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Overall and Tanzimat
Overall, Tanzimat reforms had far-reaching effects.

Overall and reforms
Overall, although the reforms left some large landowners impoverished, others turned their compensation into capital and started commercial and industrial enterprises.
While the first edition attacked " the political program of the New Right " and set out a case for both favouring " government restrictions and regulation " and condemning " private enterprise and free markets ", the third edition four years later ( 1988 ) took a different view: " Overall, the major economic reforms of the last five years, the deregulation of the finance sector, and the imposition of wage restraint through the social contract of The Accord, have worked to expand employment and internationalize the Australian economy in more positive ways than I thought possible at the time.
Overall, Zhezong's reign gave the Song dynasty a breath of fresh air but Zhezong was not able stop fighting between conservative members in his government and the more liberal members catering to Wang Anshi's reforms.
Overall, the first two years of the Sejm passed with few major reforms, and it was the second half of the Sejm duration that brought major changes.
Overall, the reforms of the lawgiver Solon in 594 BC, devised to avert the political, economic and moral decline in archaic Athens and gave Athens its first comprehensive code of law.

Overall and had
Overall, Yellow succeeded beyond what most people had expected, despite the fact that the Allies had 4, 000 armoured vehicles and the Germans 2, 200, and the Allied tanks were often superior in armour and caliber of cannon.
Overall, de Pizan hoped to establish truths about women that contradicted the negative stereotypes that she had identified in previous literature.
Overall, from about 1910, American films had the largest share of the market in all European countries except France, and even in France, the American films had just pushed the local production out of first place on the eve of World War I.
Overall, however, White troopers were similar to those of the Red Guards in that most of them had brief and inadequate training.
Overall inflation for 1990 had reached 36. 4 percent — not the hyperinflation experienced by some Latin American counties — but still the highest annual rate for Honduras in forty years.
Overall, Smith had 30 carries for 132 yards and 2 touchdowns, while also catching 4 passes for 26 yards.
Overall there had been 33 kings in this period, including an unofficial king.
Overall neither side had a significant maneuverability advantage.
Overall, one or more antidepressants and anxiolytics were rated harmful by about half of survey respondents who had tried them, and as either harmless or helpful by the remaining respondents.
Overall, it is clear is that John II Komnenos left the empire a great deal better off than he had found it.
Overall the war had been far from profitable.
He reportedly had many slaves and owned a large plantation on which Overall Cave is located.
Overall, the county had a-11. 7 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a 0. 0 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-4. 4 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-1. 8 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-0. 7 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-1. 4 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-3. 2 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-4. 7 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-1. 1 % growth rate during this ten year period.
Overall, the county had a-8. 2 % growth rate during this ten year period.

Overall and effects
Overall, it seems that acute doses of opioids in non-tolerant subjects produce minor effects in some sensory and motor abilities, and perhaps also in attention and cognition.
Overall, however, it rarely causes side effects, and is considered generally safe as a food additive, and as a component in cosmetics and medication.
Overall, the methodological quality of the evidence base was poor as most of the studies suffered from flaws such as small sample size, inadequate study design and poor reporting, with even high-ranking studies failing fully to control for placebo effects.
However, one author concludes that " Overall, the risks and adverse effects from inappropriate or prolonged use of pharmacological agents outweigh their potential benefits.
Overall, although adoption may have initial adverse effects and negative experiences for childhood, the children are capable of change and development for the better.
Overall, there is little data on the manifold effects of living in space, and this makes attempts toward mitigating the risks during a lengthy space habitation difficult.
Overall, they are at greater risk of adverse effects, although as individuals their genotype is not necessarily predictive of their clinical outcome, which makes the interpretation of a clinical test difficult.
Overall, these studies show that regulating effects of netrin is dependent on the type of vascular tissue.
Overall, paleopolyploidy can have both short-term and long-term evolutionary effects on an organism's fitness in the natural environment.
Overall modchips can add interesting effects but can cause many complications from the possibility of breaking the system, from improper installation, and causing legal problems.
Overall these studies showed the effects of free riders as they are able to make their way into the market and not spend the money or risk the failures which the first movers did.

Overall and .
Overall billings for architectural firms range widely, depending on location and economic climate.
Overall, his contributions are considered the most important in advancing chemistry to the level reached in physics and mathematics during the 18th century.
Barrett, The Honors College is ranked 1st in the nation among peer institutions ( 1300-1400 minimum SAT ) and 5th in Overall Excellence among all universities.
Overall, the 2007 season was a great success.
In 2010, Acadia was ranked second in Maclean's Magazine for Best Overall in the Primarily Undergraduate University category.
In 2001, it achieved high rankings in the annual Maclean's University Rankings, including Best Overall for Primarily Undergraduate University in their opinion survey, and it received the Canadian Information Productivity Award in 1997 as it was praised as the first university in Canada to fully utilize information technology in the undergraduate curriculum.
Overall, AFL teams signed 75 % of the league's draft choices that first year.
Overall, more than 20 % of South Vietnam's forests were sprayed at least once over a nine-year period.
Overall, more than 20 % of South Vietnam's forests were sprayed at least once over a nine year period.
Overall, about half of newborns exposed to ACE inhibitors are adversely affected.
Overall evaluations of the CATIE and other studies have led many researchers to question the first-line prescribing of atypicals over typicals, or even to question the distinction between the two classes.
Overall, the Program's cap and trade program has been successful in achieving its goals.
Overall growth prospects in the short run rest heavily on the fortunes of the tourism sector, which depends on growth in the US, the source of more than 80 % of the visitors.
Overall, the Armed Forces have to defend 8. 5 million km < sup > 2 </ sup > ( around 3. 2 million sq.
Overall population of the area exceeds 200, 000.
Overall, macroeconomic performance was good.
Overall population density increased to about 285 persons per square kilometer by 1994.
Overall, dozens of branches of the Capetian dynasty still exist throughout Europe.
Mordecai " Three-Finger " Brown, Jack Taylor, Ed Reulbach, Jack Pfiester, and Orval Overall were several key pitchers for the Cubs during this time period.
Overall, Chelsea have won four league titles, seven FA Cups, four League Cups and four FA Community Shields.
Overall, she presented a concrete strategy that allowed all women, regardless of their status, to undermine the dominant patriarchal discourse.

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