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Outside and business
`` Outside '' faculty members want to be considered partners in the academic enterprise and not merely paid employees of a family business.
* John Gardner Ford ( born 1952 ), American business executive who co-founded Outside magazine in 1977 ; second son of President Gerald R. Ford ; best known as Jack Ford
A psychologist, Gilbert Dasein, is hired by corporate interests to investigate a town in a valley where marketing seems totally ineffective: Outside businesses are allowed in, but wither quickly for lack of business.
Outside of tutors, William and his brothers had little formal education, but were involved in their father's business ventures at a young age.
Outside business, the range of acceptable patterns widens, with plaids such as the traditional glen plaid and herringbone, though apart from some very traditional environments such as London banking, these are worn for business now too.
Outside of his capacities as a Member of Parliament, Allison also owns a Private Equity Firm that assists in small business and startups.
Outside its academic, scientific and business facilities, Villeneuve-d ' Ascq is mostly known because of its two stadiums and for the Ascq massacre.
Outside of show business, he enjoyed aviation holding a pilot's licence from 1961 onwards, fast cars ( it was a family joke that he changed cars when the ashtrays were full ), motorbiking, scale model model-making ( he was chairman of the Airfix Modellers ' Club ) and wrote a review feature for Meccano Magazine during 1971.
Outside the station there is also one of the main microbus stops in the area ; these microbuses transport people coming from the metro to other business and commercial zones in the city like northern Polanco, Palmas, Santa Fe, Lomas de Chapultepec and Satélite.
Outside or external parties to a business depend on accounting reports prepared by financial ( public ) accountants who apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ( GAAP ) issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board ( FASB ) and enforced by the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) and other local and international regulatory agencies and bodies such as International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ).
Outside of acting, Rampal has been involved in other business ventures.
Outside motorsport Grace has a successful and varied career in business management.
Outside the cockpit, Johansson has a number of business ventures ( including managing several successful drivers such as Scott Dixon ) and is a keen artist – he is particularly known for his watch designs.
Outside of this room, a new conference facility was added to allow for upscale business meetings and public relations luncheons.
The Training Outside Public Practice ( TOPP ) programme has a financial management focus ; TOPP trainees can thus become chartered accountants with a more limited knowledge and experience of auditing than those who undergo the TIPP programme, but with a more extensive financial management and business experience than the TIPP learners.
Outside Young Associates he has a number of business interests.
It was divided into four business units: BBC Studios, BBC Post Production, BBC Outside Broadcasts, and BBC Costume + Wigs.
Outside the church, Mattie explains to Chris that she has some unfinished business with MGH dealers, who exploited her in the past ; she has tracked them to Los Angeles.
Outside the ramparts is a small tannery mainly in the business of travel equipment for camel riding, such as goat skin, camel hide sandals, leather bags and belts.
Outside the equine business, John Magnier has proven to be an astute investor and together with associates J. P. McManus, Dermot Desmond, Joe Lewis, Michael Tabor and Derrick Smith has enjoyed phenomenal success.
Outside cricket, Small's profession was originally a cobbler but he later expanded his business to include the manufacture of cricket bats and balls.
Outside of his business life, Staunton sits on the advisory board of Xfi, Exeter University's business school.

Outside and district
Outside city limits, the Segway may not be used on federal motorways, federal highways, state roads, and district roads.
Outside of the Monroe County school district, Bloomington is home to the prestigious Indiana University, which educates over 40, 000 students.
Outside the historic district, the village's post office downtown and the Everett-Bradner and Wisner houses on South Street have also been listed on the Register.
Outside Orissa, there are also significant Oriya-speaking populations in other linguistic regions, such as the Midnapore district of West Bengal, the East Singhbhum, West Singhbhum Seraikela Kharsawan district, Simdega, Gumla, Khunti, Ranchi district of Jharkhand, the Srikakulam, Vizianagaram & Vishakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, eastern districts of Chhattisgarh state.
Outside Spain, in Palermo, Sicily, the district called Cassaro corresponds to the Punic settlement of Zis, on high ground that was refortified by Arabs and called القصر al qasr, and was further expanded as the site of the later Norman palace.
The islands are an immediate part of New Zealand, but not part of any region or district, but instead Area Outside Territorial Authority, like all the other outlying islands except Solander Islands.
Outside of the states, other divisions include the federal district, insular areas administered by the Federal government, and American Indian reservations.
Outside of his Newark district, he was not prominent as a congressman until the Nixon impeachment hearings.
Outside of the Turaif district, on the opposite side of the wadi Hanifa, the region of the mosque of Sheik Mohammad bin Abdulwahab has been completely remodelled, leaving only some of the more recent original structures standing to the north of the complexe build on the site of the historic mosque.
Outside London, a system of elected rural parish councils and urban district councils was established in 1894, replacing the vestries for all administrative purposes.
Outside the main campus there are other facilities such as the IC ( Idiomas Católica ), a language-learning center, the Confucius Institute PUCP, the cultural center ( CCPUCP ) located in the district of San Isidro.

Outside and are
Outside directors are often useful in handling disputes between inside directors, or between shareholders and the board.
Outside directors are usually paid for their services.
Outside the animal kingdom, there are several genera containing carnivorous plants and several phyla containing carnivorous fungi.
Outside the division, the Panthers biggest rivals are the Dallas Cowboys.
Outside of Chianto Classico, the wines of the Chianti sub-zone of Rufina are among the most widely recognized and exported from the Chianti region.
Outside of the Roman Catholic Church, the term deuterocanonical is sometimes used, by way of analogy, to describe books that Eastern Orthodoxy, and Oriental Orthodoxy included in the Old Testament that are not part of the Jewish Tanakh, nor the Protestant Old Testament.
Outside of Europe and North America, engineering graduates per-capita, and hence probably electrical engineering graduates also, are most numerous in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.
Outside this system of units, the conversion factors between electronvolt, second, and nanometer are the following:
Outside of Japan, beginning with Emperor Shōwa, the emperors are often referred to by their given names, both whilst alive and posthumously.
Outside the European context, emperor is a translation given to holders of titles who are accorded the same precedence as European emperors in diplomatic terms.
With the exception of the Orthodox Church of Greece ( Holy Synod in Resistance ), they will commune the faithful from all the canonical jurisdictions and are recognized by and in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.
Outside the scope of media, railway enthusiasts are another early fandom with its roots in the late 19th century that began to gain in popularity and increasingly organize in the first decades of the early 20th century.
Outside the military, handguns are the usual armament for police and, where legal, for private citizens.
Outside the existing main roads there are several other interior roads or trails that comprise approximately 1, 570 kilometres.
Outside of one long edge of the playing field to both sides of the middle line are the substitution areas for each team.
Outside the downtown area, residents rely on private wells that are not maintained by the town.
Outside of the transverse axis but on the same line are the two focal points ( foci ) of the hyperbola.
Outside these windows the planets are essentially inaccessible from Earth with current technology.
Outside of Israel, meals are still taken in the Sukkah on the eighth day, Shemini Atzeret, a holiday in its own right.
Outside these councils are the offices of the registrar, finance officer, controller of examinations, university engineer, faculty secretaries, placement coordinator and deans of the three faculties and students welfare which are responsible for the administrative tasks delegated to them.
Outside of Jerusalem, castles and fortresses were the major focus of construction: Kerak and Montreal in Oultrejordain and Ibelin near Jaffa are among the numerous examples of crusader castles.
Outside Judaism, its scriptures are read outside the traditional canons of organised religion.
Outside of macroeconomic theory, these topics are also extremely important to all economic agents including workers, consumers, and producers.
Outside of the Republic, there are Macedonians living in other parts of the geographical area of Macedonia.

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