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Overall and most
Overall, his contributions are considered the most important in advancing chemistry to the level reached in physics and mathematics during the 18th century.
Overall, Yellow succeeded beyond what most people had expected, despite the fact that the Allies had 4, 000 armoured vehicles and the Germans 2, 200, and the Allied tanks were often superior in armour and caliber of cannon.
Overall, however, White troopers were similar to those of the Red Guards in that most of them had brief and inadequate training.
Overall, they have won fifty-three official titles on the national and international stage, more than any other Italian club: a record twenty-eight league titles, a record nine Italian cups and five national super cups and, with eleven titles in confederation and inter-confederation competitions ( two Intercontinental Cups, two European Champion Clubs ' Cup / UEFA Champions Leagues, one European Cup Winners ' Cup, a record three UEFA Cups, one UEFA Intertoto Cup and two UEFA Super Cups ) the club currently ranks fourth in Europe and seventh in the world with the most trophies won.
Overall readership of most newspapers is slowly declining due to increasing competition from television and the Internet.
Overall, surface water is most abundant along the east coast and in the far north ( with the exception of the area around Cap d ' Ambre, which has relatively little surface water ).
Overall, the eleventh Congress exhibited confidence in East Germany's role as the strongest economy and the most stable country in Eastern Europe.
Overall, most reasons not to come out stem from homophobia and heterosexism, which marginalize LGBT people as a group.
Overall, Pontiac's performance was a shadow of its former self, but to give credit where due, Pontiac Motor Division did more with less than most other brands were able to in this era.
Overall, Pulaski was seen as one of the most famous and accomplished Confederate leaders.
Overall, Agoura Hills is perhaps the most liberal city in the Conejo Valley, particularly on environmental issues.
Overall, most of the common renovations, such as modern siding and inappropriate porch posts, are relatively superficial and reversible if desired.
Overall, Japan's New Town program consists of many diverse projects, most of which focus on a primary function, but also aspire to create an all-inclusive urban environment.
Overall, the methodological quality of the evidence base was poor as most of the studies suffered from flaws such as small sample size, inadequate study design and poor reporting, with even high-ranking studies failing fully to control for placebo effects.
Overall Dudley is the 100th most deprived district of the UK, but the second most affluent of the seven metropolitan districts of the West Midlands, with Solihull coming top.
Overall, the reactions were quite positive, and most seemed to perceive the album as a change for the better from Renegade.
Overall, Simon has the highest percentage of PhD graduates tenured at the most prestigious business schools in the US.
John Overall, one of England's most learned high clergymen, received him and his whole family into the deanery of St Paul's, and entertained him there for a year.
Overall, the price of a Big Mac will be a reflection of its local production and delivery cost, the cost of advertising ( considerable in some areas ), and most importantly what the local market will bear-quite different from country to country, and not all a reflection of relative currency values.
Overall, most marketing practitioners take a more qualitative approach to brand equity because of this challenge.
Overall, educational attainment serves as the perhaps most essential class feature of most Americans, being directly linked to income and occupation.
* Overall efficacy-Though carpooling is officially sanctioned by most governments, including construction of lanes specifically allocated for car-pooling, some doubts remain as the overall efficacy of car-pooling.

Overall and such
Overall, Durkheim treated suicide as a social fact, explaining variations in its rate on a macro level, considering society-scale phenomena such as lack of connections between people ( group attachment ) and lack of regulations of behavior, rather than individual's feelings and motivations.
Overall, Wilson is seen to have managed a number of difficult political issues with considerable tactical skill, including such potentially divisive issues for his party as the role of public ownership, British membership of the European Community, and the Vietnam War, in which he officially resisted US pressure to involve Britain and send British troops.
Overall, despite a few studies that support handwriting analysis, such as Crumbaugh and Stockholm, the large majority of studies such as Ben-Shakar, Bar-Hillel, Blum, Ben-Abba, & Flug and many others indicate evidence against its predictive validity.
Overall, the relative lack of Roman influence on Ireland meant that it preserved its ancient culture to a much greater degree than continental countries such as Gaul.
Overall U. S. experience in the Gulf War, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq War has resulted in renewed interest in such aircraft.
Overall the Kurds share some genetic ties to other speakers of Iranian languages as well as with various peoples from the Caucasus such as the Armenians which suggests that the Kurds have ancient ethnic ties that connect them to both the early inhabitants of the Kurdistan area, such as the Hurrians.
* Programming Committee – responsible for all the programmes held such as the Form One Day, the Class Overall Championship, etc.
Overall, there ’ s a sense of sheer " movieness " to The Hidden Fortress that places it plainly in the ranks of such grand adventure entertainments as Gunga Din, The Thief of Baghdad, and Fritz Lang's celebrated diptych The Tiger of Eschnapur and The Hindu Tomb.
Overall, Smurfit-Stone has reduced its use of fossil fuel by 20 % since 1998 and has already met the obligation of CCX Phase I to reduce green house gas emissions by 312, 000 tons, a goal that was met by utilizing such practices as the combined heat and power process ( CHP ) to burn biomass in mills.
Overall, the effect of the Magnus force on a bullet's flight path itself is usually insignificant compared to other forces such as aerodynamic drag.
Overall, Polish casualties are estimated to be between 150, 000 and 300, 000 killed, with 90, 000 civilians being sent to labour camps in the Reich, while 60, 000 were shipped to death and concentration camps such as Ravensbrück, Auschwitz, Mauthausen, and others.
Overall responsibility often lies with the highest court in a state ( such as state supreme court ).
Overall, EDLs are still commonly used as some systems do not support other more robust formats such as AAF and XML.
Overall, due to the youth of software engineering, many of the ethical codes and values have been borrowed from other fields, such as mechanical and civil engineering.
Overall, the tower uses significantly less material than other comparable skyscrapers, such as the adjacent Jin Mao Tower.
Overall, introduced to the surface environment, was an estimated of zinc, of copper, of chromium, of nickel, and massive amounts of toxic heavy metals such as of lead, of arsenic, of cadmium, and of mercury.
Overall, the White Rabbit seems to shift back and forth between pompous behavior toward his underlings, such as his servants, and grovelling, obsequious behavior toward his superiors, such as the Duchess and King and Queen of Hearts, in direct contrast to Alice, who is reasonably polite to everyone she meets.
Overall, Pollack's run dealt with issues such as the generation gap, humanity, identity, transgenderism, bisexuality, and borrowed elements from Judaism and Kabbalah in the last few issues.
Overall, multiple choice tests are the strongest predictors of overall student performance compared with other forms of evaluations, such as in-class participation, case exams, written assignments, and simulation games.

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