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Overall and Felix
Overall command of Felix was to be assigned to Field Marshal Walther von Reichenau.

Overall and caused
The final schedule was much longer than originally planned due to development problems ( several caused by the complex responsibility splitting between the Co-prime and the Overall prime contractor ) and design changes introduced by ESA but being affordable due to the Shuttle problems delaying the Columbus launch for several years.
Overall, the Kingdom of Aragon enjoyed external peace during Martin's reign and he worked to quell internal strife caused by nobles, factions and bandits.
Overall, injuries caused Taylor to miss 23 out of a potential 48 games from 1999 to 2001.
Overall, an estimated $ 40 million in damage was caused as almost 1, 000 buildings were damaged or destroyed.
Overall, Agnes caused 128 fatalities and nearly $ 3 billion ( 1972 USD ) in damage, though more recently, it is estimated that there were $ 2. 1 billion ( 1972 USD ) in losses associated with the storm.
Overall, Hurricane Georges caused $ 665 million ( 1998 USD, $ 790 million 2009 USD ) in damage, though no deaths due to well-executed evacuations.
Overall, Erin caused 13 fatalities and $ 700 million ( 1995 USD ) in damage.
Overall, Marilyn caused 16 fatalities and $ 2. 3 billion ( 1995 USD ) in damage.
Overall, Roxanne caused $ 1. 5 billion ( 1995 USD ) in damage and 29 fatalities.
Overall, Tuchman argued that none of the war's major combatants wanted a prolonged war, but the above factors caused it nonetheless.
Overall, the season caused 105 fatalities, and $ 7. 1 billion ( 2001 USD ; $ USD ) in damage.
Overall, the tropical cyclones of the season collectively caused 11 fatalities and at least $ 13 million ( 1977 USD ) in damage.
Overall, the TL Magna became the oldest Australian-made passenger car offering, doomed in its redevelopment or replacement by the ever-increasing financial crisis that hit Mitsubishi's US operations plus the recall scandal that tarnished Mitsubishi of Japan ( that caused its then partner, Mercedes-Chrysler, to eventually jump ship ).
Overall, it is estimated that Roxanne caused $ 1. 5 billion ( 1995 USD ) in damage, although not all damage could be distinguished from Hurricane Opal.
Overall, the storm caused extensive damage along the East Coast of the United States, amounting to $ 900 million ($ in 2012 terms ), and was responsible for eight fatalities.
Overall, Gloria caused $ 900 million ( 1985 USD ) in property damage and eight deaths, a total lower than expected due to the hurricane's arrival at low tide.
Overall, Hurricane How caused about $ 2 million ( 1951 USD, $ USD ) in damage.
Overall, Amelia caused 33 fatalities with an estimated $ 110 million in damages in what then-governor Dolph Briscoe called one of the worst floods in the history of the state.
Mr. Overall is of opinion that Vertue, having become possessed of the parts of a copy of the map made by some unknown Dutch engraver in the reign of William III, caused them to be " tinkered ," probably for the purpose of deceiving his antiquarian friends.
Overall, Ethel caused 1 fatality and $ 1. 5 million ( 1960 USD ) in damage.

Overall and eight
Overall, Thorpe won eight of the 15 individual events comprising the pentathlon and decathlon.
Overall, she starred opposite Flynn in eight films.
Overall claims by Belgian CR. 42s were: eight Do 17, four Bf 109 and one Ju 52.
The awards show hands out eight awards: Best Fight, Best Fire Stunt, Best High Work, Best Overall Stunt by a Stunt Man, Best Overall Stunt by a Stunt Woman, Best Speciality Stunt, Best Work with a Vehicle and Best Stunt Coordinator and / or 2nd Unit Director.
Overall, eight wells and 15 to 20 containers came off the rails.
Overall, in his five innings of work, he gave up eight hits, four earned runs and six runs total, two walks, and four strikeouts.
Overall rubber production accounts for eight percent of household income in Montserrado County.
Overall, there eight fatalities and $ 40 million ( 1995 USD ) in damage associated with Jerry.
Arms: Quarterly ( 1 ) Or an Eagle displayed Sable crowned and armed of the first charged with a crescent trefly Argent ending in crosses ( 2 ) Barry of eight Or and Sable charged with crancelin Vert ( 3 ) Per pale Gules and Argent ( 4 ) Or a maiden eagle displayed Sable the human part Argent crowned and armed of the first ( Enty in point chapé ) in base Azure a Hunting Horn stringed Or ( Overall ) An Escutcheon per fess Or and Gules
Overall, Kentucky Wesleyan has won eight NCAA Division II National Men's Basketball Championships, which is the most by any NCAA Division II School.
Overall in this war, the 13 Lancers had suffered death of fourteen soldiers, including three officers, while twenty eight were wounded.
Overall, McMichael led the Dolphins in receptions eight times and in receiving yards on seven occasions over the course of the season.
Overall, Primarius won eight, while Matchstick ( completely jettisoned by Martha in week 11 ) won only three.
Overall, the renovations enlarged the station and have made it more modern and efficient, providing easier access to all eight LIRR tracks.
Overall, Van Gundy compiled a record of 135-92 (. 595 ) in eight years as a college head coach.
Overall, Caminero scored eight goals in 21 caps, and his last appearance was against England in Euro ' 96, in a penalty shootout loss.
Thus far, The University of Sydney has been the most successful amongst competing universities in the Games, having achieved Overall Winner a total of eight times ( 1995 – 1996, 1999 – 2003, 2007 ).
Overall, Gonslaves won the tournament a record eight times.
Overall, with opportunistic manager Gene Mauch at the helm, Fanning achieved a degree of success during his eight years as GM, but when Montreal regressed in 1976, Fanning was replaced by Charlie Fox.
Overall it was Carey's fifth tour and her most extensive, lasting for sixty-one shows over eight months.
Overall, there have been 89 reigns shared between 46 wrestlers, with eight vacancies.

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