actually had five children, two short-lived sons instead of one, and that they were named Jordanus / Carl Otto and Frederick, the two being born in spring 1236 and summer 1240.
From the Right, Otto Pflanze claimed that Wehler's use of such terms as " Bonapartism ", " social imperialism ", " negative integration " and Sammlungspolitik (" the politics of rallying together ") has gone beyond mere heuristic devices and instead become a form of historical fiction.
Other Marxists opposed Bernstein and other revisionists, with many, including Karl Kautsky, Otto Bauer, Rudolf Hilferding, Rosa Luxemburg, Vladimir Lenin, and Georgi Plekhanov sticking steadfast to the concept of violently overthrowing what they saw as the bourgeoisie-controlled government and instead establishing a " dictatorship of the proletariat.
According to Widukind of Corvey, Otto was offered the kingship of East Francia after the death of Louis the Child in 911, but did not accept it on account of his advanced age, instead suggesting Conrad of Franconia.
Hodgson was shortlisted to become the next manager, but the role went instead to Otto Barić.

Otto and from
* 1248 – The Dutch city of Ommen receives city rights and fortification rights from Otto III, the Archbishop of Utrecht.
Three separate sources were combined to form fr. 350, as mentioned above, including a prose paraphrase from Strabo that first needed to be restored to its original meter, a synthesis achieved by the united efforts of Otto Hoffmann, Karl Otfried Muller and Franz Heinrich Ludolf Ahrens.
From 1850 onwards he became well known as a critic and essay-writer, and in 1860 he began working on his magnum opus, his History of Music, which was published at intervals from 1862 in five volumes, the last two ( 1878, 1882 ) being edited and completed by Otto Kade and Wilhelm Langhans.
In his work Prodromo dell ' Arte Maestra ( 1670 ) he proposes a lighter-than-air vessel based on logical deductions from previous work ranging from Archimedes and Euclid to his contemporaries Robert Boyle and Otto von Guericke.
Later, however, her daughter-in-law, the Byzantine princess Theophano, turned her husband Otto II against his mother, and she was driven from court in 978 ; she lived partly in Italy, and partly with her brother Conrad, king of Burgundy, by whose mediation she was ultimately reconciled to her son ; in 983 Otto appointed her as his viceroy in Italy.
The campaign was designed by John, who was the fulcrum of the alliances ; his plan being to draw the French away from Paris southward against himself and keep him occupied, while the main army, under Emperor Otto IV, marched on Paris from the north.
Hugh was crowned at Noyon on 3 July 987 with the full support from Holy Roman Emperor Otto III.
Meanwhile, in a November 15, 1953 game against the 49ers, Otto Graham took an elbow from linebacker Art Michalik that put a gash on his face requiring 15 stitches.
With the support of Otto Preminger, Trumbo was credited for his screenplay for the 1960 film Exodus, adapted from the novel by Leon Uris.
The diesel internal combustion engine differs from the gasoline powered Otto cycle by using highly compressed hot air to ignite the fuel rather than using a spark plug ( compression ignition rather than spark ignition ).
He learnt all the local birds in Würzburg from his elder brother Otto.
Also, while in New Guinea, he visited the Lutheran missionaries Otto Thiele and Christian Keyser, in the Finschhafen district ; there, while in conversation with his hosts, he uncovered the discrepancies in Hermann Detzner's popular book, Four Years among the Cannibals in German Guinea from 1914 to the Truce, in which Detzner claimed to have seen the interior, discovered several species of flora and fauna, while remaining only steps ahead of the Australian patrols sent to capture him.
Under the guise of idealism giving way to realism, German nationalism rapidly shifted from its liberal and democratic character in 1848 to Prussian prime minister Otto von Bismarck's authoritarian Realpolitik.
Conrad had granted Franconia to his brother Eberhard on his succession, but when Eberhard rebelled against Otto I in 938, he was deposed from his duchy.
Rather than appoint a new duke from his own circle, Otto now divided the threatening power of the duchy among the great ecclesiastics with and through whom he ruled, and who had remained faithful to his cause: the Bishop of Würzburg and the Abbot of Fulda ( 939 ).
Most of what is known about Pre-Contact (" Ancient ") Chamorros comes from legends and myths, archaeological evidence, Jesuit missionary accounts, and observations from visiting scientists like Otto von Kotzebue and Louis de Freycinet.
German nationalism rapidly shifted from its liberal and democratic character in 1848, called Pan-Germanism, to Prussian prime minister Otto von Bismarck's pragmatic Realpolitik.
Otto wrested from the nobles the powers of appointment of the bishops and abbots, who controlled large land holdings.
Otto marched on Rome and drove John XII from the papal throne and for years controlled the election of the pope, setting a firm precedent for imperial control of the papacy for years to come.
In 1851, Otto Funke published a series of articles in which he described growing hemoglobin crystals by successively diluting red blood cells with a solvent such as pure water, alcohol or ether, followed by slow evaporation of the solvent from the resulting protein solution.

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