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Over and these
Over all these fairly awkward problems Khrushchev was to skate rather lightly ; ;
Over the course of the 19th and early 20th centuries, these amalgamated or were bought by competitors until only a handful of larger companies remained ( see railway mania ).
Over time, as new states were formed from federal territories, these territorial reception statutes became obsolete and were re-enacted as state law.
Over time, these canons were supplemented with decretals of the Bishops of Rome, which were responses to doubts or problems according to the maxim, " Roma locuta est, causa finita est " (" Rome has spoken, case is closed ").
Over thousands of years of forging, these devices have evolved in one form or another as the essential features of this type of forge:
Over the next three decades, Jensen argues, these values shaped the outlook of Francisco Franco and other Falangists.
Over time it became clear these privileges would be open to abuse and when in 1620 the Huguenots proclaimed a constitution for the ' Republic of the Reformed Churches of France ', the Prime Minister Cardinal Richelieu ( 1585 – 1642 ) invoked the entire powers of the state.
Over the next four centuries this law underwent discussion and debate in both of the world's major Jewish communities ( in Israel and Babylonia ), and the commentaries on the Mishnah from each of these communities eventually came to be edited together into compilations known as the two Talmuds.
Over time, people began worshiping these deities as well.
Over time, people started worshiping these deities as well.
Over time the definition of koto could not describe the wide variety of these stringed instruments and so the meanings changed.
Over time, these fractures enlarge as the bedrock continues to dissolve.
Over time these deposits can completely block the oil ways, reducing the cooling with the result that the turbo charger experiences total failure typically with seized bearings.
Over the years, both of these traits have become less pronounced, as many server administrators choose to eliminate or heavily restrict player-controlled building, and several games have custom coded systems to restore more of a hierarchal system.
Over 80 % of these were iron and stony-iron meteorites, which are easily distinguished from local rocks.
Over time, these subgroups might diverge radically to become different species, either because of differences in selection pressures on the different subgroups, or because different mutations arise spontaneously in the different populations, or because of founder effects – some potentially beneficial alleles may, by chance, be present in only one or other of two subgroups when they first become separated.
Over time, these basins would have received large volumes of sediment eroded from Tharsis and the southern highlands.
Over these extensive and mountainous territories the medieval popes were unable to exercise effective sovereignty, given the pressures of the times, and the new Papal States preserved the old Lombard heritage of many small counties and marquisates, each centered upon a fortified rocca.
Over the centuries, the Europeans had developed high degrees of immunity to these diseases, while the indigenous peoples had no such immunity.
Over ten heavy silver chains, some over 0. 5m long, have been found from this period ; the double-linked Whitecleuch Chain is one of only two that have a penannular ring, with symbol decoration including enamel, which shows how these were probably used as " choker " necklaces.
Over 3000 restriction enzymes have been studied in detail, and more than 600 of these are available commercially and are routinely used for DNA modification and manipulation in laboratories.
Over time, these oils can oxidize and turn rancid, causing the pipe to give a sour or bitter smoke.
Over the course of millions of years, these protostars settle down into a state of equilibrium, becoming what is known as a main sequence star.
Over these bids, the notrump bidder ( 1 ) with a maximum hand ( 17 HCP ), goes to game over an invitational bid and ( 2 ) with four ( or more ) cards in each major suit, corrects to the previously unbid major suit.

Over and voluntary
Over the next few years, the construction company experienced problems financing the project and went into voluntary liquidation in 1899.
Over 1, 400 workers contribute to the work of JRS, the majority of whom work on a voluntary basis, including about 78 Jesuit priests, brothers and scholastics, 66 religious from other congregations, and more than 1, 000 lay people.
Over the course of three years, director Andre Gregory and a group of actors came together on a voluntary basis in order to better understand Chekhov's work through performance workshops.
Over the next three days, constant debate and fighting saw a gradual watering down of Hughes ’ proposal, with conscription only to be implemented to make up the deficit in voluntary recruitment, with the general call-up being postponed until October, and should the numbers needed be reached by volunteerism by October, the proposal would be scrapped.
Over 70 % of the student body participates in voluntary clubs and service trips for community service.
Over 80 per cent of its funds go to voluntary and community organisations, but it also makes grants to statutory bodies, local authorities and social enterprises.
The voluntary market in North America is divided between members of the Chicago Climate Exchange and the Over The Counter ( OTC ) market.
Over the years the lightship has been modified and fitted out generally by voluntary labour with most of the usual modern conveniences.

Over and agencies
Over the years, the project received funding from government agencies interested in machine translation.
Over the next ten years, the biological safety conferences grew to include representatives from all federal agencies that sponsored or conducted research with pathogenic microorganisms.
Over the next decade, increasing NSF involvement leads to a three-tiered system of internetworks managed by a mix of universities, nonprofit organizations and government agencies.
Over the next half century, federal agencies developed several naturalistic parks within the Mall in accordance with Downing's plan.
Over the years, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and National Guard units, as well as DOD and federal agencies also found the installation to be an ideal place from which to operate.
Over the following year, he coordinated efforts to have the act recognized by all European states, and stated that his government's policies were centered on " as rapid as possible, the transformation of foreign diplomatic agencies and consulates in Bucharest into legations ".
Over the years, government agencies and community professional groups, worldwide, have specified elder abuse as a social problem.
Over the course of his career, he has been an invited reviewer of manuscripts for 56 different scientific journals and 17 different funding agencies, representing an unusually large array of disciplines.
A feature of the community effort is a number of colourful mosaic street signs, made by youths who are residents of Harehills. Over the past years residents and local agencies, have come together and organised community events Harehills Festival and the improvements to the local library to include a one stop shop for the local council. Leeds City Council
Over the next few years, the President and Congress established several new agencies to supervise the approval, design, and construction of new buildings in the District of Columbia: The Commission of Fine Arts in 1910 ( to approve the design of new structures ), the Public Buildings Commission in 1916 ( to make recommendations regarding the housing of federal agencies and offices ), and the National Capital Parks and Planning Commission in 1924 ( to oversee planning for the District ).
Over the course of the cataclysmic erosion of Earth, a collective of scientists and engineers in space agencies from around the world desperately try to terraform the Moon for colonization, to provide a safe haven for some surviving humans before Earth eventually disintegrates into nothingness along with human civilization.
:" Over the last 25 years, this sort of methodology has been used more and more often, especially by relief agencies in times of emergency ," said Dr. David Rush, a professor and epidemiologist at Tufts University in Boston.
Over three decades of research by universities, governmental agencies, and NGOs, has contributed to our understanding of Florida manatee ecology and behavior, which is more than we know about any other sirenian species.
Over 1000 Snow Tracs were imported to Canada and the USA, mostly by Canadian utilities and U. S. governmental agencies ; the Snow Trac is still in common use in private ownership and to a lesser degree in commerce having produced over 2200 total machines which saw popular use all over the globe.
Over a six-year period, the single manager agencies reduced their item assignments by about 9, 000, or 20 percent, and their inventories by about $ 800 million, or 30 percent.
Over 120 interest groups and agencies were contacted for the report, including the Agricultural Society which indicated the need for improved fencing for crowd control ; and improve and increase indoor display space and promote education.
Over time it set up agencies in more and more markets, both through affiliations, joint ventures and wholly owned companies.
Over the next few years, the President and Congress established several new agencies to supervise the approval, design, and construction of new buildings in the District of Columbia: The Commission of Fine Arts in 1910 ( to approve the design of new structures ), the Public Buildings Commission in 1916 ( to make recommendations regarding the housing of federal agencies and offices ), and the National Capital Parks and Planning Commission in 1924 ( to oversee planning for the District ).

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