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Overall and human
Overall, Sister Carrie was not well received when it was first released due to its scandalous content and its bleak outlook on life and human efforts to change their condition.
Overall, the presence of human settlement has a demonstrated negative impact upon adjoining wetlands.
Arms: Quarterly ( 1 ) Or an Eagle displayed Sable crowned and armed of the first charged with a crescent trefly Argent ending in crosses ( 2 ) Barry of eight Or and Sable charged with crancelin Vert ( 3 ) Per pale Gules and Argent ( 4 ) Or a maiden eagle displayed Sable the human part Argent crowned and armed of the first ( Enty in point chapé ) in base Azure a Hunting Horn stringed Or ( Overall ) An Escutcheon per fess Or and Gules
Overall, the Slayer's abilities seem to be enhancements of normal human attributes, rather than extra abilities garnered from a magical source ; Buffy trains constantly and works out to enhance and maintain her abilities, suggesting that they would atrophy otherwise.
Overall, the Phase I data demonstrated that high doses of human neural stem cells, delivered by a direct transplantation procedure into multiple sites within the brain, followed by twelve months of immunosuppression, were well tolerated by all six patients enrolled in the trial.

Overall and rights
Overall, the women's rights movement was dormant in the 1920s as Susan B. Anthony and the other prominent activists were dead and apart from Alice Paul few younger women came along to replace them.
Overall, section 24's " competent jurisdiction " limit on which courts may award remedies, in R. v. 974649 Ontario Inc. ( 2001 ), was taken as meaning that while Charter rights are generous, they exist within a framework set up by Parliament and the provincial governments.

Overall and Charter
Overall, it seems clear that Henry Hellyer accepted the VDL Co view that their Royal Charter from King George IV made the Aboriginal people of North West Tasmania trespassers on Company land.

Overall and are
Overall, his contributions are considered the most important in advancing chemistry to the level reached in physics and mathematics during the 18th century.
Overall, about half of newborns exposed to ACE inhibitors are adversely affected.
Overall, the quality of life indices for Estonia are reflective of a modern industrial state, with one major exception: The population of Estonia is shrinking.
Overall, voicing contrasts in fricatives are much rarer than in plosives, being found only in about a third of the world's languages as compared to 60 percent for plosive voicing contrasts.
Overall in captivity, horses ' hooves harden much less and are more vulnerable to injury.
Overall, there are three main and important steps to the biosynthesis of penicillin G ( benzylpenicillin ).
Overall majorities are unusual in the Additional Member system that is used for elections to the Scottish Parliament, which was specially designed by the Labour UK government in 1999 to prevent any party gaining overall control of the parliament.
Overall, the majority of Californian Cabernets are meant to be approachable after only a couple of years in the bottle but can still have the potential to improve further over time.
Overall financial risks are more widely distributed over more diverse production of crops and / or livestock.
Overall, as a demographic group, Chinese Americans are highly educated and earn higher incomes when compared to other demographic groups in the United States.
Overall patchwork designs are incrementally pieced geometric shapes stitched together to form a larger random or composed design.
Overall, about 22 millions workers in the United States are exposed to potentially damaging noise levels each year.
Overall health care costs are expected to increase by 5. 8 percent annually from 2010 to 2020, in part because of increased utilization of medical services, higher prices for services, and new technologies.
Overall, coatis are widespread, occupying habitats ranging from hot and arid areas to humid Amazonian rainforests or even cold Andean mountain slopes, including grasslands and bushy areas.
Overall, mammalian erythrocytes are remarkably flexible and deformable so as to squeeze through tiny capillaries, as well as to maximize their apposing surface by assuming a cigar shape, where they efficiently release their oxygen load.
Overall Australia's largest trading partners are the United States, Japan, China, and the United Kingdom.
Overall, 50 – 80 % of people treated are cured.
Overall, the North Cascades and southwestern Canadian Cascades are extremely rugged, with many of the lesser peaks steep and glaciated, with valleys quite low relative to its peaks and ridges, resulting in great local relief.
Overall, most alterations, such as inappropriate replacement of windows, doors and porch posts, are reversible if desired.
Overall, most of the common renovations, such as modern siding and inappropriate porch posts, are relatively superficial and reversible if desired.
Overall, there are 45 municipalities on Rügen, four of which have town status ( Bergen, Garz, Putbus and Sassnitz ).
Overall, many hundreds of thousands of birds are trapped and killed each year, a source of concern for some of the rarest species ( for example, only about 2, 000 Short-tailed Albatrosses are known to still exist ).
Overall, it is as if the remote computer and company server are on the same 192. 168. 1. 0 / 24 network.

Overall and general
Overall there was no general reduction in time or increase in correctness, but an overall 84 % increase in effort.
Overall, the use of the term LGBT has, over time, largely aided in bringing otherwise marginalized individuals into the general community.
Overall, the crime rate to 2010 appears to be in a general downward trend, and is well below the national average.
Overall, the hand positions usually give a general coverage of the head, the front and back of the torso, the knees, and feet.
Overall, the Romanian folk, in general, could be marked as an underground cultural movement, somewhere between non-aligned and protest music.
Overall, the general public was left oblivious to the actions and even existence of the Golden Dawn, making the policies a success.
Overall, general performance of the machine was disappointing due to the crippling data bus bottleneck, making it run far slower than it should have ( e. g. the 16 MHz 68020 based Macintosh II from 1987, with an identical processor, ran almost twice as fast as the Macintosh LC ).
Overall, it is thought that the general trend since the middle of the 20th century has been for standard pitch to rise, though it has been rising far more slowly than it has in the past.
Overall it has the appearance of the general architecture of medium-small houses normal to greater London suburbs.
Overall, the technology benefited the areas of user interface responsiveness and general speed enhancements throughout.
Overall and in general, vihuela looked very similar to modern guitars.
Overall, there is general expectation that winter cloud seeding over mountains will produce snow, expressed by professional organizations.
Overall, Delbrück's works tried to place military history in the framework of general history.
Overall, the results suggest that not only may group polarization not be as prevalent as previous studies suggest, but group theories, in general, may not be predictable when seen in a computer-related discussion.
Overall, modularization enables more flexible and quicker reaction to changing general or market conditions.
Overall, equipment for street hockey is based on that of ice hockey, but due to the general prohibition of body checks, most of the pads and other safety equipment used for ice or roller hockey are not worn or required to be worn in street hockey games.
Overall command of the force is exercised by the commissioner general Augustine Chihuri.
Overall, the season continued the general trend in the 1980s of near to above-average seasons in the East Pacific.
Overall, the season continued the general trend in the 1980s of near to above-average seasons in the East Pacific.
Overall, the sites selected for evaluation offered limited functionality to the general public.
Overall, it seems to safe to say that at most six differentiations are required to compare any two spacetime models likely to arise in general relativity.

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