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Overall and Campaign
Overall, the Virgin Lands Campaign succeeded in increasing production of grain and alleviating food shortages in the short term.
* Winner of the Audiences Yorkshire Award for Best Overall Marketing and Audience Development Campaign 2004
In 2006, RNID won two prestigious awards at the Third Sector Excellence Awards ceremony-in the categories of ' Best Integrated Campaign ' and ' Overall Excellence '.
Overall in the Petersburg Campaign USCTs would participate in 6 major engagements and earn 15 of the 16 total Medals of Honor awarded African American soldiers in the Civil War.
* 2010 AVN Award – ' Best Overall Marketing Campaign – Company Image '
Best Overall Marketing Campaign — Company Image,
Best Overall Marketing Campaign — Individual Project,
** Best Overall Marketing Campaign

Overall and was
Overall, the 2007 season was a great success.
In 2010, Acadia was ranked second in Maclean's Magazine for Best Overall in the Primarily Undergraduate University category.
In 2001, it achieved high rankings in the annual Maclean's University Rankings, including Best Overall for Primarily Undergraduate University in their opinion survey, and it received the Canadian Information Productivity Award in 1997 as it was praised as the first university in Canada to fully utilize information technology in the undergraduate curriculum.
Overall, macroeconomic performance was good.
Overall, it has been suggested that the purchase of Compaq was not a good move for HP, due to the narrow profit margins in the commoditized PC business, especially in light of IBM's 2005 announcement to sell its PC division to Lenovo.
Overall naval commander was now Colin Keppel with other boats commanded by Horace Hood and Walter Cowan who were to remain friends and colleagues.
Overall, the Rotten Tomatoes consensus was: " A complex meditation on family dynamics, Tetros arresting visuals and emotional core compensate for its uneven narrative.
Overall short-term outlook was good and GDP growth has been above many EU peers.
Overall, 52. 7 percent of the population was female.
Overall foreign assistance levels have declined since FY 1995, the year elected government was restored to power under a UN mandate, when the international community provided over $ 600 million in aid.
Overall administration was in the hands of the Scotch ( later Scottish ) Education Department in London.
Overall, at the end of 2000s the foreign born population of Italy was from: Europe ( 54 %), Africa ( 22 %), Asia ( 16 %), the Americas ( 8 %) and Oceania ( 0. 06 %).
Overall it was very difficult to configure upgrades to produce the results advertised on the packaging, and upgrades were often less than 100 % stable and / or less than 100 % compatible.
Overall guidance of the host was furnished by elder izinduna usually with many years of experience.
Overall, however, the Earth was hotter than it is today.
Overall there was no general reduction in time or increase in correctness, but an overall 84 % increase in effort.
Overall, the " violent crime " rate for the city was about twice the national average, while the " property " or non-violent crime rate was about 1. 11 times ( on par with ) the national average.
Overall, average annual GDP growth was 5. 2 % over 1991-2000.
Overall, during the period from 1795 until reestablishment of Poland's sovereignty in 1918, little power was actually held by any Polish legislative body and the occupying powers of Russia, Prussia ( later united Germany ) and Austria-Hungary propagated legislation for their own respective formerly-Polish territories at a national level.
Overall majorities are unusual in the Additional Member system that is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, which was specially designed by the Labour UK government in 1999 to prevent any party gaining overall control of the parliament.
Overall visitor expenditure was worth £ 16. 4 million in 2006, in which year just under 26, 000 cruise liner passengers arrived at Lerwick Harbour.
Overall, they all liked each other, which was very important when administering the drug.
Overall, The Sixth Sense was nominated for six Academy Awards and four British Academy Film Awards, but won none.
Overall, initial critical reception of the book was poor, with the book gaining " certain notoriety for being ' mawkish and nauseous ,' ' unclean ,' ' effeminate ,' and ' contaminating.

Overall and notably
Overall, certain countries make net contributions, notably Germany ( the largest contribution overall ) and the Netherlands ( the biggest contribution per person ), but also the UK and France.
Overall, levels of tolerance were sufficiently high to attract religious refugees from other countries, notably Jewish merchants from Portugal who brought much wealth with them.
Overall, the district's elementary schools are well performing schools ; however, the High School and Junior High School continue to exhibit issues regarding academic performance, and criminal activity, notably gang activity, occurring on school property.
There are several non profits operating in this section of the South Bronx, most notably: the Hunts Point Economic Development Corporation ( HPEDC ), Per Scholas, Inc., Sustainable South Bronx ( SSBx ), THE POINT Community Development Corporation, Rocking the Boat, City Year, Legal Aid Society, Bronx Neighborhood Office, Mothers on the Move, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, Children's Bible Fellowship sponsored Revolution Church, Iridescent and South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation ( SoBRO ).
In the annual London Great River Race, currachs have regularly performed outstandingly in the Overall rankings ( fastest boat on handicap ), notably in 2007, 2008, and 2010.
Overall, the region notably suffers from urban sprawl ; however, numerous efforts in recent years have been made to remedy this situation, especially as the urbanized area of the coastal counties pushes eastward in to agricultural land and the sensitive Everglades.

Overall and strong
Overall the western market may be considered mature with a flat to declining overall volumes while there is strong growth in the emerging economies.
Overall, Samoa has strong links with New Zealand, where many Samoans now live and many others were educated.
Overall the fantails are strong fliers, and some species can undertake long migrations, but the thicket-fantails ( Sooty Thicket-fantail, White-bellied Thicket-fantail and Black Thicket-fantail ) are very weak fliers, and need to alight regularly.
Overall, there is evidence of a relationship between source monitoring errors and the disorganized thinking that characterizes those who have schizophrenia in that there is a strong tendency for those people with hallucinations to attribute their internally generated events ( i. e.: hallucinations and delusions ) to an external source ( e. g.: the experimenter ).
Overall public support for the project was very strong.
Overall membership is estimated by Searchlight magazine to be somewhat lower than this, although the ITP maintains a relatively strong publishing presence as well as its network of international contacts.
Overall sales of the more typical place-setting pieces of Fiesta remained strong and reportedly peaked around 1948.
Overall, the Shimazu was a very large and powerful clan due to their strong economy both from domestic production through trade, good organization of government and troops, strong loyalty of retainers and isolation from Honshū.
Overall, Telli was a strong and respected spokesman for the OAU.
Overall the goal of the Coryell offense is to have at least two downfield, fast wide receivers who adjust to the deep pass very well, combined with a sturdy pocket quarterback with a strong arm.
The game was also the best-selling video game of 2007 in the U. S. Overall, the game was very well received by critics, with the Forge and multiplayer offerings singled out as strong features ; however some reviewers criticized single-player aspects, especially the plot and campaign layout.
Overall, the Democrats would go on to lose 6 seats in the Senate, though with 69 seats, they retained a very strong majority position.
Overall, the Democrats would go on to lose 81 seats in the House, though with 262 seats, they retained a very strong majority position.
Overall, 26 % found the proposal " very acceptable ", 27 % " acceptable ", 6 % " unacceptable ", and 8 % " totally unacceptable ", while 32 % had " no strong views ".
Overall alumni participation among active chapters remains strong with chapters hosting several social events throughout the year.
Overall, the narratives are not oriented on one group of protagonists with a strong lead character, but instead is carried by an ensemble cast — though most books or short stories do have several strong characters who carry the action and plot forward.
Overall conformation is well-muscled but not bulky, with correct conformation that includes a deep chest, well-sprung ribs, strong and broad back, and powerful hindquarters.
Overall, the Quintet were exponents of good-times music with strong roots in blues and Texas-regional traditions.
There is also a strong focus on school-leavers ' performance in statewide academic rankings ; Kedron's Queensland Core Skills Test ( QCS ) preparation program has proven highly effective with 8 students in 2009 achieving an Overall Position ( OP ) of 1, the highest possible rank in the state.
Overall the company enjoyed strong growth in the years following World War II, its momentum not checked until the recession of the mid-1970s, which led to Graybar slashing its workforce by 20 percent.
Overall, the Constitution sought to preserve the statehood of Belarus from pro-Russian unity movements, provide a strong head of state that could cure the ailments Belarus would endure in the post-Soviet era, and lay out a compromise between the political factions in Belarus.
Overall, Shun Shun Rikka's effectiveness is solely base on Orihime's strong determination and will to make it more real and to cause real damage without regard, since her feelings, perceptiveness, manner, confidence, or anything that involves her heart plays a major role in her abilities.

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