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Overall and seems
Overall, it seems that acute doses of opioids in non-tolerant subjects produce minor effects in some sensory and motor abilities, and perhaps also in attention and cognition.
Overall it seems easy to gather the main message Jordaens included in the painting, however, it is filled with so many more symbolic people and figures that further explanation from the artist was needed by his contemporaries to understand all of the painting.
Overall, ancient Slavic religion seems to be fairly local and cultic in nature, with gods and beliefs varying from tribe to tribe.
Overall, the White Rabbit seems to shift back and forth between pompous behavior toward his underlings, such as his servants, and grovelling, obsequious behavior toward his superiors, such as the Duchess and King and Queen of Hearts, in direct contrast to Alice, who is reasonably polite to everyone she meets.
Overall throughout the poem, the thoughts of the protagonist become solemn and she seems to be more anxious as she has to sort out her dilemma.
Overall, living with the Ik seems to have afflicted Turnbull more with melancholy and depression than anger, and he dedicated his work " to the Ik, whom I learned not to hate ".
Overall, it seems that " Hosanna " is a cry for salvation ; while at the same time is a declaration of praise.
Overall, even regardless of the chord progression, the song seems to fall somewhere between major and minor, and the use of four-note seventh chords ( as opposed to " three-note " chords ) help to form a rich atmosphere.
Overall, the Jade Emperor is seen as somewhat of a pacifist in his ways, which is a minor supporting reason to why he is never seen physically accomplishing a specific task ; He also seems to be quick to forgive others, as seen when Kongo had not bowed to him when they had both met.
Overall, it seems that all demons are meant to come from this area which is meant to be classified as " evil ", in which contradicts the fact that many random demons had been from Heaven, such as a certain animal that changed its body when coming to earth.
Overall, it seems to safe to say that at most six differentiations are required to compare any two spacetime models likely to arise in general relativity.

Overall and clear
Overall, it is clear is that John II Komnenos left the empire a great deal better off than he had found it.
A clear differentiation should be established between Overall armies, i. e. the overall armed forces of a given political entity, and Field Armies, tactical units capable of moving as a single force along a campaign.

Overall and Henry
Overall, bastard feudalism had mostly disappeared by the end of Henry VII's reign.
There has been much dispute as to the exact date of this view of the metropolis of England as it existed in the time of Queen Elizabeth ; William Henry Overall, F. S. A., came to the conclusion that it could not have been prepared earlier than about the year 1591.

Overall and accepted
Overall they warily accepted the changes of régime ( First French Empire, Bourbon Restoration, July Monarchy, French Second Republic, Second French Empire, French Third Republic ).
Overall, the Democratic Party advocates economic policies pretty close to " liberalism " in the sense of John Rawls ( rather than, say, of Robert Nozick or Friedrich Hayek, as commonly accepted outside North America ), in sharp contrast with the traditional radical free-market orientation of Hong Kong.
Overall equipment effectiveness, is a set of broadly accepted non-financial metrics which reflect manufacturing success.
Overall metabolic rate in animals is generally accepted to show negative allometry, scaling to mass to a power ≈ 0. 75, known as Kleiber's law, 1932.
Overall, commissioned officers accepted in principle recruits of all colours, placed an emphasis on technical efficiency, and preferred to fight a foreign rather than domestic enemy despite extensive preparation for both.
Overall, the Browns won all four AAFC championship games and were accepted into the NFL when the two leagues merged after the 1949 season.

Overall and view
Overall view of Lantau Island, seen from the south-west.
Overall view of downtown Grbavica, a suburb of Sarajevo.
Overall view of the mata mata turtle
While the first edition attacked " the political program of the New Right " and set out a case for both favouring " government restrictions and regulation " and condemning " private enterprise and free markets ", the third edition four years later ( 1988 ) took a different view: " Overall, the major economic reforms of the last five years, the deregulation of the finance sector, and the imposition of wage restraint through the social contract of The Accord, have worked to expand employment and internationalize the Australian economy in more positive ways than I thought possible at the time.
Overall view of Pankrác
File: Mafeking_Obelisk. jpg | Overall view
Overall Tracy considered that Thrilling Cities was " a lively, enjoyable book, written from an unusual point of view and well illustrated.
Overall, the percentage of respondents with a positive view of Russia was only 31 %.
Overall view of control room and various pieces of launch equipment.
Overall, test results support the view that congenital amusia is hereditary.
Image: Ruthwell Cross-South face. jpg | Overall view of the south side
" Overall, it is important as a rare, detailed, inside view of the Soviet intelligence agencies during their golden era, and of the power struggles at the top of the Soviet system during and just after the death of Stalin.
Overall, The Quarrel takes an intimate view of friendship in attempting to understand what links two individuals.
Image: St-Stepanous-06. jpg | Overall view.

Overall and their
In 2001, it achieved high rankings in the annual Maclean's University Rankings, including Best Overall for Primarily Undergraduate University in their opinion survey, and it received the Canadian Information Productivity Award in 1997 as it was praised as the first university in Canada to fully utilize information technology in the undergraduate curriculum.
Overall, she presented a concrete strategy that allowed all women, regardless of their status, to undermine the dominant patriarchal discourse.
Overall, the films have a somewhat darker tone in their stories, unlike the manga and anime.
They have entered two plays into the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D. C .. Their 2007 show, For Boston, won " Best Comedy ", and their second show, The Sticking Place, won " Best Overall " in 2008.
Overall, during the period from 1795 until reestablishment of Poland's sovereignty in 1918, little power was actually held by any Polish legislative body and the occupying powers of Russia, Prussia ( later united Germany ) and Austria-Hungary propagated legislation for their own respective formerly-Polish territories at a national level.
Overall, their determination to achieve their goal is their measured hope.
Overall, then, Southern Democrats during the 1840s lost the hard core of their original doughface support.
Overall, mammalian erythrocytes are remarkably flexible and deformable so as to squeeze through tiny capillaries, as well as to maximize their apposing surface by assuming a cigar shape, where they efficiently release their oxygen load.
Overall, German and Polish historians continue to argue with one another over the validity of their claims, but a consensus version is emerging.
Overall, Allied casualties stood at about 27, 000 out of an army of 73, 000, which was 37 % of their effectives.
Overall, Sister Carrie was not well received when it was first released due to its scandalous content and its bleak outlook on life and human efforts to change their condition.
The music video of Bailey and Collins rehearsing their collaboration went to the top of MTV's video playlist and won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Overall Performance in 1985.
Overall, the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies lost 25 % of their mass during the 20th century.
Overall, brushtail possums are more densely populated in New Zealand than in their native Australia.
Overall, their appearance is somewhat similar to several other pelicans, though the species is allopatric.
Here is a quoted text from PA web site: “ The Press Association supplies services to every national and regional daily newspaper, major broadcasters, online publishers and a wide range of commercial organisations .” Overall, in a system where all different media organizations gather their stories from the same source, then we can ’ t really call that system pluralist.
Overall, the Liberals increased their number of seats in the House of Commons from 155 seats to 172 seats.
Overall, although the reforms left some large landowners impoverished, others turned their compensation into capital and started commercial and industrial enterprises.
Overall, there is evidence of a relationship between source monitoring errors and the disorganized thinking that characterizes those who have schizophrenia in that there is a strong tendency for those people with hallucinations to attribute their internally generated events ( i. e.: hallucinations and delusions ) to an external source ( e. g.: the experimenter ).
Overall the Order had over 40 preceptories spread out from Cornwall to Northumberland, the majority of which retained their concentual status.
Overall, it is said that as much as 40 % of their entire population was killed in the revolt.
Overall, 4 million of the 1939 population of the General Government area had lost their lives by the time the Soviet armed forces had entered the area in late 1944.

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