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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 853
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Our and understanding
Our understanding of the solar system has taught us to replace our former elaborate rituals with the appropriate action which, in this case, amounts to doing nothing.
Our understanding of what is happening sometimes lacks similarity of structure with what is actually happening.
Our understanding of the Universe back to very early times suggests that there is a past horizon, though in practice our view is also limited by the opacity of the Universe at early times.
Our understanding of the phenomenal world is inevitably “ colored ” by the imperfections, or restrictions, of the knowing apparatus, and this is what he set out to describe in the first part of the 1st Critique.
Our understanding of gravity is still a work in progress.
Our understanding of the world is shaped by social facts ; for example the notion of time is defined by being measured through a calendar, which in turn was created to allow us to keep track of our social gatherings and rituals ; those in turn on their most basic level originated from religion.
Our understanding of herbivory in geological time comes from three sources: fossilized plants, which may preserve evidence of defence ( such as spines ), or herbivory-related damage ; the observation of plant debris in fossilised animal faeces ; and the construction of herbivore mouthparts.
Our current understanding of mutualism.
Our understanding of how reactions proceed at the atomic level in the solid state was advanced considerably by Carl Wagner's work on oxidation rate theory, counter diffusion of ions, and defect chemistry.
A U. S. official said that " Our understanding is that the threat against President Karzai was real, was credible, but it was only in the early stages of planning.
* Our understanding of the evolution of the atmosphere of Earth has progressed.
* Our common-sense understanding of belief is correct-Sometimes called the " mental sentence theory ", in this conception, beliefs exist as coherent entities and the way we talk about them in everyday life is a valid basis for scientific endeavour.
* Our common-sense understanding of belief may not be entirely correct, but it is close enough to make some useful predictions-This view argues that we will eventually reject the idea of belief as we use it now, but that there may be a correlation between what we take to be a belief when someone says " I believe that snow is white " and how a future theory of psychology will explain this behaviour.
* Our common-sense understanding of belief is entirely wrong and will be completely superseded by a radically different theory that will have no use for the concept of belief as we know it-Known as eliminativism, this view, ( most notably proposed by Paul and Patricia Churchland ), argues that the concept of belief is like obsolete theories of times past such as the four humours theory of medicine, or the phlogiston theory of combustion.
* Our common-sense understanding of belief is entirely wrong ; however, treating people, animals, and even computers as if they had beliefs is often a successful strategy-The major proponents of this view, Daniel Dennett and Lynne Rudder Baker, are both eliminativists in that they believe (?
Our understanding of the extent of these aquifers and how much water can be withdrawn from them depends critically on our knowledge of the rocks that hold them ( the reservoir ).
Our modern scientific understanding involves the mathematicized understanding of the world represented by modern physics.
Our understanding of gravity is still a work in progress.
Our understanding of sentences about Odysseus consists then in our " playing along " ( see Gareth Evans, Saul Kripke ).
Our understanding of hemodynamics depends on measuring the blood flow at different points in the circulation.
Our modern understanding of instinctual behavior in animals owes much to their work.
Rebbe Nachman's magnum opus is the two-volume Likutei Moharan ( Collected of Our Teacher and Rabbi, Nachman ), a collection of 411 lessons displaying in-depth familiarity and understanding of the many overt and esoteric concepts embedded in Tanakh, Talmud, Midrash, Zohar and Kabbalah.
Our understanding of our own sun serves as a guide to our understanding of other stars.

Our and will
Our successors will have an easier task ''.
Our entire economy will have a terrific uplift.
Our current rate of incoming orders has now contracted and unless this trend can be reversed, our production for 1961 will be lower than for 1960.
`` Our most immediate goal is to increase public awareness of the movement '', he indicated, `` and to tell them what this will mean for the town ''.
Bob Jones III has argued that the university is not so much anti-Catholic or anti-Mormon as it is opposed to the idea that all men, regardless of religious beliefs, will eventually get to heaven: " Our shame would be in telling people a lie, and thereby letting them go to hell without Christ because we loved their goodwill more than we loved them and their souls ….
At some point in almost every show, usually when giving the address for the Puzzler answers, Ray will mention Cambridge, Massachusetts ( where the show originates ), at which point Tom reverently interjects with a tone of civic pride, " Our fair city.
* " Our eyes see very little and very badly – so people dreamed up the microscope to let them see invisible phenomena ; they invented the telescope ... now they have perfected the cinecamera to penetrate more deeply into the visible world, to explore and record visual phenomena so that what is happening now, which will have to be taken account of in the future, is not forgotten.
Our darling Jews will think twice in future before gunning down German diplomats.
" Any weakening of the spiritual and military defensive strength of our continent in its struggle with eastern Bolshevism brings with it the danger of a rapidly nearing decline in its will to resist ... Our soldiers in the East will do their part.
Our free will.
: Our conclusion is that the many factors that we have considered above give serious theological and liturgical grounds for hope that unbaptized infants who die will be saved and enjoy the beatific vision.
Our affliction moves us to write to you once again, trusting that you are a loving son of St. Peter and of us, and that, from respect for him, you will come and defend the Church of God and His peculiar people, who are now unable to endure the persecution and oppression of the Lombards.
On 27 May he stated " Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel.
They are based on highly abstract theories – venerable, academic inventions, half misunderstood by those who are applying them today, and based on assumptions which are contrary to the facts … Our main task, therefore, will be to confirm the reader ’ s instinct that what seems sensible is sensible, and what seems nonsense is nonsense.
She imagines that " the quick comedians / Extemporally will stage us, and present / Our Alexandrian revels: Antony / Shall be brought drunken forth, and I shall see / Some squeaking Cleopatra boy my greatness / I ' th ' posture of a whore.
The white paper specifically states, " The new grant of British citizenship will not be a barrier, therefore, to those Overseas Territories choosing to become independent of Britain .... Our Overseas Territories are British for as long as they wish to remain British.
The Press cited both a review of costs ( in a letter to Raven subscribers ) and changes in the direction and content of the Freedom newspaper: " Our intention is that changes in this newspaper will allow it to do some of the more reflective work that was previously The Raven's lot.
* Our Lady of Angels ( 1979 )-Western America, based in Burlingame, California 7 communities in California, with 4 communities in Mexico which will become, as of December 2011, the Custody of St. Juan Diego
) In a 2004 interview, Sadier said that " Our dedication to her on the album Margerine Eclipse says, ' We will love you till the end ', meaning of our lives.

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