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Overall and more
Overall, more than 20 % of South Vietnam's forests were sprayed at least once over a nine-year period.
Overall, more than 20 % of South Vietnam's forests were sprayed at least once over a nine year period.
Overall growth prospects in the short run rest heavily on the fortunes of the tourism sector, which depends on growth in the US, the source of more than 80 % of the visitors.
Overall in captivity, horses ' hooves harden much less and are more vulnerable to injury.
Overall, Braid appears to have moved from a more " special state " understanding of hypnotism toward a more complex " nonstate " orientation.
Overall, they have won fifty-three official titles on the national and international stage, more than any other Italian club: a record twenty-eight league titles, a record nine Italian cups and five national super cups and, with eleven titles in confederation and inter-confederation competitions ( two Intercontinental Cups, two European Champion Clubs ' Cup / UEFA Champions Leagues, one European Cup Winners ' Cup, a record three UEFA Cups, one UEFA Intertoto Cup and two UEFA Super Cups ) the club currently ranks fourth in Europe and seventh in the world with the most trophies won.
Overall, German ships were some 30 % more expensive than the British.
Overall, China's telecommunications services improved enormously during the 1980s, and, the pace of telecommunications growth and technology upgrading increased even more rapidly after 1990, especially as fiber-optics systems and digital technology were installed.
Overall, it is often thought that capon meat is more tender, juicy, and flavorful than regular chicken.
Overall, the Wade Center has more than 11, 000 volumes including first editions and critical works.
Overall, there has been a shift in style since the 1980s from deep golden, oily wines with melon and butterscotch flavors to lighter, paler Chardonnays with more structure and notes of white peaches and nectarines.
" Overall we conclude that the synthetic phonics approach, as part of the reading curriculum, is more effective than the analytic phonics approach, even when it is supplemented with phonemic awareness training.
Overall financial risks are more widely distributed over more diverse production of crops and / or livestock.
Overall, more than 20 % of South Vietnam's forests were sprayed at least once over a nine-year period.
Overall, public expenditure on education rose as a proportion of GNP from 4. 8 % in 1964 to 5. 9 % in 1968, and the number of teachers in training increased by more than a third between 1964 and 1967.
Overall, the Enzyme Commission has catalogued more than 140 PLP-dependent activities, corresponding to ~ 4 % of all classified activities.
Overall, one or more antidepressants and anxiolytics were rated harmful by about half of survey respondents who had tried them, and as either harmless or helpful by the remaining respondents.
Overall, Pontiac's performance was a shadow of its former self, but to give credit where due, Pontiac Motor Division did more with less than most other brands were able to in this era.
Overall, Vietnam remained very efficiently and stably governed except in times of war and dynastic breakdown, and its administrative system was probably far more advanced than that of any other Southeast Asian state.
Overall, it has amounted to no more than a name change from RCS to Faculty of Natural Sciences, and the new faculty students ' union has resurrected the name " Royal College of Science Union ".
Overall, however, Forest Preserve District ownership of a large amount of property along the West Branch has minimized development in flood plains and has helped reduce the amount of damages resulting from overbank flooding that have occurred in more developed watersheds in the County.
Overall, they establish "... a more deep and true reality than conventional realist techniques would illustrate.

Overall and than
Overall, his size and behavior make him seem older than Paul, yet he is the same age as Paul and his school-friends ( roughly 19 at the start of the book ).
) Overall, the Esperanto alphabet resembles the Czech alphabet, but with circumflexes rather than háčeks on the letters ĉ, ŝ ; Western-based ĝ, ĵ in place of Czech dž, ž ; and ĥ for Czech ch.
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall it was very difficult to configure upgrades to produce the results advertised on the packaging, and upgrades were often less than 100 % stable and / or less than 100 % compatible.
Overall, the new jerseys have fewer features than the old ones.
Overall, however, the Earth was hotter than it is today.
Overall, real economic growth has averaged about 4 % a year, much better than the previous 20 years, but not enough to improve the lives of average Tanzanians.
Overall the public life of leading church members began to resemble the lives of princes rather than members of the clergy.
Overall, Durkheim treated suicide as a social fact, explaining variations in its rate on a macro level, considering society-scale phenomena such as lack of connections between people ( group attachment ) and lack of regulations of behavior, rather than individual's feelings and motivations.
Overall, they lack contact with the ground and seem to float across the ground rather than take steps.
Overall, probenecid appears less effective than allopurinol.
Overall howling was observed less frequently than among grey wolves.

Overall and two
Overall evaluations of the CATIE and other studies have led many researchers to question the first-line prescribing of atypicals over typicals, or even to question the distinction between the two classes.
They have entered two plays into the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, D. C .. Their 2007 show, For Boston, won " Best Comedy ", and their second show, The Sticking Place, won " Best Overall " in 2008.
Overall the Pirates have won five World Series and lost two.
Overall, Milgram reported that chains varied in length from two to ten intermediate acquaintances, with a median of five intermediate acquaintances ( i. e. six degrees of separation ) between the original sender and the destination recipient.
Overall, Miami set a record with 2, 960 total rushing yards during the regular season, and became the first team ever to have two players rush for 1, 000 yards in one season.
It also received a Nintendo Power Award for Best Overall Game of 1994 and two Kids ' Choice awards, one of each for Favorite Video Game of 1994 and 1995.
Overall, his two books are remarkable and original contributions to ethics and theology.
Overall, seven different recording studios and four producers were used during the two year recording span for A New Morning, and costs estimated at around £ 1 million.
Overall, Edge won 31 championships in WWE, including eleven world championships ( the WWE Championship four times and the World Heavyweight Championship a record seven times ), five Intercontinental Championships, one United States Championship, 14 tag team championships ( a record 12 World Tag Team Championships and two WWE Tag Team Championships ), and is one of only three wrestlers ( Kurt Angle and Big Show being the others ) who has held every currently active male Championship in WWE.
Overall the island has two slopes, from west to east, and from north to south of the island.
Overall, the Ambraciots lost about 1, 000 men over the two days.
Overall, the two networks are fairly similar, with the primary differences being in the packet format and the search methodology.
Overall, in his five innings of work, he gave up eight hits, four earned runs and six runs total, two walks, and four strikeouts.
Overall, Reso has won 22 total championships in WWE and TNA, which include being a six time world champion ( two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, two-time ECW Champion, and two time World Heavyweight Champion ), as well as a one time WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, one time WWF Hardcore Champion, one time WWF European Champion, four-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and a nine-time World Tag Team Champion.
Overall he has played for the Czechs at four IIHF World Championships, two Winter Olympics Games and also in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey.
Overall US Air Force losses included fifteen B-52s, two F-4s, two F-111s, one EB-66 and one HH-53 search and rescue helicopter.
Overall, from 1708 to 1885, twelve stone Orthodox temples of different size, and two monasteries were constructed in Tyumen.
In 2006, his seven straight class wins and two Super Challenge victories lead to the Overall Championship in SCCA ProSolo.
Overall, two of the key terms of Athenian politics were popular participation and collective rule.
The only other two guitarists to win the " Best Overall Guitarist " category for the " Gallery Of Greats " are Steve Morse and Eric Johnson.

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