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Our and comment
:* Another comment on " Our Biotech Future ", with a reply by Dyson, October 11, 2007
It soon became known as " Our Life: Symphonic Fragment " ( Unser Leben: Symphonisches Fragment ) and was intended as a comment on the generally miserable conditions for artists and liberal minded individuals under the early Nazi regime.

Our and was
Our camp was in the center of a wide valley.
Our lifeboat was filling rapidly and despite what I had heard of the inhabitants of Eromonga, I was glad to see a long and graceful outrigger manned by three bronzed girls glide out of a lagoon into the open sea and toward our craft.
Williams also stated: `` Our peace was like the peace of a man who hath the tertian ague ''.
That spring Welcome To Our City was selected for production by the 47 Workshop and it was staged in the middle of May.
Our first impression of the data was that the students were surprisingly orthodox and religiously involved.
Our companion was a huge, plain-spoken American sculptor who had been a sixteen-year-old rifleman all across France in 1944.
Most of them had seen Our American Cousin before, and unless Miss Keene was on stage, there was not much to it.
Our building time was slightly over 400 hours -- but the total cost for the hull with Fiberglas bottom, sink, head and hardware was under $800.
Our last joint venture, Sainted Lady, a deeply religious film based on the life of Mother Cabrini, and timed so that its release date would coincide with the beatification of America's first saint in November, 1938, was a fiasco from start to finish.
A 62-year-old Smithfield man, Lester E. Stone of 19 Beverly Circle, was in satisfactory condition last night at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, North Providence, with injuries suffered when a car he was driving struck a utility pole on Woonasquatucket Avenue in North Providence near Stevens Street.
Our endeavor to capture even a faint sense of how strenuous was the fight is muffled by our indifference to the very issue which in the Boston of 1848 seemed to be the central hope of its Christian survival, that of the literal, factual historicity of the miracles as reported in the Four Gospels.
I knelt, just for decency I thought at the time, but found myself whispering, `` Our Father which Art in Heaven '' And it was only after that that something unlocked in me and I felt a grief.
Perhaps this meal was like the 1932ish Baghdad tea, where she stares " unbelievingly ", horrified by the first hint of the future, when her host Dr Jordan, Director of Antiquities, pausing while playing Beethoven, says " Our Jews are perhaps different from yours.
In around 1390, the Carmelite Monastery of Our Lady of Abensberg was founded by Count John II and his wife, Agnes.
was released in April 1989 on Ahead of Our Time and distributed by Big Life Records.
Some of these were founded by Jewish converts themselves, like the Community of Our Lady of Zion, which was composed of nuns and ordained priests.
He worked on such films as Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo ( 1944 ), Our Vines Have Tender Grapes ( 1945 ), and Kitty Foyle ( 1940 ), for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay.

Our and its
Our media advertising continued, during 1960, its previous effective program that stressed such specifics as 100% financing, plant availabilities, and location advantages.
Our Lord's invitation with its implied promise to all is, `` Come and see ''.
* Feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes ( Roman Catholic Church ), and its related observances:
Our generic formula φ now is a sentence, in normal form, and its prefix starts with a universal quantifier and ends with an existential quantifier.
In 1983, Brundtland was invited by then United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar to establish and chair the World Commission on Environment and Development ( WCED ), widely referred to as the Brundtland Commission, developing the broad political concept of sustainable development in the course of extensive public hearings that were distinguished by their inclusiveness and published its report Our Common Future in April 1987.
" Any weakening of the spiritual and military defensive strength of our continent in its struggle with eastern Bolshevism brings with it the danger of a rapidly nearing decline in its will to resist ... Our soldiers in the East will do their part.
* 1981 – The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issues its " Resolution on Certain Questions in the History of Our Party Since the Founding of the People's Republic of China ", laying the blame for the Cultural Revolution on Mao Zedong.
* Feast of Our Lady of Peace ( Roman Catholic Church ), and its related observances:
In 1977, Falwell supported Anita Bryant's campaign, which was called by its proponents " Save Our Children ", to overturn an ordinance in Dade County, Florida prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and he supported a similar movement in California.
The Lord's Prayer in Christianity has its roots in the Jewish liturgy and it shares themes with Kaddish (" Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name ").
Luxembourg has a number of minor rivers, such as the Eisch, the Alzette, and the Pétrusse, but the main river is the Moselle with its tributaries-the Sûre and the Our.
In the 20th century, Looe island was owned ( and inhabited ) by two sisters, Babs and Evelyn Atkins, who wrote two books: We Bought An Island ( 1976, ISBN 0-245-52940-3 ) and its sequel Tales From Our Cornish Island ( 1986, ISBN 0-245-54265-5 ).
In 1875 Masoch wrote The Ideals of Our Time, an attempt to give a portrait of German society during its Gründerzeit period.
*" Marriage – its various forms and the role of the State " on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time featuring Janet Soskice, Frederik Pedersen and Christina Hardyment
Our Sun is expected to spawn a planetary nebula about 12 billion years after its formation.
The popularity of Peyton Place prompted the CBS network to spin off popular As the World Turns character Lisa Miller into her own evening soap opera, Our Private World ( originally titled " The Woman Lisa " in its planning stages ).
Nevis was named " Nuestra Señora de las Nieves ", or " Our Lady of the Snows ", because the wreath of white clouds that usually covers the top of its volcanic peak reminded the Spaniards of the ancient Catholic miracle Our Lady of the Snows.
The NCNW produced its first cookbook, The Historical Cookbook of the American Negro, in 1958, and revived the practice in 1993, producing a popular series of cookbooks featuring recipes by famous African Americans, among them: The Black Family Reunion Cookbook ( 1991 ), Celebrating Our Mothers ' Kitchens: Treasured Memories and Tested Recipes ( 1994 ), and Mother Africa's Table: A Chronicle of Celebration ( 1998 ).
* Rock on Trial: Pop Music and its Role in Our Lives ( 1989 )
** Our Lady of Mercy and its related observances:

Our and ultimate
The greatest of “ the great men of England ,” the last and noblest of the Romans, was considered the embodiment of virtue, wisdom, patriotism, liberty, and temperance ... Pitt, “ glorious and immortal ,” the “ guardian of America ,” was the idol of the colonies ... A Son of Liberty in Bristol County, Massachussetts paid him the ultimate tribute of identification with English liberty: “ Our toast in general is ,— Magna Charta, the British Constitution ,— and Liberty forever !”
Our ultimate aim must be the complete abolition of wage slavery.
: Our crowning achievement, and the ultimate wargame.
Our ultimate aim is to inspire a movement to fight for our basic rights and amenities.
He encouraged Egypt and Saudi Arabia to do more to foster democracy as part of the United States ' highest ideal in the War on Terror: " America will stand with the allies of freedom to support democratic movements in the Middle East and beyond, with the ultimate goal of ending tyranny in our world ... Our aim is to build and preserve a community of free and independent nations, with governments that answer to their citizens, and reflect their own cultures.
* Our ultimate loyalty and allegiance is to God's Person, rather than to books, creeds, confessions, traditions, programs or procedures.
He was interviewed as himself for the unreleased 2005 film Me and Graham: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, a documentary following two filmmakers searching the US and UK for the ultimate Beatles fan.
Not in Our Genes makes a strong statement about the entanglement of science and politics: " Science is the ultimate legitimator of bourgeois ideology ", and makes the following comparison " If biological determinism is a weapon in the struggle between classes, then the universities are weapons factories, and their teaching and research faculties are the engineers, designers, and production workers.

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