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Overall and captivity
Overall length can range from Measurements are usually taken from specimens reared in captivity.
Overall, 16 leaders of the MST were charged with theft, vandalism, trespassing, resisting arrest and for holding others in captivity.

Overall and much
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall, real economic growth has averaged about 4 % a year, much better than the previous 20 years, but not enough to improve the lives of average Tanzanians.
Overall, however, the sweating response to a rise in hypothalamic (' core ') temperature is much larger than the response to the same increase in average skin temperature.
Overall, however, the downtown area of Terre Haute continues to be plagued by much blight and poverty.
Overall, the relative lack of Roman influence on Ireland meant that it preserved its ancient culture to a much greater degree than continental countries such as Gaul.
Overall, 68 % of the Palestinian public thought Arafat's positions on a final agreement at Camp David were just right and 14 % thought Arafat compromised too much while only 6 % thought Arafat had not compromised enough.
Overall quite similar to a much darker Common Redstart with black chest.
The final schedule was much longer than originally planned due to development problems ( several caused by the complex responsibility splitting between the Co-prime and the Overall prime contractor ) and design changes introduced by ESA but being affordable due to the Shuttle problems delaying the Columbus launch for several years.
Overall, levels of tolerance were sufficiently high to attract religious refugees from other countries, notably Jewish merchants from Portugal who brought much wealth with them.
Overall, a new generation of young voters, the disappearance of much of the oldest generation of voters, and the sudden influx of women over thirty, meant that vast numbers of new voters of unknown voter affiliation existed, changing dramatically the make-up of the Irish electorate.
Overall, the STT requires much less write current than conventional or toggle MRAM.
Overall, it is said that as much as 40 % of their entire population was killed in the revolt.
Overall much resembling a fairly typical diving duck, its plumage and other peculiarities give away that it is not a very close relative of these, but rather the product of convergent evolution in the ancestors of the stiff-tailed ducks.
Overall, the daily minimum temperatures are even lower than nearby Mount Dandenong despite being much closer to sea level.
Overall, this feather pattern looks very much like Archaeopteryx.
Overall performance is much better than the RB545 engine or scramjets.
Overall, this sequel owes little to the original game and is a much more traditional point-and-click game.
Overall, the students actually did come out on top more often than not, although when a teacher won an episode, it was normally by a much wider margin.
Overall this would give an approximate capacity of around 50, 000, and would cost a similar amount to how much it cost to build the stadium in the first place, which was approximately £ 32, 000, 000.
Overall, the claim of independent expenditure by groups during the 2012 was very much a repeat of claims made during previous elections.
Overall mobility therefore was much better.
Overall, Saiving wished to, "... awaken theologians to the fact that the situation of women, however similar it may appear on the surface of our contemporary world to the situation of man and however much it may be echoed in the life of individual men, is, at bottom, quite different-that the specifically feminine dillemma is, in fact, precisely the opposite of the masculine " ( 1979, 39 ).
Overall, ethnic Russians make up 25, 5 % of Estonia's population ( the proportion of Russophones is, however, much higher, because Russian is the mother tongue of many ethnic Ukrainians, Belarusians and Jews who live in the country ).
Overall, England could take some good batting form from their openers and a stunning debut from Tremlett-who looked much more impressive than Lewis in this game-out of the match, while Bangladesh could be happy with the swashbuckling Ashraful and Nazmul's three wickets.

Overall and less
Overall it was very difficult to configure upgrades to produce the results advertised on the packaging, and upgrades were often less than 100 % stable and / or less than 100 % compatible.
Overall, probenecid appears less effective than allopurinol.
Overall howling was observed less frequently than among grey wolves.
Overall, Pontiac's performance was a shadow of its former self, but to give credit where due, Pontiac Motor Division did more with less than most other brands were able to in this era.
Overall, ninety-one percent of farms in the United States are considered " small family farms " ( with sales of less than $ 250, 000 per year ), and those farms produce twenty-seven percent of U. S. agricultural output.
Overall, Poland had a higher degree of state involvement in the economy and less foreign investment than any other nation in eastern Europe.
Overall, the tower uses significantly less material than other comparable skyscrapers, such as the adjacent Jin Mao Tower.
Overall, researchers have observed childfree couples to be more educated, more likely to be employed in professional and management occupations, more likely for both spouses to earn relatively high incomes, to live in urban areas, to be less religious, to subscribe to less traditional gender roles, and to be less conventional.
Overall, Revelation was received positively by critics ; the game garnered 82 % and 81 % averages on aggregate sites Metacritic and Game Rankings, respectively ; the Xbox version of the game received less favorable scores than the PC version.
Overall the female has slightly less iridescence and more barring on the back as well as the primaries.
Overall production of the R-body New Yorkers was low ( less than 75, 000 from ' 79 -' 81 ) and the Fifth Avenue production was at most 25 % of them.
Overall, Mount Barker is generally less multicultural than other areas of the country, with 80. 7 % of people from the city being Australian, compared to the national average of 70. 9 %.
Overall Scottish Refugee Council entered 2011 / 12 financial year with 30 % less funding.
In 2008, Medford Community Cablevision won the award for " Overall Excellence in Public Access " with an annual operating budget of $ 200, 000 or less.
Overall, the programme " so emphasised the ongoing storylines of its major characters as to make the distinction between series and serial more or less meaningless ".
Overall Japanese strength on these islands numbered approximately 8, 000 men, of which less than half were considered combat effective.
Overall, the harassment deterred 90 % of cormorant foraging attempts while killing less than 6 % on average at each site ; yellow perch abundance increased significantly due to yellow perch being the predominate prey of cormorants by total number and weight at that lake.
Overall, FC survival numbers appear to be less than the F, FB and even FD series, due to bad rust problems, so examples are rare, unfairly forgotten, and undervalued.
Overall, this approach may give higher fidelity, because the " difference " signal is usually of low power, and is thus less affected by the intrinsic distortion of " hill and dale "- style recording.
He also won the Overall World Cup in his less favoured distance, the 1, 000 metres, in 1989 and 1990.

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