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Overall and mammalian
Overall, forty-four mammalian species have been identified in the park.

Overall and are
Overall, his contributions are considered the most important in advancing chemistry to the level reached in physics and mathematics during the 18th century.
Overall, about half of newborns exposed to ACE inhibitors are adversely affected.
Overall, the quality of life indices for Estonia are reflective of a modern industrial state, with one major exception: The population of Estonia is shrinking.
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall in captivity, horses ' hooves harden much less and are more vulnerable to injury.
Overall, the references to human rights in the Charter are general and vague.
Overall, there are three main and important steps to the biosynthesis of penicillin G ( benzylpenicillin ).
Overall majorities are unusual in the Additional Member system that is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, which was specially designed by the Labour UK government in 1999 to prevent any party gaining overall control of the parliament.
Overall, the majority of Californian Cabernets are meant to be approachable after only a couple of years in the bottle but can still have the potential to improve further over time.
Overall financial risks are more widely distributed over more diverse production of crops and / or livestock.
Overall, as a demographic group, Chinese Americans are highly educated and earn higher incomes when compared to other demographic groups in the United States.
Overall patchwork designs are incrementally pieced geometric shapes stitched together to form a larger random or composed design.
Overall, about 22 millions workers in the United States are exposed to potentially damaging noise levels each year.
Overall health care costs are expected to increase by 5. 8 percent annually from 2010 to 2020, in part because of increased utilization of medical services, higher prices for services, and new technologies.
Overall, coatis are widespread, occupying habitats ranging from hot and arid areas to humid Amazonian rainforests or even cold Andean mountain slopes, including grasslands and bushy areas.
Overall Australia's largest trading partners are the United States, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.
Overall, 50 – 80 % of people treated are cured.
Overall, the North Cascades and southwestern Canadian Cascades are extremely rugged, with many of the lesser peaks steep and glaciated, with valleys quite low relative to its peaks and ridges, resulting in great local relief.
Overall, most alterations, such as inappropriate replacement of windows, doors and porch posts, are reversible if desired.
Overall, most of the common renovations, such as modern siding and inappropriate porch posts, are relatively superficial and reversible if desired.
Overall, there are 45 municipalities on Rügen, four of which have town status ( Bergen, Garz, Putbus and Sassnitz ).
Overall, many hundreds of thousands of birds are trapped and killed each year, a source of concern for some of the rarest species ( for example, only about 2, 000 Short-tailed Albatrosses are known to still exist ).
Overall, it is as if the remote computer and company server are on the same 192. 168. 1. 0 / 24 network.

Overall and remarkably
Overall, these machines were remarkably similar to modern mowers.
Overall, Republican and Democratic political platforms remained remarkably constant during the years before 1900.
Overall the Spartans were remarkably free to criticize their kings and they were able to depose and exile them.

Overall and flexible
Overall, neo-Marxist accounts of the information society have in common that they stress that knowledge, information technologies, and computer networks have played a role in the restructuration and globalization of capitalism and the emergence of a flexible regime of accumulation ( David Harvey 1989 ).
Overall, this species is a very flexible, opportunistic feeder that can easily adapt to varying habitat, season, insect community, vegetation structure, and time of day.
Overall, the school sees the flexible program as an important point of differentiation that leverages the school ’ s smaller relative size versus most other top MBA programs.
Overall, modularization enables more flexible and quicker reaction to changing general or market conditions.
Overall it raised pre-tax contribution limits for defined contribution plans and Individual Retirement Accounts ( IRAs ), increased defined benefit compensation limits, made non-qualified retirement plans more flexible and more similar to qualified plans such as 401 ( k ) s, and created a " catch-up " provision for older workers.
Overall however, Phillips ( 2002 ) has argued that because the FCNM is flexible it has allowed such a great number of states to ratify it so quickly.

Overall and so
Overall, Archduke Charles was well aware that he did not possess the means necessary to lead any offensive actions, so he promptly dismissed suggestions to run any major operations against the French base on Lobau island.
Overall Dayak leadership in any given region, is marked by titles, a Penghulu for instance would have invested authority on behalf of a network of Tuai Rumah's, and so on to a Temenggung or Panglima.
Overall it seems easy to gather the main message Jordaens included in the painting, however, it is filled with so many more symbolic people and figures that further explanation from the artist was needed by his contemporaries to understand all of the painting.
Overall, the robustness makes the MWW more widely applicable than the t test, and for large samples from the normal distribution, the efficiency loss compared to the t test is only 5 %, so one can recommend MWW as the default test for comparing interval or ordinal measurements with similar distributions.
Overall, raft binding recruits proteins to a new micro-environment so that the phosphorylation state can be modified by local kinases and phosphatases to give downstream signalling.
Overall, the programme " so emphasised the ongoing storylines of its major characters as to make the distinction between series and serial more or less meaningless ".
Overall width was 144 inches, so they were delivered without their cabs and the front, low pressure cylinders and were assembled after arrival.
Overall, however, on combined time, Rosberg was still eighteen seconds ahead, so he attempted merely to stay close to the McLaren.
Overall, FC survival numbers appear to be less than the F, FB and even FD series, due to bad rust problems, so examples are rare, unfairly forgotten, and undervalued.
Overall the number of runs scored is generally the most important figure because the team that scores the most runs wins ( though in some games shortened by bad weather that does not necessarily apply directly ); the number of wickets lost shows how many wickets the bowling team has to get to end the batting team's innings ( and thus how likely the batting team is to improve on its score so far ).
Overall image is so heavyweight, it projects luxury as effectively as Rybitsky's work.
* Overall, listeners are allowed so many songs per listening month.
Overall, his totals were so meager as to have been omitted from most presidential election tallies.
However Walters commented in 2002, that when she first saw the script of Acorn Antiques the Mrs Overall role she thought instantly of Amy Turtle, and so she wanted her to have a Birmingham accent.
Overall, there are about forty missions in the game, and no main story, so all of them are self contained stories of the character's services to multiple people.
Overall, she was ranked second going into the final stage of competition, but dropped a place and so became second runner up to the eventual winner Jamie Solinger of Iowa.

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