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Overall and despite
Overall, Yellow succeeded beyond what most people had expected, despite the fact that the Allies had 4, 000 armoured vehicles and the Germans 2, 200, and the Allied tanks were often superior in armour and caliber of cannon.
Overall, despite the success of Back to School, Orion's revenues for fiscal year 1986 dropped dramatically from those of the previous year.
Overall, Melos was one of the few islands in the Cyclades that stood up for itself despite the negative repercussions.
Overall, despite of the fact that Jet Force Gemini fared generally well with critics, the game did not reach the level of commercial success that other N64 games reached, leading Rare not to consider a possible sequel.
John Overall, the Commissioner of the NCDC, promised Menzies that the work would be finished within four years, and he succeeded, despite the Prime Minister's scepticism.
Overall, the daily minimum temperatures are even lower than nearby Mount Dandenong despite being much closer to sea level.
Overall, the Saints averaged 62, 665 fans in the 65, 000-seat Alamodome for the three games held there, a solid showing despite the short notice to sell tickets due to the hurricane.
Overall, the Skeletor in this series is portrayed as a far more competent and threatening character, despite his often comedic lines.
Overall the Firefly proved itself a very successful tank despite the fact it was only intended as a stopgap tank until future British tanks like the Comet and the Centurion came into service.
Overall, despite the often surreal nature of the strip, Irritability gives the impression of having a consistent setting, which sets it apart from many strips that rely upon the strange-meets-mundane comedy formula.
Overall, Edward's tenure as head coach of the Jets was marred by chronic clock management problems, an ultra-conservative " play not to lose " mentality, and a lack of any discernable defensive philosophy, despite Edwards ' supposed expertise in the Cover 2 defense.
Overall, the team boasted nine pro bowl selections, including their quarterback Warren Moon ( despite missing six games with injuries ) and three wide receivers, Curtis Duncan, Haywood Jeffires, and Ernest Givins.
Overall, commissioned officers accepted in principle recruits of all colours, placed an emphasis on technical efficiency, and preferred to fight a foreign rather than domestic enemy despite extensive preparation for both.
Overall, reviewers acknowledge that the game has the same solid gameplay and replay value that was present in Fire Emblem, despite the lack of originality.
Overall the results of the new republics have been mixed: Croatia had some early successes in the mid-1990s, and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have enjoyed some success in recent years, while the Republic of Macedonia has never secured a top 10 result despite making it through to the final each year until 2008, in which it lost at the semi-final stage.
Overall, he enjoyed playing the modules, despite wishing he had prepared more, and thought that his players also enjoyed the experience.
Overall, " The Girl in the Fireplace " was well received by most critics despite the time constraints imposed on the plot ; the episode was nominated for a Nebula Award and won the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.

Overall and few
Overall the genome was found to have an extremely high repeat content ( around 74 %) and to have an unusual gene distribution in that some areas contain many genes whereas others contain very few.
Overall, the women's rights movement was dormant in the 1920s as Susan B. Anthony and the other prominent activists were dead and apart from Alice Paul few younger women came along to replace them.
Overall, Pollack's run dealt with issues such as the generation gap, humanity, identity, transgenderism, bisexuality, and borrowed elements from Judaism and Kabbalah in the last few issues.
Overall, very few changes were made, and the result is a book which is almost indistinguishable from the King James Bible.
In 1918, they and a few friends established the U. S. Overall Company.
He and a few others buy several of the sewing machines, lease space above a downtown grocery store and incorporate as the Hudson Overall Company.
Overall, the first two years of the Sejm passed with few major reforms, and it was the second half of the Sejm duration that brought major changes.
Overall between 70 % and 80 % of the organization ’ s assets are managed outside, and over the last few years the fund has become more indexed which given its unique asset libaility structure is somewhat perplexing.
The format of the game reviews changed over the course of the first few issues: initially games were not given a quantitative score ( issues # 1 & # 2 ), then games were graded on a scale of one to five stars ( five being the best, issues # 3 & # 4 ), finally, with issue # 5, TurboPlay adopted VG & CE's standard format for reviews ( i. e. games were given individual scores -- on a ten-point scale -- for Sound / Music, Graphics, Playability and " Overall ").
Overall, " New Earth " featured more than a few interesting moments, such as the scenes with the Doctor and the Face of Boe, and Billie Piper's performance as the Casandra-possessed Rose was hilarious ; but the zombie attack felt quite out of place for a Doctor Who episode ".
Overall, it is one of the few cases a movie tie-in video game has got favorable reviews, as many of them suffer from rushed schedules and pressure from the film studio.

Overall and studies
Overall evaluations of the CATIE and other studies have led many researchers to question the first-line prescribing of atypicals over typicals, or even to question the distinction between the two classes.
Overall, the support is based on a handful of studies reviewed by Barry Sterman.
Overall, the methodological quality of the evidence base was poor as most of the studies suffered from flaws such as small sample size, inadequate study design and poor reporting, with even high-ranking studies failing fully to control for placebo effects.
Overall, other research studies have also provided evidence in the correlation of DMS and gray-matter degeneration of the right frontal region, which controls attentional resources.
Overall, studies suggest that patients with TBIs who participate in more intense rehabilitation programs will see greater benefits in functional skills.
Overall, the association is consistently weak and the majority of studies have found no association.
Overall, slight health benefits have been found fairly consistently across studies.
Overall, the results suggest that not only may group polarization not be as prevalent as previous studies suggest, but group theories, in general, may not be predictable when seen in a computer-related discussion.
Overall improvements of on average 76 % for 80 % of patients occurs over three months ; most studies show that it performs better than benzoyl peroxide and the treatment is far better tolerated.
Overall, studies using behavior-specific health locus scales have tended to produce more positive results.
Overall, these genetic studies conclude that Somalis and their fellow Ethiopian and Eritrean Northeast African populations represent a unique and distinct biological group on the continent:
Overall, therefore, several new studies show a significant risk potential of swaddling associated with SIDS.
Overall, these studies show that regulating effects of netrin is dependent on the type of vascular tissue.
Overall, from the studies presented there is either:
Overall these studies showed the effects of free riders as they are able to make their way into the market and not spend the money or risk the failures which the first movers did.

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