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Overall and family
Overall, the Rotten Tomatoes consensus was: " A complex meditation on family dynamics, Tetros arresting visuals and emotional core compensate for its uneven narrative.
Overall, the characters of The Addams Family were wealthy eccentrics with a gothic look who generally stayed at home, while the Munsters were a blue-collar and generally outgoing family of legendary monsters.
Overall, ninety-one percent of farms in the United States are considered " small family farms " ( with sales of less than $ 250, 000 per year ), and those farms produce twenty-seven percent of U. S. agricultural output.
John Overall, one of England's most learned high clergymen, received him and his whole family into the deanery of St Paul's, and entertained him there for a year.
Overall the family has white undersides and dark, speckled upperparts, with many species sporting a band across the chest.
Overall, 120 recipes were compiled from the family to create the cookbook, according to Yearwood.
Overall, during his career, he and his family have donated roughly three quarters of a million dollars to various charitable causes.
Overall, these sex differences in mate preferences appear to reflect gender stereotypes as well as theories of evolutionary psychology, which state that men will prefer fertility to pass on their genes, while women will prefer resources to provide for a family.
Overall, due to this new technology, community and family ties are breaking down.
Overall, they are very affectionate and loving: they will often leap to their feet barking loudly to greet their master upon his return home and a typical Redbone will shower everyone with love, licking the faces of family and friends.

Overall and has
Overall, the Program's cap and trade program has been successful in achieving its goals.
Overall, it has been suggested that the purchase of Compaq was not a good move for HP, due to the narrow profit margins in the commoditized PC business, especially in light of IBM's 2005 announcement to sell its PC division to Lenovo.
Overall short-term outlook was good and GDP growth has been above many EU peers.
Overall unemployment has been exacerbated by an influx of refugees from the wars in neighboring countries, attracted to Honduras, ironically, by its relatively low population density and relative peace.
Overall, the Honduran manufacturing sector has mimicked other sectors of the economy — it is mostly noncompetitive, even in a regional context, because of insufficient credit and the high cost of inputs.
" Overall, she has stayed true to her style of blending rock and poetry.
Overall U. S. foreign assistance to Rwanda has increased fourfold over the past four years.
Overall, this has sparked a recovery in port services following a drastic fall in 2009.
Overall, real economic growth has averaged about 4 % a year, much better than the previous 20 years, but not enough to improve the lives of average Tanzanians.
Overall, the Wade Center has more than 11, 000 volumes including first editions and critical works.
Overall, there has been a shift in style since the 1980s from deep golden, oily wines with melon and butterscotch flavors to lighter, paler Chardonnays with more structure and notes of white peaches and nectarines.
Overall, while antipsychiatry as a movement may have become an anachronism by this period and was no longer led by eminent psychiatrists, it has been argued that it became incorporated into the mainstream practice of mental health disciplines.
Overall, surface water is most abundant along the east coast and in the far north ( with the exception of the area around Cap d ' Ambre, which has relatively little surface water ).
Overall, the Enzyme Commission has catalogued more than 140 PLP-dependent activities, corresponding to ~ 4 % of all classified activities.
Overall, Astana has a humid continental climate ( Köppen climate classification Dfb ), bordering on a semi-arid climate ( Köppen climate classification BSk ), with exceptionally cold winters and warm summers.
Overall the biodiversity of tetrapods has grown exponentially over time from a single amphibian group sometime in the Devonian to many thousands of species today.
Overall, the use of the term LGBT has, over time, largely aided in bringing otherwise marginalized individuals into the general community.
Overall, Clare has approximately 5 applicants per place.
Overall, society has yet to come to a consensus over the necessity of the class system, nor has society been able to deal with the hostility and prejudice that occurs because of the class system.
Overall, the observed nebulosity has been currently estimated to be expanding for approximately 1, 610 ± 240 years.
Overall, it has amounted to no more than a name change from RCS to Faculty of Natural Sciences, and the new faculty students ' union has resurrected the name " Royal College of Science Union ".
Overall, however, Forest Preserve District ownership of a large amount of property along the West Branch has minimized development in flood plains and has helped reduce the amount of damages resulting from overbank flooding that have occurred in more developed watersheds in the County.

Overall and fared
Overall, despite of the fact that Jet Force Gemini fared generally well with critics, the game did not reach the level of commercial success that other N64 games reached, leading Rare not to consider a possible sequel.

Overall and better
Overall, it is clear is that John II Komnenos left the empire a great deal better off than he had found it.
Overall, the reactions were quite positive, and most seemed to perceive the album as a change for the better from Renegade.
Overall women seem to have better memory performance than men in both emotional and non-emotional events.
Overall, they performed as well or better than in the original study.
Overall, this progress has led to better integration of the field into the rest of mathematics.
Overall performance is much better than the RB545 engine or scramjets.
Overall aerodynamic grip was dramatically reduced with the banning of complex appendages such as winglets, bargeboards and other aero devices previously used to better direct airflow over and under the cars.
Overall improvements of on average 76 % for 80 % of patients occurs over three months ; most studies show that it performs better than benzoyl peroxide and the treatment is far better tolerated.
Overall, it has come to be considered as one of the better English translations of the Bible made in the 20th century.
Overall, the new body design gave better fuel economy and high-speed stability ( one of the known issues from the first generation Z-car ).
Overall, he is an even better driver than Rally, capable of stunt-driver-level feats.
Overall, although adoption may have initial adverse effects and negative experiences for childhood, the children are capable of change and development for the better.
Overall, Helena is the character who changes most and for the better, changing from a self conscious, lovesick girl into a confident, happy beautiful woman.
Overall mobility therefore was much better.
Overall pitched even better in 1907.
Overall, the seventies were a time of consistency and mid-table league performances, other than a near-drop in 1971 – 72 and some better performances near the end of the decade.
Many Field Service Management solutions integrate with other software such as accounting programs like IFS Applications, QuickBooks, MYOB, SAP, Mainpac, Oracle, MFGPro etc. Overall, many users believe that mobility allows field technicians to be better prepared, make smarter decisions, and serve more customers.

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